Abagond is lying about me +Update (*)

This is the third in my series of posts about Abagond

I became a regular commenter at Abagond’s blog at the beginning of 2016. As everyone there knows, because I told them, I came there for the specific purpose of denouncing Barack Obama. It was the last year of his presidency and I wanted to condemn him and confront his supporters. At the time I thought Abagond’s was a pro-Obama blog, because that’s what it was from my earlier reading of it. It turned out that Abagond was not  pro-Obama any longer. That was good. But he was urging everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton, though he was loathe to call himself a Hillary supporter. From my way of thinking, that was just as bad as being an Obama supporter. Hillary Clinton would have been the continuation of Obama’s political agenda domestically and an intensification of it in foreign policy.  It would have been essentially Obama’s third term; and it would have been an Obama on steroids. Though Abagond had abandoned Obama and all of the Obama advocates on the blog were withering away, to advocate for Hillary, as Abagond was doing, was to  advocate for continuing the same Obama policies. So I stuck around at Abagond’s even though hardly anybody there was defending Obama. They were instead defending Hillary, which was worse. She had the same evil outlook as Obama. And she wasn’t even black. So there was not even the superficial reason of skin color for blacks to support her. To a large extent she became a surrogate for Obama in my eyes. There was no difference between them. It was the same brand of evil. And I decided to continue at Abagond’s and condemn the both of them. For all intents and purposes they were one and the same. Electing her would be a way of cementing in place the atrocious policies of the Obama administration. In effect the electorate would be ratifying those policies and insuring that they would continue for decades, rather than be shattered to rubble, as they should be, and replaced.

I say I became a regular commenter in 2016. But I used to drop in occasionally at Abagond’s to comment on something if I was interested. But this was rare. Apparently the fact that I visited before 2016 is important to some people and failure to mention it was an egregious act of deception on my part. On the other hand, if someone cannot accept the  distinction between my being an occasional visitor and a regular commenter I say fuck you. I owe you no explanation whatsoever and it is arrogant and presumptuous for you to berate me for it. You sound just like a white person. And what does it matter anyway whether I had been there before? Much ado about nothing.

I love the way Abagond made it seem when he described my past visits.


Resw has been here since at least Sun 5 Aug 2012 at 13:06:17, then known as resjan:


Nomad has been here since at least Mon 28 Nov 2011 at 14:11:09:


*He conflates visiting his blog occasionally with ‘being’ here. As if I was participating regularly in the commentary. That is misleading and dishonest. Yes, his blog is on my reader and I did drop in to say this in 2011 when he seemed to be awakening to the perfidy of Obama.


[abagond]” maybe I have been fooling myself all along about the true nature of the president.”

At least, unlike so many other blacks, you’re beginning to realize it.

I dropped in , said it and left. I did not participate in the discussion. Not on that post or any other, with few exceptions. I can think of only two posts that I made more than one comments on before 2016.



I’m sure that there have been one or two others, but nothing like what Abagond described.


Solitaire has been commenting since at least Sat 28 Nov 2015 at 23:25:52:


By that point nomad was commenting about once a week.

This is a lie. I was not commenting there once a week in 2015. It wouldn’t matter if I was. But I wasn’t. I want to see Abagond’s proof that this is so. It’s not important except that it was part of his endgame, to paint me as a liar. Unless he reveals the evidence and links to prove this, as far as I’m concerned, this is another example of his chronic lying.

*His end game

Abagond wanted to get rid of me from the moment of that Hillary Clinton for president post. And who can blame him? I was exposing his hypocrisy. I and the others that he designated the “Trump Non Fan Club”. Apparently he thought making the environment inhospitable to me would drive me away. Instead, it had the opposite effect. It made me an even more frequent commenter in an effort to counter his continuous disinformation; first regarding Hillary and Trump, and then regarding an important source of news (for me and other black people if they are wise), the RT news network. That was the opening game. To try to shame me, and to allow his acolytes to do it, as in this thread, It didn’t work. It couldn’t work on a guy like me. Did I mention I don’t give a damn about what people think? All I care about is truth and proof. I don’t care about your judgement of me as a person. Don’t like me? That’s your problem. That kind of shaming doesn’t work on me. It won’t make me go away. It will just make me mad. In light of that, and because I was a year long thorn in his side,  Abagond knew he had to try another tactic: paint me as a liar.  The accusation is ironic. It is projecting on to me (and others) the thing that he himself is guilty of. It is pretty clear now that he was looking for excuses to ban me. I think he was hoping I would get mad and leave when he deleted a well constructed comment I made be cause I used a banned word that he had excused before after moderation: “piss”. But I simply told him that was a petty move and kept right on rolling. Either before or after that he accused me of plagiarism and working for the Kremlin. None of that drove me away. The end game was to accuse me of being a liar. That didn’t really work either, but it was curious how it unfolded, with Abagond teaming up to make that accusation with Solitaire.

