Abagond: The falsified scenario

The case for banning Resw is overdetermined:

I’m not sure what “overdetermined” means. I assume it means he’s banned for several reasons. These four.

  1. He is a bully. I banned Thad and B.R. for that and they were gentlemen by comparison. Resw should have been gone long ago.

The fact, in Abagond’s eyes, that someone else was a bully and were ‘gentlemen’ about it is a non sequitur. It does not support the argument that resw is a bully. The allegation that Thad and BR were bullies is not a support of the statement that resw is one. I have not observed all of resw’s interactions but from what I have observed he is no more a bully than some of the other commenters. Resw was a singularly harsh critic of Abagond. But he was not a bully. 

2. He acts guilty when asked about being a troll. On the thread “Is resw a troll?” he wrote 89 comments, but it was deflection all the way: 

This is not how it appeared to me. It was not deflection but defense of  himself against withering attack. Who would not defend himself in such a situation? Had Abagond allowed me the courtesy of a poll I would have defended myself just as vigorously, as would anyone who felt slandered.

3. He fits the pattern of a contrarian troll. (I will do a post on contrarian trolls and work it into my comment policy.)

Abagond puts off support of this claim to a later date to be posted elsewhere.

4.  He is a Russian troll. See below.

Nomad: Unfortunately, Nomad gets swept up in the last one. When I looked into whether Resw was a Russian troll, Nomad’s name popped up too, but no one else’s.

What could this possibly mean? By what process did he “look into it”? What sources did he use? It’s like something out of a Cold War spy novel. ‘My name kept popping up’. What paranoia! And arrogant presumptuousness. 

The most charitable thing I can say about Nomad is that if you are going to play Bobbsey Twins with a troll, you are going down with him.

If that’s the most charitable thing you can say, Abagond, then you are a poor excuse for a human being. I don’t know what you mean by ‘play Bobbsey Twins and you have not proved that resw is a troll.

Russian trolls: I say they are Russian trolls not for any computery reason but for how their comments on Ukraine suddenly changed and changed on the same day (August 3rd 2016) – and changed soon after their commenting went from casual to dedicated. At first I thought the sudden increase in their commenting was because I endorsed Hillary Clinton, but even after she lost it remained just as high, sometimes higher.

‘not for any computery reason’ but circumstantial evidence. And in this case, falsified circumstantial evidence. The following scenario is completely fabricated,

Ukraine: When it comes to Ukraine, everyone else’s opinions and levels of interest seemed organic, not like they had just joined a cult. Interest rose and fell with the news from Ukraine. Opinions changed slowly if at all.

In 2014 when the Ukraine crisis was at its height Bulanik, Linda, Origin, v8driver, sami and others talked about it, but Nomad and Resw, like me, took little interest in it. Nothing strange in that. But in 2016 and 2017 suddenly they were interested in it, for no apparent reason, and had brand new, matching pro-Russian opinions about it too, opinions hitherto unknown. Origin had pro-Russian opinions too, but they were hitherto known – because, as you would expect, he expressed them during the crisis. His opinions and interest did not seem to come out of nowhere.

I wasn’t even commenting at Abagond’s in 2015, so no one there knew what my opinions on Ukraine were. What he said is a bold faced lie wrapped up in a distortion. As I say, there is something pathological about a person who can lie so outrageously.


There is more: This blog has never had a great interest in Russia – and, before August 2016, neither did Resw or Nomad! But now, suddenly, for no apparent reason, they get strangely upset if I say anything bad about Russia or RT, but not when I say anything bad about, say, the US or Fox News.

That’s a lie. It was an organic development. Everybody in the news and on the internet were talking about Russia, primarily due to the alleged hacking of the 2016 election. What a disingenuous accusation. None of what he has elaborated above supports his conclusion.

And no one got upset. Abagond kept repeating claims about RT that contradicted what I have observed. I was simply asking him to back up his claims. Likewise resw, who was not an RT watcher, asked him to backup his claims as well on the principle that lies should not be passed off as truth, even when it comes to Russia and RT.

It is just as if they have some new tie with Russia, that goes back to at least August 2016, which they are keeping secret.

As Gro jo would say, absolute nonsense. This post was lies, distortions and absolute nonsense.

– Abagond, 2017.

(referenced post is here)



  1. Abagond mentions my posts but offers no refutation to my claim that he is lying. No evidence to support the assertions that I challenge. Could it be because there is none?

  2. Great post exposing the lies and clear fallacies in his argument. His post is an insult to the intelligence of all his readers, which is exactly why so many of them are leaving.

  3. abagond says

    “It is possible I made a mistake in banning one or both of them,”

    [absolutely, for more reasons than one]

    “…but if so I am unlikely to see that until I have gained some distance from the event, maybe in like in six months to a year. Right now I am too caught up in the moment.”

    Take all the time you need. In the meantime, I will have more to say.

  4. abagond says
    “I did not ban them for talking about Russia. Otherwise I would have banned nearly everyone here. Nor did I ban them for their opinions on Russia. Otherwise I would have banned you – your opinions are not all that different from theirs.”

    Whattt!!!! The whole post was predicated on the premise that we were Russian trolls! That is certainly what he said my transgression was.

    “The most charitable thing I can say about Nomad is that if you are going to play Bobbsey Twins with a troll, you are going down with him.”

    Does he even know he’s lying? Is he actually unaware that he just contradicted himself?
    All right then, Abagond. Since we werent banned for ‘talking about Russia’, what was the reason? The REAL reason?

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