I do not want to see no UFO

This is what I wrote on the second anniversary of my one and only UFO sighting.  I have the original account in a paper diary somewhere. I’ll try and find it. Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary.


I do not want to see no UFO
Show me some wings

You can’t be up there without them things.

I officially became a kook two years ago this day. I looked up and saw what appeared to me to be a jet liner. I didn’t pay it much attention at first. Ive seen this sight countless times. But there seemed something odd about this one. I immediately realized that it was because it had no wings or tail. I watched it for three or four minutes until it disappeared over the horizon.
As I found out later indeed some UFOs sighted in the past have been described as similarly (“cigar”) shaped.
As unbelievable as such a sighting already may seem, it was made even more unbelieveable when I decided I wanted to “commemorate” the date that I saw it. As I jotted down the date the numbers jumped out at me: 7-07-07. But wait, it gets better. I looked at the clock and it was a little past 7:00 a.m. (Yes I used to get up early). And not only that, it was Saturday the 7th day of the week. How ironic. If I were to tell somebody this story, they would likely think the alignment of sevens a bit too coincidental to be taken seriously: I’m just a UFO nut who’s into numerology.
But that’s what happened. At 7 a.m. on the 7th day of the week in 7-07-07, I saw a UFO.


It looked something like this.

Image result for ufo cigar shaped


  1. I saw a UFO (& by that I mean unidentified flying object NOT aliens or spaceship etc. as people always assume).

    It was basically coloured lights on a large kite like frame (which could not be seen) swooping down from high in the sky (where it looked like a very bright star) hovering slightly above the five & six story buildings over Houston Street in NYC. It was also seen by a local policeman & others in the area.

    It was reported on the news hours later (I rang my mother to tell her about it at 10pm & she rang me back at 2am to tell me she heard about it reported on CBS radio). The news reports over the next few days said that they had discovered it was planes flying in formation. Yet both myself & the policeman described seeing the exact same thing: ONE set of lights hovering giving the feeling it was almost close enough to touch (as I described: over a sixth floor rooftop & as the policeman described: over his police car in NYS near but outside the City) & completely silent.

    When I rang CBS radio — the news station my mum had heard the report on — & asked them about these planes: they told me they received that info from a local (smaller) airport & gave me their contact number. When I rang the airport they said they had no clue what CBS was talking about & that no formation of small planes left from there.

    More recently whilst searching these 1989 sightings — someone posited a very plausible rational explanation by giving the background & development & description of an existing military plane (or drone?). I bookmarked the articles to read more about it later. In 1989 it was still experimental but is no longer. The articles were not vague or mysterious. Rather what was described is actual known military planes/drones but which were in more experimental stages then.

    I never assumed I was looking at something from another planet etc. Hence I don’t like to tell this story — because people read into it things I never said. It was a relief to see the policeman in a documentary in the 1990s which I saw on TV describing what he saw that same night a few years earlier in 1989: which was exactly what I saw.

    I believe it was an early drone of some sort. And that’s all. The policeman described what I saw: multiple tiny electric coloured lights hovering very close & in complete silence after sweeping out of the sky.

    1. interesting story. like you i just report what i saw. apply your own theories. in mine the ufo is almost incidental. it is as if something transcendent caused me to mark that phenomenal temporal alignment of sevens. i wish i knew how to calculate how rare such an alignment is. it would have to be a year in which the seventh day of the July falls on a Saturday in a year ending in 07. Astronomical. Literally.

      1. Your story is interesting too. Sorry for forgetting to say that! Yes I know what you mean. I love when one can glimpse the beautiful architecture we are swimming through that we often don’t notice.

        I also forgot to say this kite-shaped organisation of white/green/red electronic looking lights hovering almost completely still — only tilting a little but w/ the lights remaining equidistant (as if on a flat plane tilting as a plane) — was very beautiful.

        If I find the articles I bookmarked about this military plane or drone (the writers were clear but I forget which) that was experimental then but used now & that US military gear obssesives have linked to these earlier sightings — I’ll send them to you.

    2. maybe not astronomical.
      the last time it happened was
      July 7, 1607

      and before that
      July 7, 1207

      The next time it happens will be 400 years from now.
      July 7, 2407

      It happens every 400 years.

      1. What happened in 1607 & where? Something recorded by someone?

        The trouble w/ older sightings (if one wants to allow it to be troubling!) is teasing out how much the viewer(s) & people reporting it knew about common (or even more rare) astronomical phenomena. +•+***•

  2. & in 1207? (Reading on my phone & did not scroll enough to read the last bit… & not via email but directly as I post on your site. Our emails are crossing).

  3. i edited the comment

    1. Re. “… edited the comment”

      “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

      ~ The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)

  4. Btw: When I listened to & read the news reports at the time they only said it was seen over the tri-state-area (in this region = NJ/NY/CT where they meet) by various people. But I hadn’t heard or read a verbatim interview.