I had always been on friendly terms with Solitaire until this episode. She changed abruptly because contrary to what she thought, she discovered I had been to Abagond’s blog before. At least that’s what I thought happened. It turned out not to be the reason, as I was able to tease out later, but  her latching on to something  that was an innocent mistake and blowing it out of proportion. Under the belief that she was talkingabout something from years ago, I explained to her the difference between being an occasional visitor and being a regular commenter, but she was having none of it and called me all kinds of dirty names.

Solitaire-You LIED to my face (digitally speaking) and when confronted with it instead of coming clean you LIED to my face again and again.

It’s still unclear what constituted a lie. I said I came here in 2016. Even if she didn’t buy the distinction of regular commenter, no where did I say I had not been here before. She just assumed it. And she was completely bonkers on this point.


@ nomad

Why have you been pretending that you only showed up after the election when you were heavily involved in pre-election arguments?

I may have said something like that but it was an error, not a lie. I was thinking of the campaign season, which seemed year long. Why would I lie about? She was here participating in the pre-election debate with me! It was obviously a mistake. It was such a ridiculous thing to get upset about it really didn’t register with me. That is why I didn’t understand what she was saying about my having talked about my police harassment experience before on Abagond’s blog. I thought she was talking about before my 2016 participation. The fact that she was talking about something I said since becoming a regular commenter at Abagond’s is about the stupidest accusation I’ve ever had anybody make against me. And was so ugly about it too. Disgusting!

Then Abagond jumped in and claimed that I had “been here” since 2011, further confusing the issue. That’s a false statement. I dropped in very rarely. But still his allusion is that I am lying about when I first visited this blog, though neither he nor Solitaire can quote this lie; and of course it wouldn’t matter if I did but for what reason on God’s green earth would I lie about that? Oh wait. Solitaire had the answer: to troll Abagond. Why I would want to troll Abagond and how lying about when I came there would help me do that remains unclear. But that’s the kind of twisted logic they are into over there. And this includes Abagond. He frequently indulges in the fallacy I call “goosey goosey gander” which I will describe in the next post in this series.

It is as if Solitaire and Abagond planned this little maneuver. To underscore my lying nature Abagond posted another innocent mistake I made.


Nomad on February 12th:

“And he appears to be at odds with the ‘deep state’. His own party undercuts him and MSM, the propaganda arm of the state, is totally biased against him. So he does not have the mind control capability that Big Brother has.”


Nomad, two days later on February 14th:

“BTW, in the comment you were responding to, I did not mention the Deep State. Doesn’t even sound like a term I have used. But I’m not adverse to using it.”


In fact, by that point, he and MJB had been the biggest users of the term “deep state”.

I thought this was a curious interjection, building on Solitaire’s ridiculous accusation of lying in which they were able to create the forgetfulness meme to use against me because I said I couldn’t remember something that apparently never happened by mistakenly believing that this woman was talking in good faith. MJB, another commenter piled on that, joking that I couldn’t remember what I believed.

I don’t think Abagond was successful painting me as a liar, despite his and Solitaire’s best effort. All they showed is sometimes I misspeak. Who doesn’t. There was no  lying except on Abagond’s part (the assertion that I was in a Ukraine discussion at his blog is pathological) and maybe Solitaire’s. But it didn’t matter. He banned me anyway, unceremoniously and without warning. The jerk didn’t even give me a poll like he did his other alleged trolls.



  1. I don’t understand the petty obsessions on that blog. (Which I experienced also & so stopped reading & commenting there almost straight away after I began). Why does it MATTER when you began commenting. One would expect some dialogue on serious issues but that doesn’t happen due to all the pettiness. Why do they want to atomise the most insignificant matters?

