Abagond: I am banning Resw and Nomad

Here’s a blog I once respected. Turns out Abagond is one of the pettiest folks I have ever encountered. Something I wouldn’t have said until today. His pettiness, I thought was within normal bounds, but today he proved it was great and he validated what up until now were merely suspicions about his dishonesty. He still has a good blog. Check it out. But beware. He is petty and dishonest.

I am banning Resw and Nomad

Note: Resw will not tell us his or her gender. I will assume he or she is male since he or she insults commenters using “she”.

The case for banning Resw is overdetermined:

  1. He is a bully. I banned Thad and B.R. for that and they were gentlemen by comparison. Resw should have been gone long ago.
  2. He acts guilty when asked about being a troll. On the thread “Is resw a troll?” he wrote 89 comments, but it was deflection all the way: “She started it!”, “He does it too!”, “It’s not fair”, “Abagond is dishonest”, etc. Jeff, Sharina and v8driver had no trouble answering that question in the negative and giving their reasons, but not Resw!
  3. He fits the pattern of a contrarian troll. (I will do a post on contrarian trolls and work it into my comment policy.)
  4. He is aRussian troll. See below.

Nomad: Unfortunately, Nomad gets swept up in the last one. When I looked into whether Resw was a Russian troll, Nomad’s name popped up too, but no one else’s. The most charitable thing I can say about Nomad is that if you are going to play Bobbsey Twins with a troll, you are going down with him.

Russian trolls: I say they are Russian trolls not for any computery reason but for how their comments on Ukraine suddenly changed and changed on the same day (August 3rd 2016) – and changed soon after their commenting went from casual to dedicated. At first I thought the sudden increase in their commenting was because I endorsed Hillary Clinton, but even after she lost it remained just as high, sometimes higher.

Ukraine: When it comes to Ukraine, everyone else’s opinions and levels of interest seemed organic, not like they had just joined a cult. Interest rose and fell with the news from Ukraine. Opinions changed slowly if at all.

In 2014 when the Ukraine crisis was at its height Bulanik, Linda, Origin, v8driver, sami and others talked about it, but Nomad and Resw, like me, took little interest in it. Nothing strange in that. But in 2016 and 2017 suddenly they were interested in it, for no apparent reason, and had brand new, matching pro-Russian opinions about it too, opinions hitherto unknown. Origin had pro-Russian opinions too, but they were hitherto known – because, as you would expect, he expressed them during the crisis. His opinions and interest did not seem to come out of nowhere.

There is more: This blog has never had a great interest in Russia – and, before August 2016, neither did Resw or Nomad! But now, suddenly, for no apparent reason, they get strangely upset if I say anything bad about Russia or RT, but not when I say anything bad about, say, the US or Fox News. It is just as if they have some new tie with Russia, that goes back to at least August 2016, which they are keeping secret.

I know not everyone will agree, but it has to be decided one way or the other.

– Abagond, 2017.


And so that bizarro blogging community can rest safe now Insulated from reality and safe from challenges to their delusion. Frankly, I had had enough anyway. I do now have to take resw’s accusation seriously. Abagond was likely a paid DNC operative and it was being exposed. That was why he was so anxious to  ban resw and me. And Fan… before that, for some obscure transgression. Now I know that the reason for Fans banning was just pretext to stifle those who made legitimate criticism. I think  this action might damage Abagond’s credibility. Indeed, one of his former regulars made this statement after leaving.

A long but steady reduction of voices with differing views, through scapegoating and broad-brushing and ridicule. One by one, voices of reason kept vanishing until it has become small group of people who all think very much alike, (save one or two polarizing gadflies.)

That would have been me and resw. Now the blog doesn’t even have the “polarizing gadflies”.



  1. i see by my stats that the creeps have visited my site already. lol.

    looks like i dont need to comment there for them to hear me.

  2. In 2014 when the Ukraine crisis was at its height Bulanik, Linda, Origin, v8driver, sami and others talked about it, but Nomad and Resw, like me, took little interest in it.

