Doing your job while black: fraught with drawbacks

(VIDEO) WTF! Black Woman Removed From Delta Flight For Traveling With Little White Girl

What the actual f**k! I’m mad as hell just watching this video and reading the details.

A video has been going viral showing a black woman being marched off a plane with a little white girl over concerns that she was kidnapping the child, when in fact it was quite the opposite.

Felicia Jackson is a Senior Caseworker for the Department of Family Services, she was traveling to JFK with the girl whom she was taking to her father.

Due to this, the father obviously did not receive his little girl as expected.

Felicia’s daughter, Monifah Gaddy, told The Shade Room that everyone immediately assumed her mother was trying to kidnap the little girl.

Watch the video here:



  1. I’m out of words. Getting burnt out. Exhausted. It could have been her biological daughter also. (Which has happened to people). But that would not make sense to oppressive people who live in a polarised cartoon universe.

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    Something like that could have happened to me and my daughter,Nomad and Zoe .

    I did not see the video .
    I have not expereienced had such extreme behaviour yet , but have had perfect strangers come up to me telling me how privileged I am to have my daughter . (although during apartheid she would have been taken away from me I might have to work as a domestic worker to see her).
    I have had more than one incident when white women would try to have my daughter taken away from me when she was in kindergarten on some pretext that I was an unfit mother . I have been a single mother most of my daughter’s life .

    When I travelled to the States when my daughter was three years old, I had a sense that a scenorio like this poor Ms Jackson could happen to us. (Three nasty racial incidents on the plane).

    Had to make double sure that all paper work was on me at all times.

    Now that I think about it ,when I was in New York in 2005, I remember how I was castigated by members of the public, when her blanket fell out of her pram or seemingy did not do a good job looking after my ‘white’ charge as a Mexican/Puerto Rican nanny. I had people, yes ,white women, coddle and coo over my daughter, whilst either ignoring me outright as if I had no right to have my daughter , or insinuate that I am not doing a good job looking after her.

    Such behaviour should not shock us anymore,more of the same in myriad manifestation of white supremacist terrorism of Black people .

    For me,I still get caught thinking that some white people are decent-hangover from Nelson Mandela days Would be interested in the outrage and action by white feminists.

    Whatever redress may come to Ms Jackson ,(it wil never be good enough) one thing is for sure ,however outrageous this violent act of racist terrorism against her is,she herself is a veteran of major and minor racial aggression all of her life of which she has had to transcend, most probably with poise and aplomb. This case won’t be any different .

    1. And look at this shit

      How composed a black man has to be when confronted by a trigger happy frightened cop. And some times even that doesn’t work.

      1. Origin · ·

        Wow, I never saw the Castile dashcam before now. The cop sent that from 0 to 100 in a few seconds. The moment Castile informed he he was carrying it was over even despite assurances that the weapon was not being pulled out. It’s quite something that a jury saw that and acquitted (not even manslaughter).

      2. I made myself watch it earlier… when it was first released. (The Philando Castile video). I can’t watch it more than once. It’s heartbreaking.

        I’m thinking sociopaths are ATTRACTED to these power positions where they get to carry a gun for their daily job. (Studies have proven that certain occupations have greater numbers of narcissists — such as performers. I’m not sure about law enforcement).

        Policemen & women always say they got into the job to ‘help people’. But they’re not becoming firemen/women or human rights workers or medics etc. They chose a job where they ‘help’ CONTROL people. That’s HOW they help. The job itself by its very nature attracts a specific personality type or related types. (Who are not averse to controlling people obviously). And I’m not an anarchist so I’m not saying laws shouldn’t be enforced in a democracy. (Putting aside wether this IS a democracy). But it seems disingenuous to me; not to admit that the position that attracted them was about being in control vs. offering ‘help’. Frank Serpico wanted to really ‘help’ people… and look what happened to him.

        In this brief glimpse of his personality here he reminds me of my brother.