    This is why I described her as I picture her: in a white lab coat w/ a clipboard somewhere like Guantanamo — psychologically torturing/testing people. And she’s obviously not a free thinker — along w/ Abagond’s other commenters who aren’t horrified by the PUBLIC SHAMING that passes for blogging etiquette there.

    They tried to silence you because you’re smarter than them.

    Solitaire is a crazy person. Telling me that SHE didn’t think I had sufficently “answered” Astrofem’s “concerns”. Hahahahaha. Yeah because as an Arab in America I don’t have to spend nearly every hour of every day once I leave my house answering people’s lazy questions. Alright Patty Hearst — I mean Tanya…

  2. @”This is a lie. I was not commenting there once a week in 2015.”

    This may seem like a small lie or even simple mistake. But note that abagond uses this lie as the basis for his phony justification for banning you, i.e., taking “sudden” “interest” in Ukraine.

    Since you were not a regular commenter in 2015, then talking about Ukraine on the only threads where it became a subject cannot be construed as “sudden” “interest”. But if so, of course that’d mean michaeljonbarker and Solitaire took “sudden” “interest” in Ukraine too, and therefore are “Russian trolls” according to abagond’s logic.

    1. “But if so, of course that’d mean michaeljonbarker and Solitaire took “sudden” “interest” in Ukraine too, and therefore are “Russian trolls” according to abagond’s logic.”

  3. @”I and the others that he designated the “Trump Non Fan Club”.”

    And he still won’t take responsibility for “disrespecting” us in this way. He’s still in denial about what he’s done. He repeated “Trump Non-Fab Club” numerous times, which latched on and his team mates started saying it. Not to mention calling me “troll”, “Russian troll,” “jerk,” “ass,” “dick”, etc. and falsely accusing me of breaking his rules, such as for advertising when all I did was point out his source should not be trusted because it was trying to sell dna testing kits.

    “It is as if Solitaire and Abagond planned this little maneuver.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me. I think they’ve developed or are developing a personal/romantic relationship. And he’ll do absolutely anything she says. Hence why there’s an “is scribh a troll” post when he had no interest in doing one. The only way scribh gets banned is if Solitaire tells abagond he should be banned.

    Solitaire called me a “Nazi apologist” because she doubted a fact that I stated, and kept harassing me for months about my race, saying “Is Resw black or white? Has he ever said anywhere?” and showing how racist she was with comments like, “Some of his comments don’t sound white, others do”. So when I called her a racist for such continuous racist harassment, she cried victim, and abagond treated her as one.

  4. @”He banned me anyway, unceremoniously and without warning. The jerk didn’t even give me a poll like he did his other alleged trolls”

    He wanted you gone because you disrupt the propaganda mill. It’s proof positive that he bans commenters with opposing views and who use facts to refute his lies.

  5. “MJB, another commenter piled on that, joking that I couldn’t remember what I believed.”

    My point was I wouldn’t remember what I posted a few years ago either. It was my poor attempt at humor.

    In the same thread I also asked:

    “Not sure why people want to spend time trolling Nomad on thread where we are all suppose to be exposing resw’s trolling.”

    My position on Russia/Ukraine was that both sides were “evil” and that the “correct” U.S. position should be one of neutrality. I don’t remember when I posted that on Abagonds blog or on FB.

    1. “where we are all suppose (sic) to be exposing resw’s trolling”


      Stanley Milgram Experiment

      Shirley Jackson ‘The Lottery’

      Charles Manson & The Family

      Jim Jones & the People’s Temple Agricultural Project

      Pol Pot

      Saddam Hussein



  6. @ Zoe

    So discussing whether a commentor “is a troll” or not is comparable to Pol Pot ?

    Getting banned from a blog is bot comparable to mass murder.

    That a blog owner would take the time to get feedback from readers in regards to a disrespectful commemtor points to Abagonds restraint.

    1. Michael Jon Barker

      Re. “mass murder”

      Those groups I listed have something else in common. Did you see the words “mass murder” written? Because I did not say them.

      What they have in common is very evident… relating to your statement about what you were “suppose (sic) to be” doing:

      publicly shaming/publicly humiliating/mobbing/bullying/ganging up on/piling on/unfairly passing judgement in a pseudo legal fashion/group think/cultish behaviour that is glaringly evident to outsiders/irrational projection/paranoid fault finding/dehumanising people to the point where there can be no empathy for them (AKA The Medieval Inquisitor’s Trial)/use of propaganda/refusing to listen to alternate views or reason or logic/narcissism/sociopathy…

      But I don’t expect you to understand what I’m saying. You may be too far from shore at this point for only a few carefully worded posts to help you. There is always hope though.