    The articles only said people described seeing UFOs over the City & surrounding area & that they were discovered to be small planes flying in formation. (I knew it was a lie due to what I saw: something very near & still & silent… & that the airport where they reportedly left from denied to me that any planes left from there).

    But a few years later this policeman described exactly what we saw that night (in a documentary on completely rational people who saw UFOs). However — unlike me — he said he was completely freaked out by it. (Using different words). He was alone on a road. I was in the middle of NYC. Plus being a girl I was brave 🙂

  5. OR it was an Angel …& that’s what they look like…

  6. Re. what you saw:

    Was it silent or was there accompanying sound? (Since planes always have the sound).

    Was it moving like a plane? (Across the sky in the manner & speed of a plane).

    How close was it? (Treetop or building level or plane level etc.).

    What time of day was it & what was the weather like?

    Also I’m sure you’ve ruled out that it was impossible to be a blimp. (Because they are sort of cigar shaped).

    1. Glad you asked. I have thought about it a lot since. The size for example. It looked about the size of an airliner at about 30,000 feet. It could actually have been a much larger object at a much higher altitude. I watched it travel from overhead to the western horizon. Seemed like a couple of minutes. Went inside, made my note, came back out and saw it emerge from that horizon in the distance and go off at a southeast angle, as if making some kind of diagonal criss cross of the area. Surveillance? Mapping? Dont think it was a blimp. Moving too fast for the distance covered. It was a tube. Dont know if it was from outer space. Could be some kind of military black project. But it fits the profile, as I discovered, of ‘cigar shaped’ UFOs, which are apparently as frequently sighted as the saucer types.

    2. How close was it? (Treetop or building level or plane level etc.).
      What time of day was it & what was the weather like?

      7 am. sunny july morning. i liked to get out and do yard work early before the heat kicked in.
      it was silent.

      1. “yard work”

        & before the police arrest you in your own garden (read your recounting of the Dr.Gates type incident earlier)

    3. the police incident happened in 2013. i was sick at the time, BTW. was never arrested, only abused.

      Police State
      May 5, 2013 · by nomad · in Diary, racism · Leave a comment ·Edit

      Well, that pretty much ruins my day. It’s not exactly like you can continue as if nothing has happened. My swelling wrist won’t let me. I was only cuffed for about ten minutes. I can only imagine what it’s like to spend longer lengths of time in cuffs, where the arresting officer always has plausible deniability about the pain he is inflicting upon his detainee. There is something oppressive going on here. As I said, the police presence in the greater neighborhood has been elevated the past two weeks. During the day you can here police sirens whooping often; sometimes at 10 or 15 minute intervals, one right after the other. I had joked with my brother the other day about having to drive extra careful in the neighborhood because, judging from the frequent blasts, the cops were stopping people for the least of traffic violations. Certainly it was unlikely that these constant siren blasts were due to any serious crimes. All you can see, when you do happen to witness the source of the noise, is motorists pulled over. My brother seemed to think this elevated police presence was a good thing. I pointed out to him that these sirens did not necessarily indicate that actual crime was being curtailed. I know it’s a bad neighborhood, but even if a crime was being committed every 15 minutes, it is unlikely that the police would catch every one, as the siren cries suggest. No, this was likely the sound of the police giving tickets to the demographic least able to afford them. My brother’s attitude was the same as my neighbor’s, who came out of his house to chat with the cops during my ordeal. I thought this guy was coming out to support my side in this injustice. Instead he praised the cops for their increased presence, claiming he had recently been the victim of burglary. These folks, my brother, my neighbor, are making logical fallacies. High crime in this area -and it is not really that high- does not justify discrimination against law abiding citizens. Being poor in a black neighborhood does not make one a criminal. And targeting black neighborhoods for traffic crackdowns is institutional racism. It’s funny how a sizable proportion of black people believe that laws should be invidiously applied to other blacks who they perceive as part of a “nigger” problem. They lack the comprehension that the discrimination applied to these other blacks will directly or indirectly effect them as well. The line of subclass that generally separates these two is fungible. They are respectable Negroes today, in the eyes of the law. But tomorrow they might just as easily be niggers. A cop making a traffic stop has no way of knowing whether you are a good nigger or not. Either way, he’s writing you a ticket.

      1. Re. your diary entry…

        That is so angering about the neighbour! Hang on… !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! … alright I’m back… slides virtual plate of food across virtual table to The Nomad

        I have to fish out the book on sociopaths & their victims (described there as being the very empathic loving & honest people); which describes the greatest number of people in the population being neither sociopath nor victim/empathic; but rather those who support & assist the sociopathic behaviour & why they assist them in this manner (to avoid being victimised themselves basically). I’ve forgotten the title. It’s a must read.

        I have a situation where the super for the landlord here was terrorising me for six months for being the whistleblower on fire & safety & health violations in my building & the palest cop I have ever seen in my life (skin & white blond hair) was treating me as if I was the criminal.

