Daily Archives: June 29, 2017

The Best Journalists Around: Lee Camp and Jimmy Dore

The Over-Criminalization of American Life

by Charles Hugh Smith While the corporate media devotes itself to sports, entertainment, dining out and the latest political kerfuffle, America has become the Over-Criminalization Capital of the World. The proliferation of laws and administrative regulations, federal, state and local, that carry criminal penalties has swollen into the tens of thousands. The number of incarcerated Americans exceeds […]

“I want the Democratic Party to go f**k itself”: Me Too

Please Don’t Rock My Boat

Black people in America are under mind control. That is the only explanation that could explain their consistent 90+ per cent approval rating of a president that was actively working against their political interests, curtailing their freedom of speech through mass surveillance and committing heinous war crimes to boot. The tentacles of this control spreads […]