  7. abagond talks about the reasons for the banning.

    ” Any one thing by itself is innocent. But together it was too suspicious.”

    I’ve already shown it was a fraudulent case. russian trolls, bullying. perceived association with russian troll.

    abagond said
    “And, unlike them, I am doing nothing to poison or bring down their blogs.”

    I’m not trying to bring down your blog, abagond. I’m just trying to set the record straight. Had you banned me without lying about it, say, as I suspect, for having a different opinion, I wouldn’t feel the need to do this. But you slandered me as a liar and a Russian troll, without the courtesy you showed resw. Since I can’t set the record straight there, because I’ve been banned, I’m setting the record straight here. For anyone who cares to hear my side. Maybe after this you will think twice about treating your commenters so deplorably.

    1. “I’m not trying to bring down your blog, abagond. I’m just trying to set the record straight.”


      Unlike abagond, I don’t need to lie and fabricate stories without evidence.

      I prefer to set the record straight too, but with facts, i.e., what abagond has said verbatim and his actions, which show he has lied, misled and unfairly treated commenters whose views he did not like.

      And if he’s going to lie about me and violate my privacy rights, I will report said violation to the FCC and use his own quotes to label him as the farce he’s proven himself to be. Whether that hurts his blog or not is not my concern.

      He’s done far more damage to us with his dangerous slander.

      1. ‘He’s done far more damage to us with his dangerous slander.’

    2. Abagond is finally starting to be a little truthful:

      “I thorougly understand that my politics may have got the best of me. That had been Resw’s mantra since who knows when.”

      But this is abagond we’re talking about so of course he had to lie by saying “since who knows when”. He knows exactly when this started, as we’ve gone over this numerous times.

      And he still hasn’t an ounce of remorse for his mistreatment and dangerous slander. This is the “characteristic” of an evil person.

  8. Enjoy!

    “… the term cult is not in itself pejorative but simply descriptive. It denotes a group that forms around a person who claims to have a special mission or knowledge, which they will share with those who turn over most of their decision making to that self-appointed leader.”

    ~ From the book ‘Cults in our Midst’ (1996) / Margaret Singer & Janja Lalich

  9. taotesan · · Reply

    @resw and Nomad

    For now,I will say that the b
    anning of both of you has some redemptive merit in revealing abagond as a sinister propagandist. He deliberately ran Fan …off too. I kept at his blog because I just could not figure out how a Black man who had written so much about racism ,would aid and abet and completely enable a SEXUAL DEVIANT CRIMINAL white supremacist such as mirkwood to have free reign without castigation .
    (What a joke -he says he marched against apartheid ,only knows books by whites about apartheid and allows a white man to harass and abuse Black women on his blog).

    Yet he had told Fan… that his favourite necrophile was a respected!!member of his blog. (I will write about that later)
    The pennies started to drop when he began to call you, Nomad, resw and Fan… of all people, trolls. Trolls have now have become a meaningless epithet used by all of his all white obsequious coterie (you know the head patters of their Black pet doing their bidding) including Afrofem-cyber Al Jolson from the Southern Law Poverty Centre ,who have not a jot of the true historical record and if they do ,seek to thwart and confuse.

    Sorry,but not one of them, came close to shattering any of your arguments.
    The only good reason (apart from some commenters who I love ) to continue on that blog was to read you two shattering abagond’s imperialist warmongering stance against Russia -a sovereign nation and resw meticulously and successfuly exposing him as a deceitful liar. Thank you .

    Abagond has a hidden agenda. Zoe suggested that he might be a (propagandistic) plant to bring in Black voices . I think she is closest to the truth.

    Any one (in the know ) outside of the USA , knows that Russia is part of BRICS (Brazil,Russia,India ,China and South Africa) which America and its imperialist satellites are seeking to destroy to get their experienced grubby paws on our economies.

    This post is all over the show . I am sorry.

