Strange Time Warps Hitting Nomad County — Soren Dreier

Seems like 3D can’t keep up with 4D, 5D and so on. Maybe you have noticed that: A strange sensation of feeling unplugged into the horizontal and the antennas we have to the vertical slightly bend and are not receiving that well. Morphing into a watered-out sense of synchronicity that really didn’t care if it…

via Strange Time Warps Hitting Nomad County — Soren Dreier


The above is something I’m going to read later. It’s got my name on it. Another definition for  the nomad.



  1. I thought you didn’t believe in higher dimensions? You might find this guy of interest.

  2. One evening at dinner, I asked about the silhouettes of people in the far distance, beyond our perimeter.
    “Arabs”, they said, “nomads”. The words were almost spat out.

    yet another definition of ‘nomad’.

  3. Some of our Bedouin are no longer nomadic at all. Some are forced to live in metal shipping crates by the occupying apartheid nation. PLEASE see the beautiful film ‘The Jahalin’. I saw it at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York in the late 90s; but some years ago it was online. It is the most beautiful film I have ever seen in my life. I really mean that. The director was Israeli. (A student then — she is no longer making films). She told me she lived w/ them whilst making it.

    Aside from our beloved Bedouin we also have ‘gypsies’ (forced to use that word so people will know what I mean… sorry). They live out of doors at times as well. Though of course completely separate people/culture from Bedouin. (They are in Lebanon & in Palestine; I think mostly in Gaza). So those are the OTHER ‘Nomad’ (or semi-Nomad).

    Nomads have been loathed by governments throughout history because they don’t pay taxes & are difficult to control etc. Just like our Nomad (the control part — not the taxes part!).

    1. *nomadic & semi-nomadic

  4. Was our Nomad aware that this comic existed before taking your screen name? … Or it’s possible your mama & papa named you ‘Nomad’ 🙂

    1. Well, I named myself after Nomad the destroyer of worlds.

      1. Phwaahahahahahaha! I like the Nomad even more now after watching that!

        This also puts your online persona in perfect perspective. Also I may understand why you did not get a poll. Given your threatening nature to the Starship… & to blind obedience…

        The original Nomad is sort of cute. With his little rivets or lights or buttons near the top of him looking like wide set puppy dog eyes.

      2. I love it that by showing this clip you have just completely reversed my position on the crew of the Starship Enterprise being the ‘good guys’.

        What other prophetic teachings based on pop culture does the Nomad have for humanity?

    2. Villains! Villains much more interesting than good guys.

      1. We are entering the mind of The Nomad. To quote Bette Davis in the brilliant ‘All About Eve’: “Strap yourselves in; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

  5. There were black Bedouin (that would fit the recently argued about on that other blog American definition of ‘black’ regarding their looks) in Palestine in the early 20th c. who wore these amazing thob (frocks) of cascading oceans of fabric. If I find the photos (in one of my books or journals) I’ll link them here. They are astonishing examples of a vanished type of clothing.

    As we Arabs all married each other based on religion vs. colour they may have married in w/ paler people over the last hundred years & look more like what Americans expect Palestinians to look like. Palestine is of course very near Africa & as we are writing about the Bedouin are nomadic — more so then than now.

    The more cloth used in a woman’s frock of course signified more wealth. Plus when a woman was divorced all of her jewellery & clothing & anything of cloth remained hers (which was just about everything inc. beautifully stitched box-like bags of cloth; woven & embroidered & of ‘carpet’ & kept inside the black goat hair tents). She lost her children though! So let’s not romanticise everything… That’s why in old photos we are PILED w/ jewellery… hahahahaha… arranged marriages are not always lovely either…

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