    I cannot say this is the height of Abagond’s dishonesty, because there is so much of it. Only that it is typical. I wasnt even commenting there in 2014. He’s obsessed with trolls, and Russian trolls in particular. Anyone who disagrees with him is a troll of some kind. He imagines their motives concocts a narrative to support it and continues to reference the concocted narrative as if it were true. Its kind of beyond normal run of the mill dishonesty. It’s pathological.

    1. dont you have to be some kind of psychopath to lie so blatantly?

      if i was there i would ask him to produce some of the comments i made on his blog in 2014. there is a small chance that i left a comment or two there. i get around. maybe i popped in to talk about my police harassment experience. who knows. i could have and forgotten. but this proven liar is going to have to provide evidence. this appears to be a lie. well it is a lie, even if i did comment there in 2014. what abagond describes included me in no shape form or fashion.

      the nerve of him to recreate that scenario of a 2014 discussion and fraudulently insert me in it. ive lost all respect for him.

  3. abagond claims he didnt ban Fan. if he wasnt so dishonest i might believe him. i remember him threatening to ban Fan. Even said something to him to the effect “are you crazy?” after that i never heard from Fan again. i assume he was banned. abagond says he wasnt, but abagond lies a lot. so i wont take his word.

  4. @nomad

    I’ve browsed your blog in the past but I’m commenting here for the first time since I know abagond and his minions will read it.

    Abagond is a serial liar, as he’s demonstrated. But I thought it was particularly funny that he’s accusing me of suddenly taking interest in Russia, when he’s the one who’s written MOST of his posts about Russia/RT in the span of a few months following the election even though his blog’s been up for 11 years!

    Talk about a hypocrite!

    I also must add that I didn’t even comment on half of his anti-Russia/RT propaganda pieces. I made a total of ZERO comments on the ones about Russian Hackers, Russian Trolls, Marine Le Pen According to RT, Granny Fight, etc.

    The ones I did comment on pointed out his inaccurate statements (which were labeled deliberate lies ) about RT and Russiagate and I justly connected him to the same propaganda that NYT and other mainstream media outlets are disseminating.

    That’s what he’s really mad about. His cover was blown.

    And then his last comment about me not saying “anything bad about the US or Fox News” is not only absolutely irrelevant, but completely false.

    And that’s the problem: his lies just don’t stop and I refused to let them slide by while his other commenters (besides the ones he’s run off) remain willfully ignorant.

  5. Oh, and I forgot, this was abagond’s last comment before he banned us:

    “@ resw

    “throwing a wrench in the propaganda mill”

    Oh yes, my propaganda machine, constructed in 2006 so that in 2017 I could, as you tell it, lie about you and Russia and trap you with Chancellor Williams. That sounds paranoid.”

    Me reminding him that I see right through his propaganda is what set him off.

    So I’m sorry you got dragged along, but it was going to happen to you eventually.

    Gro jo’s next.

    1. no worries. i was ready to leave, having seen there was no prospect for honesty

    2. Gro jo’s next. lol. Gro jo is indeed a gadfly. annoying as hell.

      1. Now that you guys are free of Abagond’s tutelage, you might give some thought to my proposal: ” on Tue 27 Jun 2017 at 12:08:34
        gro jo

        “on Tue 27 Jun 2017 at 00:19:21

        gro jo

        Nah, I think that you and resw could tackle this subject and make a positive contribution.

        What madness here. You brought it up. Why would it be my project. You are the one presumably who has read the material. WTF does resw have to do with it? This is just pitiful. You paranoid mofos need to put your eyes on whats important.

        Thats what I get for thinking you were serious instead of playing your little gotcha game. Wont make that mistake again.
        on Tue 27 Jun 2017 at 00:25:38

        offff topic. that will be my reply the next time gro jo asks me one of his disingenuous questions

        gro jo is nothing if not disingenuous”

        Gro jo was trying to humor you by arranging a play date for you with your pal resw to tackle the convergence of subjects near and dear to you, Aliens(you) and African traditions(resw). You guys could have had a great deal of fun reading the suggested material, learne from each other and not annoy others on this blog. How was I being ‘disingenuous’? I dreamed up this project out of a genuine, avuncular, interest in you and my little resw.”

      2. see what i mean? annoying as hell. ‘avuncular’. how the hell you gon be my uncle, junior? of course, now come to think of it, i did have an uncle a year younger than my older brother.