    I like your blog ,Nomad and most of what you write about reflects my understanding and thinking in this mad world and I do not think you are a conspiracy theorist, which is just another device from propagandists and the unthinking brainwashed to shut down the truth . (Never going to see a post on abagond on Michael Piper Collins/who trains the US police to torture and murder African Americans/and who owns the media and cyberspace, instead you get that MSM and conspiracy theory nonsense.
    Abagond should be the very last person to accuse any one of being a conspiracy theorist,whatever that means. The white/Black man/team on abagond of American imperialist warmongering bent wants us know that the tragedy of September 11th 2001, was committed by ‘Arabs’ with box cutters ,when the rest of the world already knew without all the evidence put together by the truthers,it was committed by israelis in cahoots with Rumsfelt,Dov Zeikhman,Silverstein, et al. He would also like us to know that white Christians are the main drivers behind the European chattel enslavement of Africans .

    By the way ,it is neither the Chistians nor the Muslims who are the most violent ,a red herring post , supposedly exposing Islamophobia , if we know who was responsible for the extermination of the First People , (difficult now since most online information has been banned by the people who own the media ) the origins and originators of chattel slavery and the best advanced torturers who have more in common with Christopher Columbus , the first rum distillers and financiers of the Klu Klux Klan than with any Muslim or Christian can ever aspire to.

    Fan .. apart from exposing the putrescence of mirkwood ,was the only blogger who had consistently through a swathe of his centuries span synthesis of American opppresion of African Americans had also mentioned the missing trillions. I had a comment disappear to Fan … about the relation between tritium found in Ground Zero used in thermonuclear weapons that was manufactured in Dimona, israel and traded with the apartheid regime of South Africa and telling him to look at the Pentagon ‘aviation disaster’ on about the missing trillions and the name Dov Zeikman.? (Sp)

    I believe abagond allowed mirkwood to abuse me in the most awful way because I had inadvertently crossed him. His very erroneous deliberate slander (something that his head patters and King agree on) that Black people are racist. Fan… Kwamla ,Matari and I had consistently and successfully argued that Black people can never be . A position that abagond has never backed down from and when one visits his site ,that is one of his headers. WHY?? That is but one of my inadvertant ‘mistakes’ and he had made sure I was duly pusished for it.
    I am almost certain that my mentioning the major dual role of the Jews (with substantiation ) in both genocidal colonialist apartheid countries South Africa and israel or my out right dislike for (his) Catholicism (and almost all white ideology) must have been a leg trap . Instead he got his online co -white supremacist henchman to ‘beat’ me up.

    Snakes are beautiful creatures and comparisons are odious .

    He is extremely clever and not in a good way . He is spiteful and malicious . Black people are just not sly in the way abagonds blog reads.

    (Afrofem- resw and I’see’ you . )

    When I take the whole breadth of his blog ,I can see clearly a pattern where white commenters are respected in every way and Black ones are merely tolerated and / or disrespected in the worst way possible . Note the difference how he wiped Solitaire’s eye water and how he allowed myself and Peanut to be abused in the most ugly way . Never apologized .And how he allows white commenters to spew their racist vitriol leaving Black commenters to defend themselves against offensive racial abuse.

    Either a man of extreme internalized racism and a sell out or a white racist propagandist/s using a Black persona to further his hidden agenda. My money is on the latter.

    If abagond was not a propagandist and a deceitful and sinister liar, he would not be so adamant that Black people are racist ,he would have corrected the thread that the Irish were indentured labourers and not slaves, would have written something along the lines of an honest piece on the Holomodor, from the white Christian perspective, a timeous piece during Black History Month on Cynthia McKinney and an up dated historical account of The African MAAFA
    . i.e. who were the progenitors and masterminds behind the Arab and European enslavement of African Amricans (they were neither Christian nor Muslim Arab) or the reasons why the liberals in the US and South Africa want both democratically elected leaders ousted. The democratically elected leader of Brazil was ousted by trumped up charges of corruption in a recent coup . Oh wait, that is not his politics. I must also be a Russia troll ,but wait, i have been called worse than that for my dissenting views. After all ,he allowed his favourite commenter -mirkwood, who should have been banned long ago (if he had a mote of Christian decency) to call me a Nazi and Russian spy along with commissioning me to unnatural depraved acts.

