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Why CNN’s Downfall May Be The Most Significant Thing In The World Right Now — Counter Propa

CNN seems to finally be learning that the harder it struggles against the tar pit of public resentment that it has created for itself, the faster it will sink. Its pundits are not pushing back against the #CNNBlackmail fury with anywhere near the pompous intensity with which they fought Trump’s wrestling tweet or the incriminating […]

I do not want to see no UFO

This is what I wrote on the second anniversary of my one and only UFO sighting.  I have the original account in a paper diary somewhere. I’ll try and find it. Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary. UFO July 7, 2009 · by nomad · in Uncategorized · Leave a comment ·Edit I do not want to see no UFO Please Show […]


“Seymour Hersh, the guy who broke My Lai, Noriega drug trade, and Abu Graib torture and many, many other scandals can no longer be published in the US… “His second-to-last historic bombshell – the expose on the 2013 sarin false-flag attack in Syria – was published only in the London Review of Books.”But now he… via […]

Doing your job while black: fraught with drawbacks

(VIDEO) WTF! Black Woman Removed From Delta Flight For Traveling With Little White Girl By Forest Parks  – What the actual f**k! I’m mad as hell just watching this video and reading the details. A video has been going viral showing a black woman being marched off a plane with a little white girl over […]