      3. @nomad

        That’s why you see I hardly pay him any mind.

  6. And one more thing…

    Of course I have no idea abagond meant by “how their comments on Ukraine suddenly changed and changed on the same day (August 3rd 2016)”

    Changed from what? He’s such a liar he forgot that he claimed I didn’t even make any comments on Ukraine before then.

    My comment he’s referencing was this:


    “Origin and nomad are right to point out that Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to leave the Ukraine, which is no different than when Britain voted to leave the EU, and the State Department planned and supported a coup of a democratically elected regime (btw, that’s $5 billion spent meddling in Ukraine’s affairs–$5 billion that could’ve been better spent in the US). The US propaganda machine always leaves that out of the discussion.

    Just as they won’t tell you that the coup’s financial supporters, including Viktor Pinchuk, donated more than anyone else in the world to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

    And surprise, surprise, the US supported the coup he wanted exactly one year after Hillary resigned. I guess Hillary thought a year was sufficient time to distance herself from that mess.

    And Victoria Nuland, who served under Bill, and in Hillary’s State Dept., was caught on tape deciding who would serve as Yanukovych’s successor, in addition to the more infamous “Fu(k the EU” comment.

    She will no doubt be a top contender for Secretary of State if Hillary wins. How she never got fired is beyond me.

    But it goes to show how corrupt Hillary is.”

    And what’s wrong with that?

    Oh right, it refutes the anti-Russian propganda and was not supportive of the Hillary Clinton, abagond’s choice for president.

    1. Forget Abagond already, ask nomad to let you do a guess post on something you consider yourself an expert on. I’m dying to see what you know and are willing to stand behind. You did have the annoying habit of deflecting,on Abagond’s blog, when somebody tried to pin you down on a topic, now you can express yourself freely. nomad, why didn’t you introduce the “Hybrid wars” material you have on your blog? If you had, you might have gotten a more serious response. Last but not least, you guys need to learn to take a joke.

      1. Gro jo

        You know I’m not serious about most of the stuff I say to you. Right? Sometimes you do make me mad as hell though. But yeah youre a gadfly. So am I supposed to take you seriously this time?

        “Hybrid wars”? I’m not sure what you mean?

      2. ” nomad · June 28, 2017 – 10:34 am ·

        Gro jo

        You know I’m not serious about most of the stuff I say to you. Right? Sometimes you do make mad as hell though. But yeah youre a gadfly. So am I supposed to take you seriously this time?

        “Hybrid wars”? I’m not sure what you mean?”
        You don’t read stuff you link to? You had a link, can’t find it now, to some institute with articles by ANDREW KORYBKO.
        HYBRID WARS:

      3. let me know if you find it. id love to read it.

  7. i dont know if you are male or female, but you got cojones. figuratively speaking.

  8. the mob said

    “Nomad did not just get swept up. Nomad came to the blog with intent on “fighting”. He picked fights with you on every thread and felt that you should coddle him. Most of what he said was bat sh*t crazy.”

    completely false and typical of the level of discourse at Abagonds. tsk tsk tsk. they can attack me while im not there and bask in theirs and abagonds’s self righteousness. when its face to face, so to speak, they dont fare so well.

    i never picked a fight with anyone. my fight was issue based. but when they fucked with me i smacked the shit out of em.

  9. You’re right, when they can’t win an argument they resort to name-calling and when you respond in kind, they go crying to abagond.

    And abagond will take the side of anyone who kisses his ass–facts are irrelevant.

    That’s why no one there, besides gro jo (whom they’ve already started labeling as a troll), is willing to challenge him.

    They know that abagond is lies and misleads because I have proven it. But they are older, lonely people who care more about being a part of a tight-knit “community” where everyone thinks alike, agrees on everything abagond says, talks about what they ate last night, and looks the other way when abagond and his self-admitted attackers go after anyone who questions abagond.

  10. Since Paige made a fuss about the ““anything bad about the US or Fox News” comment abagond made, please allow me to address it as well (and thanks for letting me voice these opinions). Yes I intially misread what abagond was saying.

    But whatever abagond meant, it does not come close to proving anyone’s a troll, let alone a Russian one. It is completely irrelevant.