    (I am a Black single mother of a white looking daughter ,a South African vegan master2 powerlifter ,who briefly mentioned using a Russian powerlifting program- Smolov. I reside in a BRICS country. I have also mentioned reading Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archilpego who names the masterminds behind Stalin’s Red Terror . )

    I thank both of you for help revealing abagond,who to my deduction(and resw’s) ,is a paid propagandist of the controlled opposition. That he is a Black man from Jamaica with a penchant for ‘thick’ladies is not credible anymore.
    And if so,this clearly dangerous Black man ala Skip Gates selling out his people for a few shekels. Sies! (Afr)

    To my mind ,he reads more like a non Christian white man of controlled opposition ala Democracy Now (who also ‘exposes’police brutality against African Americans)and that other gatekeeper Chomsky. Only, online he can with prestidigation ,through anonymity ,carry out his propaganda and gas light his Black commenters.

    He can write whatever he likes,but it is not the truth .

    1. wow. all i can say is thank you. i knew i wasn’t crazy.

    2. @taotesan

      Great to hear from you. You make a ton of good points as usual.

      I had been suspecting abagond would ban me for a while now…but I must admit I was surprised he also banned nomad. But it shows abagond’s true colors.

      It’s clear he’s been using lord of mirkwood, Afrofem, Solitaire, michaeljonbarker, etc. to get rid of all those commenters who question his propaganda.

      He’s over there now defending his “Russiagate” “conspiracy theories.” Of course if I took all his same arguments he’s making and applied them to a Hillary Clinton scandal, then he’d call me a “conspiracy theorist”

      I also thought it was very telling the way he treated Chancellor Williams and Cheikh Anta Diop’s works (as questionable, or fiction), which he also misrepresented, versus how he treated his white sources (as true and accurate). This all makes me question everything he’s told us about himself.

      It’s hard to believe this is the same abagond I started following in 2012, and I’d like to believe he changed in 2016. But looking back on many of the disagreements I’ve had with him from 2012-16, I have to come to the terms that I was being duped all along.

  10. Origin · · Reply

    Seems that quite a few people whose voices I miss on abagond are here so perhaps I should stick around. I haven’t followed all of the intrigues on that blog and tend not to get into very extended arguments as I don’t have the patience. Consequently I didn’t (and still don’t) understand why resw was a problem for others and didn’t take the “is resw a troll” thread seriously. To me, having a different or unpopular opinion does not automaticaly make one a troll.

    I have been somewhat taken aback by recent developments on the blog esp. since the election. Today’s abagond feels too much like a bullhorn for the talking points of the political left including Russophobia, Trump collusion without proof, etc. After being bombarded by this from the MSM (and tuning it out) I don’t need another dose from a blog that I’d hoped wouldn’t have bought all the propaganda. I was visiting less and less and enjoying the viewpoints of my favorite commenters more than the blog posts themselves!

    My recent exchange in the thread announcing the bans left me a little annoyed after being falsely accused of “moving goalposts”. I feel that the notion that you are a “Russian troll” falls into a similar category. Furthermore, I’d much rather hear your opinions at this point than dispute unproven talking points at abagond so I’ll likely be dropping by aislec more often.

    1. Thanks. And I appreciate the things you said there at abagond’s. Welcome to the blog.

    2. Origin, thanks for pointing out abagond blatantly contradicting himself on the “I am banning Resw and Nomad” post. And no surprise he accused you of what he was actually doing, “moving goal posts.” He is as dishonest as they come.

      I think nomad covers really interesting topics on his blog, so I’ll be here more often too.

      1. resw.
        Abagond apologizes to you; and to Taotesan and Fan…

        My apologies to everyone, but particularly to Taotesan, Fan and Resw, for not having done this way, way sooner.

        For not banning AScrib; not for banning you. Then he goes on to insinuate that you cheated the poll. Having made the accusation before, he here refers to it as if his allegation was true. Slight of hand slander. Also insinuates that your threat of legal action is gratuitous and not based on anything he did.


        To his credit, it seems that An Scribh is bowing out gracefully. No threats of legal action, no surge of pro-Scribh votes or pro-Scribh emails, no rival tree forts, etc.

        Obviously Scribh didnt threatn legal action. His right to privacy was not violated.

        And my ‘tree fort’ is not here to compete with you, Abagond. It just is. You became a topic due to your slander against me. Like I say, I’m just setting the record straight. Is it straight yet? It’s pretty straight. It’s getting there.

