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THE FBI HAS QUIETLY INVESTIGATED WHITE SUPREMACIST INFILTRATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT Bureau policies have been crafted to take into account the active presence of domestic extremists in U.S. police departments. Alice Speri The FBI’s Secret Rules President Trump has inherited a vast domestic intelligence agency with extraordinary secret powers. A cache of documents offers a […]

Judge: “I put 311 people in jail for marijuana offenses — and I was wrong”

By: Matt Agorist From: The Free Thought Project Prior to this year, the state of Florida was regarded as one of the worst possible states to be caught in possession of cannabis. According to a 2009 analysis by former NORML Director Jon Gettman, no state in this country punished people more severely for minor marijuana offenses than Florida. […]

New York Times Forced To Retract Longstanding Lie About Russian Hacking — Counter Propa

“Seventeen intelligence agencies” — if you’ve been following the maniacal #TrumpRussia coverage to any extent, you’ve heard this phrase used uncritically, time and again, regardless of your ideological loyalties. Pundits, papers and rank-and-file establishment loyalists have been unquestioningly regurgitating the nonsensical line that 17 intelligence agencies confirmed Russian interference in the US elections ever since […]


Ten shocking conspiracy theories that were completely true – Sun…5 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true – Business Insider…Some ‘October surprise’ conspiracies turn out to be true~~ via CONSPIRACY THEORIES — Aangirfan