    Last I checked abagond wrote 1 single post on Fox News back in 2015 (https://abagond.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/fox-news/) before he wrote any posts on RT, and then 4 posts on RT in one month in 2017.

    And I don’t remember him saying anything FALSE about Fox News, did he?

    So maybe Paige can tell us where did abagond say Fox was owned by the US government (he falsely claimed RT was owned by the Russian government).

    Where did he say Fox news “finally hired a black person” (he falsely claimed RT didn’t have black people before this year).

    Where in the post about Fox News did he call it “propagandistic” without providing examples (he called RT “propagandistic” and I never disagreed, I ONLY asked for an example, which he refused to provide)?

    Doesn’t exist.

    So why would I “criticize” a post about Fox News that is accurate, but not correct the inaccurate statements he made about RT?

    It just shows their arguments don’t even make any sense, and that’s exactly why they have to resort to name-calling and personal attacks.

    1. he kept saying stuff about RT that contradicted what i had observed, being a frequent watcher. pointing out that he was wrong made me, in his eyes, a russian ‘apologist’. he seemed to expect to continue making the same false claims without being challenged. and then accusing me of being a russian troll when i did. (im persistent though not relentless)

      i realized that if he would lie so blatantly about something i knew, he is probably lying about stuff i dont. you provided some good clues. That Univision comment told the whole story. Garbage in, garbage out.

  11. There was some of the most backward shit in that commentariat that I have ever seen. That jim crow shit was downright embarrassing. For a black oriented blog. I will likely be doing a post on my experience at Abagond’s. It was quite an enlightening excursion for the nomad.

    1. I look forward to your post.

      Origin just left a great comment disintegrating abagond’s lie that we are somehow the cause of the increase in talk of Russia noting that it was abagond who actually started posting a bunch of stuff about Russia post election. And obviously it’s natural that people would comment on those.

      The fact that his loyalists don’t also call out abagond’s blatant deceptive tactics speaks volumes about their character. They’re just as dishonest as he.

      And abagond’s latest lie is that someone is using a proxy server to boost votes on the “is resw a troll” post. I guess he doesn’t know that voting doesn’t work on proxy servers.

      He can never accept fault for his own actions and that his own actions today made his readers wake up to the reality of what a pathological liar and con artist he really is.

      1. “Origin just left a great comment disintegrating abagond’s lie”
        id like to read that. what thread is it on?

  12. And if Origin sees this: sorry I didn’t mention your name upthread when I said “no one there…is willing to challenge him”. You have definitely expressed your views and I’ve learned a lot from you. So thank you, and thank you too, nomad!

    But since it’s not as frequent as I comment, it seems you weren’t on abagond and the mob’s radar (although he did mention you in his “I am banning resw and nomad” post–so watch out!).

    Your last comment was on point and it exposes the fallacies in abagond’s argument. That’s why instead of responding it, he deflected to another lie about my commenting habits.

  13. Abagond’s latest lie is claiming we’re paid and that I only comment M-F during “business hours” from CDT (even though I’m not in CDT now or it’s nighttime right now and I make plenty of comments on weekend, just like last weekend).

    Of course these new false allegations will serve as further evidence of his malicious intent to try (although unsuccessfully) to divulge my location using his knowledge of my personal information, especially because he’s been warned not to do so–multiple times.

    He is letting his emotions get the best of him, but it will land him in legal hot water. And “malicious intent” carries stiffer penalties.

  14. That’s too bad about all that!

    1. thanks, man. sorry for delay. some comments i didnt receive notices for. probably need to check my email.

  15. A surprisingly short commentary on the I am banning Resw and Nomad post. Grunts of the begrudged. Most of them, including abagond, launched personal attacks on me for nonpersnal criticism and got slapped. No wonder they’re glad I’m gone. They couldnt intimidate me.

  16. Abagond is now lying about me bringing up RT.

    My first comment was in response to your suggestion to watch Crosstalk, and there’s nothing wrong with your suggestion: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/11/12/its-not-about-racism/#comment-358878

    And my subsequent comments were in response to abagond’s statements on RT.