      2. Hahaha. Your “tree fort” has been here for awhile & w/ its own very interesting & varied articles.

        Pretty arrogant of him to put himself at the centre of your blog which apparently has existed for ages & on which you keep posting — day after day after day — on diverse topics which have nothing to do w/ him.

        More importantly — if a comparison must be made — Nomad’s “fort” is more fun.

      3. “bowing out gracefully”

        So the Irish American is leaving there (on his own) also? (After being put in the public stocks on the cyber version of his New England village green).

        I wonder who else will wander out of the Guyanese jungle to join the other survivors. I just read that although most of the Jonestown survivors were Black; Jim Jones’ upper elite managers & assistants (whatever the actual titles he gave them) were White… as was he.

      4. Correction:

        I meant to write ‘most of Jim Jones FOLLOWERS/VICTIMS were Black’ NOT “survivors”. (Obviously when very very few survived).

        I am in the habit of writing ‘survivors’ instead of ‘victims’ in relation to domestic & sexual violence & crime.

      5. Of course he can shove his apology because as you pointed out he maintains his false, unproven accusations about cheating his poll and still lies about me derailing the Egypt in 1275 BC thread, when everyone can plainly see it was lord of mirkwood who attacked me because he didn’t like my on-topic comment.

        “Obviously Scribh didnt threatn legal action. His right to privacy was not violated.”

        He’s being willfully dishonest. He knows they were all trying to reveal my race, gender, age, location and name, and abagond gave specific details about my IP addresses which an FTC official said constitutes personal information.

        He didn’t do that to mirkwood and nor did he slander him. He even said more niceties than criticisms.

        He knows they were working together to get rid of us, and as far as abagond’s concerned, it was a job well done.

      6. And right, your “tree fort” has existed for several years and covers topics abagond would never touch because they weren’t given to him by the DNC, Hillary, NYT, Univision and the Root.

        And my “tree fort” does not “rival” anything. It’s temporary, made only to respond to the lies and slander abagond keeps spreading about me.

  11. The jerk didn’t even give me a poll like he did his other alleged trolls.

    He knew the answer would have been no. Nomad is not a troll. As evidenced by the increased traffic from his blog here. Thanks, Abagond. The banning is cool if premature. But we were coming to the end of the road anyway. I was waiting to hear your self evaluation before giving mine. But my banning sort of preempted that, didnt it? I’ll go with what I have. I’ll go with what I have observed.

    1. When I was much younger I asked my mum why Israel banned Palestinian poets — so they were on the run like terrorists — when they hadn’t done anything wrong. (As I said I was young).

      My mum said that they knew they were far more powerful than terrorists; because w/ their words they move masses of people’s hearts… change their minds… make people brave etc.

      Think about it. Don’t take that experience so seriously the Nomad. You’ve got this great blog here. I don’t want to be unkind or sound dismissive but that cultish Reverend Jim Jones & the People’s Temple Agricultural Project/Symbionese Liberation Army/Manson Family blog & the petty angry uninformed comments on it is very funny! hands virtual beer to the Nomad again The really important thing now is for you to kidnap the very funny ‘The Hip Hop Records’ & bring him (her?) over to here…

    2. Both you, nomad, and resw were accused of being Russian trolls. It’s a very specific accusation (which implies you were being paid to post) against which you are unable to defend yourselves on abagond because you were banned. I don’t think talking about it on your blogs constitutes “attacking” abagond or creating a “tree fort”.

      AFAICS, abagond has zero evidence either of you were paid by the Russian operatives to post nice things about Russia on his blog. People who are paid to post usually spam (“you can make $$ by doing x”) and go away. They don’t remain members of the community by reading others’ posts and responding. Disagreeing with the DNC’s Russophobic propaganda does not make one a Russian troll.

  12. taotesan · · Reply


    I remember the lead up to to the US invading Iraq on the flimsy pretext that WMD was found there . The whole world knew instantaneously that all America wanted was to invade Iraq . This same scenario has played out again against Russia . All the disinformation to bring on a nuclear meltdown with Russia .

    (We have to urgently ask who and why? The usual suspects?The interests/family /banking cartels funding the Democrats?)

    Abagond tried to argue his position through propagandistic posts and you were the balancing truth teller . Instead of engaging in a way to seek out the truth he fervently defended the imperialist bent of the country he has erstwhile written about numerous post s on racism and police murders of African Americans .

