Please Don’t Rock My Boat

Black people in America are under mind control. That is the only explanation that could explain their consistent 90+ per cent approval rating of a president that was actively working against their political interests, curtailing their freedom of speech through mass surveillance and committing heinous war crimes to boot. The tentacles of this control spreads out from Deep State controlled mainstream media and filters down to black media, like The Root and Jack & Jill, and blogs like We Are Respectable Negroes, a surprisingly appropriately named blog (now called Indomitable for some strange reason) and Abagond. This is the beginning of my review of my experience at Abagond‘s blog. This song is dedicated to him and his acolytes.


  1. When will you post the rest of your “review” about your ‘Lord of the Flies’ “experience”? I am already thinking of wine pairings to accompany that read.

  2. I’m a slow writer, Zoe. I’ll do it soon. A series of posts. I am actually reading the comment threads of posts I’ve commented on at Abagond right now. Reviewing. Glad to see you here, BTW.

  3. Thank you for welcoming me: I’m glad I found you here! I love your graphics & your varied topics.

    I may drop my own *manifesto* on my Kafkaesque *trial* experience (& it’s larger societal implications) on that blog — over on your recent thread about your royal banishment from there. (If that’s alright?).

    Before I posted on this thread I posted something about Salvador Dali on your ‘About’ page. (Re. impending exhumation of his grave). The last time I looked it was still waiting on moderation — so you may have missed it. I received a confirmation email after you answered my comment here — but I’m not receiving new posts. (Bookmarked you though).

  4. Ihi. thanks for mentioning that. i found several comments i didnt know others had made. i dont know why i didnt receive a notice of pending comments. maybe i have to check my email. as for posting, fire away.

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