    On December 7, 2016:

    “RT (Russia Today) – comes off like a state-sponsored Fox News, prone to coverage slanted against “the West” in general and the U.S. in particular and indulging in conspiracy theories and other fringe beliefs.”


    Then he made this comment before I said anything else about RT:

    “If The Root is questionable because it is owned by Univision, then RT is certainly questionable because it is owned by the Russian government.”

    Mon 12 Dec 2016 at 00:51:15


    So once again abagond’s lie has been exposed.

    1. Just went to that rationalwiki post. what a thread. i almost didnt recognize myself. kinda fiery little guy. no wonder they wanted to get rid of me. but i do want to retrieve this comment. if not for this i would have believed abagond’s misrepresentation of RT’s relationship to the Kremlin. That’s the danger of a deceitful blogger’s influence.


      “then RT is certainly questionable because it is owned by the Russian government”

      Once again, abagond is touting outright lies or “misinformation” since I’m sure he pretends he doesn’t lie.

      The fact is that RT is not “owned by the Russian government”. It’s owned by a nonprofit that receives funding from the government, similar to PBS, BBC, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, etc.

      That was great, resw. Thank you.

    2. Resw. He’s now accusing you of using a proxy server to flood the poll with votes in your favor.


      “It has been pointed out to me that there has been a surge of No votes.”

      “One vote per IP address. With a proxy server you could pump it up.”

      “In a way I am glad he tried to cheat the poll: it confirms for me that I made the right decision in banning him.”

      1. Right, nomad. But as I pointed out, polldaddy voting doesn’t even work on proxy servers.

        And he probably knows that, but his readers will buy any lie he touts.

      2. yes. he cannot believe that a lot of his lurkers and probably some regular commenters thought the banning was a shitty thing to do.

      3. Right, this is the same abagond who blamed me for how he enforced his own comment policy, which drove satanforce away:


      4. even Sharinair said ‘WTF’

      5. “even Sharinair said ‘WTF’”

        I’ve always considered sharina one of the most unbiased of the regular commenters. But she dances around the valid issues people have (and I think she also has) with abagond. Probably just to stay on abagond’s good side.

      6. He is quick to accuse on the most tenuous of evidence. Yet would be deeply offended if it were done to him. What he does is absolutely slanderous.

        I know correlation is not causation but my stats show a corresponding surge of visitors from Abagonds blog viewing this post. I’d like to think that reading this post had something to do with the surge in “no” votes on that poll. I can imagine his readers mulling things over.

        “You know, that nomad guy is right. Abagond is petty and dishonest. Im going to go back right now and vote “no” on that poll!”

      7. I think the reason is a combination of his doubling down on his “Russian Troll” slander, lack of evidence, and blatant deception to mislead his readers that abagond himself had no “sudden” “interest” in Russia.

        Everyone knows he started blogging about Russia and RT after his Hillary lost the election. Now that he’s trying to deny it, it makes him look extra dishonest to anyone who previously had doubts.

    3. resw
      abagond -“Something I have seen with this banning that I have not seen in the past are emails from lurkers in favour of the banned.”

      so now he admits that the surge in no votes was not you cheating, as he accused you of

      “In a way I am glad he tried to cheat the poll: it confirms for me that I made the right decision in banning him.”

  17. The Russophobic paranoia and self righteous arrogance of Abagond and the mob is astounding.

    @ dorisjean23
    “Totally odd, I wonder what they were hoping to accomplish.”
    Resw never gave a straight answer to that.

    for abagond there is an imagined troll with an unfathomable hidden agenda behind every criticism. and this emphasis on Russia. NeoMcCarthyism.

    1. NeoMcCarthyism is right. He expects me to give a “straight answer” about a phony agenda that abagond told me I have. And yet he’s the one who kept dodging everyone’s questions to him on the “Abagond used to be great but has devolved” thread.

      Like I said before, this matter with us over the past week has been one giant deflection from one of abagond’s favorite commenter’s (King) harsh criticism of him. Because he knows what King said was spot on and it bruises abagond’s ego.