    Whilst I have a lot to learn about online argumentation, I will say that Abagond could have learnt a great deal from you because you brought balanced truth telling against his patent imperialist warmongering chants against Russsia. Instead he painted you as a troll.
    You were banned because you were beautifully dangerous in smashing his lies .

    The same MSM that Abagond had tried so hard to defend -The New York Times from Oches days, took out a two page spread to demonize Black historical research of the Transatlantic/European enslavement of Africans .
    Let’s talk about who owns the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc.

    You are not a troll .

    I believe that he outed himself as some-one else than he has portrayed himself to be -that is ,a Black American.

    (It makes no sense to me that a Black blogger , in America,would with white commenters ban,run off ,allow white supremacists to bully ,harass and insult Black people whilst simultaneously deferring to racists about Black commenters like yourself , who have sharply,with incisive intelligence, have showed up his prejudices and biases exposing his defence of one of the most racist countries on the planet. That he has not learnt anything from having written copiously on racism ,leads me to suspect that he is not an ‘altruistic’blogger writing for himself but a handsomely paid propagandist for the US government.).

    That he had run Fan… off,too is unforgivable .
    Fan was also a beautifully

  13. taotesan · · Reply

    Fan… was also a beautifully dangerous truth teller.

  14. taotesan · · Reply

    @ Zoe

    Pressed for time now,but will reply later

  15. Now here is a disingenuous comment at abagond’s that i will have more to say about later. Yes, i continue to monitor this propaganda portal.
    Actually the bulk of the post is not that bad. Just this part. It is a misrepresentation of what happened with the resw/nomad banning. And of course the misrepresentation is being taken as truth by the Abagond acolytes.

    Back on topic.

    Think about this a second. The only reason I’m even back is because I got a “like” from a blog called AbagondLies. Abagond is getting people who are so emotionally invested in his comments section, that when they get banned for tormenting decent civilized people they go set up another blog to fight “The Good Fight” against the Abagond Illuminati. Jesus. And we wonder where all the normal people have gone?
    These are people who believe their on a mission, so your feelings don’t really matter to them. Because Abagond failed to enforce the simple social courtesies that most normal people know and understand by their freshman year of college, the wierdoes metastazied from a benign tumour to a colo-rectal cancer whose treatment will render the comment section brain-damaged from all the enforcement that will have take place.


    1. You can’t take a word that Satanforce says seriously. What’s funny is that his “acolytes” say satanforce should not be taken seriously when what he says is convenient for them, or taken seriously when it’s not.

  16. Abagond says

    In 2017, likewise, Americans do not know if Russiagate is true. It may turn out to be nothing – or one of the biggest events in their history. Right now it is hard to tell. But a reader from 68 years from now, from 2085 (!!!), would know and either read the Russiagate stories with great interest – or laugh!

    But you really dont have to wait that long to know its not true. You probably will have to wait that long to laugh about it. Because it aint funny at all.

    1. So now it’s “hard to tell”?

      A couple months ago it was: Russian hackers “likely helped Donald Trump get elected” and the Trump dossier “is unlikely to be a hoax”

  17. another curious abagond ‘like’ after i called him a staunch supporter of hillary, which he had (seemed to ) deny.


    sorry about skipping some comments before responding but i call ‘staunch’ urging ‘vote for Hillary to prevent hitler. mainly. but also staunch to minimalize all of the corruption being revealed through WikiLeaks, including the revelation that she had stolen the nomination from the candidate that he originally endorsed. that’s pretty staunch.

    potatoes potatoes. i guess it depends on where one sits.

    Liked by 1 person

    the person who liked this comment was abagond

    1. actually he did deny it subsequently

      I was not a “staunch” Hillary supporter. I was a pro-Bernie, anti-Trump voter. Hillary was the only hope of stopping Trump, so I held my nose and voted for her. I was hardly alone in that.

      1. Right, if that’s not “staunch”, I don’t know what is.

        This is just abagond being a good bullshit artist. So despite him endorsing, defending and voting for Hillary, he was not a “staunch” supporter because he was just picking the “lesser of two evils”.

        But suddenly he’s “pro-Bernie” despite the fact that he’s on record stating, “I would vote for Sanders not because I agree with him, but because he is less bad. ”


        It’s comical how his loyalists fall for his BS.

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