        In the 70s in upstate NY my brother — who was in his early 20s — got arrested & thrown into jail for having a headlight out. I think that is meant to bring a ticket & fine only. They put him in a shared cell w/ older criminals who tried to strangle him w/ a towel. The police knew EXACTLY what they were doing because it was over a holiday so the judge was not available/the court was closed & he (5’11” & 130 pnds & really young) was made to share this cell w/ these lunatics until the court opened. (I’ve left out the more gruesome details in deference to my brother).

        And regarding this horrifying incident w/ Philando Castile: What kind of person intending to shoot a policeman would ANOUNCE to that policeman that they are carrying. The answer is NONE. It’s so evident in this video that he was not a threat of any kind. What kind of Dante’s Circle are we living in that a jury of our supposed peers is marching along w/ this madness. Likewise for the other verdicts/juries.

        The inmates are running the asylum in this country (& others).

        Perhaps every Black man & woman who draws a paycheck in America — from politicians to PhD students — should go on strike so that the entire country shuts down. And some sympathetic millionaires & billionaires could help w/ people’s bills (along w/churches & mosques). How long would it last before becoming intolerable to the nation?

        These police need to be put in prison for the rest of their completely godless lives. This is simply state sanctioned murder over & over of innocent lives. There’s a reason that Palestinians got on their phones & online to Black Americans after Ferguson; sharing tips about tear gas etc. They/we RECOGNISE the similarities. A large portion of this nation is walking round not knowing if they will live to see another day; just based on police who get away w/ seemingly losing their minds & losing it & killing innocent men women & children in cold blood. This is the devil operating on earth via division. (Viewing people created in the image of God as THE OTHER).

        And it’s no wonder that longetivity is shorter for Black Americans than White Americans — now that it’s been shown that chronic stress is so destructive to health & shortens lives & permanently damages the heart & brain. It’s a wonder any Black person can still bring themselves to get up in the morning & get down the stairs & go about their lives in this scary police state. Especially on the chance that they may get shot on their stairs because they SURPRISED a policeman — only for simply existing. And because a light was dim. And because an Asian policeman had bought into the racist American template. This is insane. And what’s w/ these POC police falling in lockstep w/ the racism & shooting Black people to death like it’s a right of passage or something. To become truly American.

      3. Correction to my 10.04 pm post here:

        When my brother was arrested it was for having one broken tail light — not a “headlight” as I wrote. (Having a headlight out poses more of a danger to others).

    2. Taotesan

      I wanted to respond to you earlier — inc. to your comment on another of Nomad’s posts — I’ve been snowed under w/ things to do. I’m so angry for you that you have to experience this — what you’ve written here — w/ your daughter.

      So many people are simply godless.

      I had a bit of your story in reverse — hence not as bad — where my mum was the natural blonde w/ pale skin & green eyes & German accent w/ me the dark-skinned thick-haired Bedouin looking child. (My sister actually managed to almost completely convince me I may be adopted; since my siblings were paler & less indigenous Arab looking. My mum was horrified when my sister told her that years later when we were adults. I told her that was the least of my troubles then!).

      Anyway when I was small in the 60s I remember some older white babysitters my mum hired — getting saucer eyed & drawing their breath in & stammering oddly when they saw me & making comments about my “big eyes”. Which was code in the US for children of colour; due to the ‘Feed the Children’ Org. adverts to get people to donate to starving children in Bangladesh & Biafra & Latin America.

      They didn’t doubt my mother was my mother. They just sorted out my father did not look remotely like her.

      Your scenario is so angering & must be exhausting. Especially if they don’t come out & say anything & just glare at you. Because then you can’t confront them. They would only act like you were projecting as they hadn’t said anything. I prefer when people vocalise their misperceptions — so I can correct them!

      1. PS: Taotesan

        MASSIVE LOVE for the Black South African people for your undying & unwaivering love & support given to Palestinians over the long years. Ya bint — shukran! (My girl — thank you!).

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