      1. ” he knows what King said was spot on ”


  18. I like michaeljonbarker

    Our disagreements are on issues and he gets my sense of humor. But nothing I ever said on Abagond was batshit crazy. And if I was still there I would ask him to point it out. Everything I’ve said is on this blog as well. Which one of the posts on this blog, MJB, if you are reading this, do you find batshit crazy?

    1. I used to have lots of constructive discussions with michaeljonbarker until he started personally attacking me on behalf of abagond (only since last year), which he admitted.

      For some strange reason, he can’t stop repeating his ignorant assumption that I’m white because of how I comment, which is racist because it assumes that blacks and others have to behave a certain way. He hasn’t stopped these racist assumptions, and in fact has increased them this past week.

      So michaeljonbarker, the unapologetic racist, can kick rocks.

      1. you can swear on my blog, if you like. one thing i can thank abagond for is teaching me how to swear without using profanity.

      2. LOL! Thanks, but I don’t need to swear. But I thought it was funny that on the “Is resw a troll” thread, abagond kept trying to bait me into breaking his rules so he could show a legitimate reason for banning me.

        He asked me “are you a troll”? And I responded “no”. And of course admitting it would be grounds for immediate banning. I don’t know why he thought I would say yes, but I digress.

        Then he baited me into addressing Solitaire. As background, he prohibited me from addressing or referencing Solitaire on the “Hitler was democratically elected” thread because she cried when I called her a racist AFTER she called me a “Nazi apologist”, etc. for doing nothing but pointing out a historical fact.

        Here’s my response to abagond baiting me into addressing Solitaire on the “Is resw a troll” thread:


        When I refused to take his bait, knowing it was just a trap so he could say “I banned resw for repeated violation of my rules”, he upped the ante, telling me I can say anything I wanted (even swear words):


        I could tell he was surprised when I didn’t take that bait either. And I knew he was just looking for a valid reason to ban me.

        And no surprise at all, just a couple hours later, he just banned me anyway. And the fact that you got banned too just shows he lost patience with trying to ban us according to his own comment policy, which we know is a big joke.

      3. “lost patience with trying to ban us according to his own comment policy”

        yep. his patience used to be long but now he don’t have any.

  19. I was waiting to hear. I was waiting to hear some kind of self reflection, some self examination on that Abagond used to Be Great post. Then I was going to give my evaluation, which probably would not be as negative as it is now. What he has done is verified most of my suspicions.

    I asked for self reflection, and I got ‘blame the Russians’. Blame their trolls. I asked for self reflection, I got imaginary trolls.

  20. michaeljonbarker

    “Nomad’s crazy conspiracy theories have gotten to you.”
    I am a skeptic as well. I didn’t take Nomads views of chem trails, UFO’s, Clinton hit men ect to seriously.
    So while rese fits a profile of a paid troll the evidence it is still circumstantial.
    Its easier for me to accept that he had a vindetta against you for being “disrespected” or whatever.

    I keep telling these folks theres nothing crazy about these issues. Id like to say they’d wake up to reality someday, but they won’t. And they are still propagating distortions and untruths. Ive never said anything about Clinton hit men. Really didnt put much emphasis on the strange deaths in the Clinton’s background, which, of course, any unbiased observer can see for themselves.

    anyone who thinks i have ‘crazy conspiracy theories’ can go fuck themselves.

    1. It speaks to the high level of intolerance for things with which they’re not familiar.

    2. @Nomad.

      I’m a skeptic.

      It wasn’t my intent to describe you as “crazy”.

      Some of the topics you post on your blog are
      “out there” and what i would consider “static”. They are a distraction from real issues or events that people should be paying attention too. As a skeptic i consider some information largely speculative.

      There are whole industries out there that takes facts or information and emblishes on that for click bait consumtion.

      There are other topics that you post here that I am in agreememnt with. That is why I parse everything i read.

      I understand these posting to be your opions. If I argued against your opinions i wouldnt characterize them as “lies” or call you a “propagandist”. I would simply agree to disagree.

      This is why I find it odd to call Abagond a liar and a propagandist because it is his blog where he writes about his opinions. I don’t believe he works for the DNC anymore then you and resw are paid Russian trolls.

      One or two of my positions mirror Hillary Clinton. But that doesn’t make me her supporter or defender,

      It’s my opinion that resw had a bone to chew with Abagond for whatever reason. That led to troll like behavior on resw’s part and my push back against resw for the sake of the blog.