        He refused to file a report at first/misquoted what happened on it (wrote “several times” vs. once a week for SIX MONTHS). When he was at my place accused me of writing the very abusive note (left on my door by the super) to myself. Tried to catch me lying. (The latter which happens to me at the doctor all the time. My mother who as I said is pale & blonde & green eyed said she has never seen anything like it! I learned this is now being seriously studied & finally a few books have come out on the subject & new young med students & residents are being schooled about their own unrecognised bias as well. It’s called ‘patient profiling’. Or ‘medical profiling’ or racial profiling in medicine etc. This is another topic! Circles round to the “White” on paper only thing I was attempting to write about on that other blog; which caused the brilliant sleuth Sharina to agree w/ Afrofem that I must be lying when I’d written re. the Exclusion Law back in the 20s & results of that that only some of my family’s various documents said “White” & the duplicitous trickster ASTROfem then cut & pasted the words ‘documents’ or ‘papers’ & ‘white’ to portray me as a liar to those who hadn’t read my original words in the open thread. W/ Sharina calling me “ignorant” & “deceptive” straight out of the box after that & her knowing obviously exactly ZERO about Arab American history w/ the Exclusion Law & our OVER THIRTY YEARS ‘box’ (We want a box!) fight. A situation so serious — as we are invisible here for hundreds of years — that it negatively affects gathering information on our health & public funding for our communities & public policy & elections etc. Her extreme arrogance was astounding! Since that was the ENTIRE point of my original comment which was anyway only in response to Astrofem’s questioning of me… ceaseless irritating to every single Arab on the planet questioning… Arab Americans even if they look blackest of black are still “White” on paper… It’s angering on that blog when Sharina & Astrofem etc. write ceaselessly about “Black and brown people” — italics there mine — when then attempt to destroy each & every “brown” person who shows up there: me & various other Asians it looks like… Arabs are Asian also btw… Solitaire asked me at the end of that killing fest if I meant “Afro-Arabs” & provided a Wikipedia link… as if I didn’t know what Afro-Arabs are. When I’d written about them up thread. I didn’t answer. Because TIRED of explaining the same thing over & over. She’d already read my explanation to Astrofem in the open thread. That we only call ourselves ‘Arabs’. Some of us are not white… some of us are black… the adjective. Is Lebanon in Africa? No. They wanted me to be a pan-Africanist. For example saying black people in India were brought there from Africa. They were pissed at my saying Lebanese & Arab & if need be the descriptive black Arab when needing to discuss racism vs. “Afro-Arab”. Sorry for the digression!).

        I have had more than one weird & abusive encounter w/ the police that I know was racism — albeit of the dog whistle variety. I remember standing on St.Marks Place in NYC when I was twenty. It was a weekend evening & there were boatloads of White people sitting in the outdoor cafes/restaurants & window shopping & strolling. I was standing talking to a very tall very Northern European looking male best friend of my good friend. (Well known in downtown then & later NYC & international art world. Don’t want to say who here). As soon as he left a White policeman came up to me & told me to get off the street. I said “Officer there are other people all around us walking & talking & dining — why can’t I do that?” & “I was only talking to my friend.” So he pulls his billy club (NYC cops best friend) & starts slamming it into his other hand whilst glaring at me & saying “I told you to get off the street.” (I would put an exclamation point only it was said in that sinister quieter way). So I left. Only because my mum had given me ‘the talk’ (& not my three paler & more Euro looking siblings for whom she rightly surmised it was not required).

        Just now I realised this policeman must have thought I was a prostitute that had come to Saint Marks to engage tall pale European looking men such as my good friend’s friend who he saw me talking to. And he waited until my friend had walked away so as not to embarrass the gentleman of European extraction. I just figured that out whilst writing this! … I dress very modestly (in a modern way as I’m a designer) & I did then also. I’m Orthodox Christian! I would have to be kidnapped by Daesh/Isis to engage in that behaviour! I was an art student then!

        Please excuse the digressions! Though I will leave them in for posterity. (The yet to take place 22nd century Civil Rights studies which will take place in movable tents on a destroyed earth where we will all be dressed in recycled chips bags turned inside out so the silver side reflects the sun after the ozone layer has been mostly destroyed. I am going to start sewing some now for people to use then).

      2. Yeah. Been there.
        “That is so angering about the neighbour! ”

        Have no proof but this guy was not a friend. Someone had been sending police to my house in the two weeks before that happened falsely claiming domestic violence was going on. That’s one way to cause harm to your enemies in the hood. Send cops to their house. Maybe the cop will kill them for you. I suspect this guy.

  7. So it was travelling completely erratically & unlike a plane.

    Was it silent?

    Could it have been a drone? Or that is far too high?

  8. So it was travelling completely erratically & unlike a plane.

    nope. just like a plane.. it flew across the sky, dipped below the horizon in the distance and then appeared to change course. if indeed the second sighting was the same object, as I assume it was.

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