      In short Abagond should have banned resw just because he had become a “jerk” and left it at that.

      1. ill have more to say later about the difference between lying and being a liar. about skepticism.
        but resw didnt just ‘become’ whatever he became. you define it as a ‘jerk’. i dont agree. he became adversarial to abagond. but he like me was provoked. by abagond! this didnt just come out of the blue. you have to put it in context. much of the responsibility for this change in both of us rests with abagond. four words. trump non fan club. abagond started this.

      2. Most people on the Internet that call themselves skeptic are only skeptical about things labeled conspiracy theory.

        “A person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions.”

        They do not question MSM. Hence they don’t believe in chemtrails or so 911 discrepancies or UFOs or elite pedophilia. They are only skeptical about what the government tells them to be skeptical about. The government cordons those issues off from examination by the dissent control label “conspiracy theory”. Most people on the web who call themselves skeptics, really aren’t. Not in the classical sense of the word. They are a kind of skeptic engineered by the CIA. An anti-conspiracy theorist. They are what I call neo-skeptics. Socially engineered just the same as Neo-blacks have been during this Internet era.

        Here is George Bush giving neo-skeptics their marching orders.

      3. “They are a distraction from real issues or events that people should be paying attention too.”
        I ask you again, which of the topics on this blog do you find crazy or ‘out there’? Which are the unreal distractions from real issues and events? I’d like to know so I can get rid of those.

        I understand these posting to be your opions. If I argued against your opinions i wouldnt characterize them as “lies” or call you a “propagandist”. I would simply agree to disagree.

        You won’t find lies or propaganda here so there would be no need for such characterization. Unfortunately thats not true of every blog.

      4. @”In short Abagond should have banned resw just because he had become a “jerk” and left it at that.”

        Where in abagond’s comment policy does it say one can be banned because another commenter thinks “he had become a ‘jerk'”?

        Oh right, it’s not there.

  21. Mary Burrell said this

    @Abagond: >Those two were playing some mind games with you. I actually thought they would literally destroy your blog.”

    Very disappointing. As if resw and I conspired to bring down this small boutique blog for as I say unfathomable reasons.We don’t know each other but as our commentary reveals, we both believe people should be able to substantiate claims they make and that lies should not be passed off as truth. Its clear who is playing with whose mind. Its a shame Mary is under the spell of this Svengali. To each his own. Me? I am shaking the dirt off my shoes.

    1. I saw that and had to laugh. Mary Burrell is the typical commenter who will buy anything abagond is selling. Worse, she never has anything of substance to contribute to any topic.

      And I love how Mary is suddenly a psychic who knows my innermost thoughts and intentions based solely on a bogus story abagond, a proven liar, concocted because he’s mad his false narratives got refuted over and over again.

      1. As I say, this particular fabrication really pisses me off.
        “In 2014 when the Ukraine crisis was at its height Bulanik, Linda, Origin, v8driver, sami and others talked about it, but Nomad and Resw, like me, took little interest in it.”

        Were you in this discussion he’s talking about? Was I there and somehow blocked it out of my memory? ‘Took no interest?!’ I can’t even imagine myself taking no interest in genuine Nazis being unleashed on Ukraine by a black president. That doesnt fit with anything in my psychological profile. I would have been condemning it there as I have condemned it here through the linked article.

        I think he thought I would not be around so he could tell whatever lie he wanted without fear of contradiction. Positively pathological.

      2. I’m glad you proved that you did take “interest” in Ukriane in 2014, as evidenced by the post you wrote in 2014.

        No I was not in his referenced discussion, and so he’s implying that that my comment on Ukraine in 2016 (https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/07/23/hillary-clinton-for-president/#comment-322134) is evidence of “sudden” “interest”.

        But he’s trying to have it both ways by saying on Tuesday that I “took little interest” in Ukraine prior to 2016 but then on Wednesday implying that I was not only interested in Ukraine prior to 2016 but had contradictory views:

        “Maybe I should do a post on Resw77’s comments on Ukraine compared to those by Resw.”


        LOL. He can’t even get his story straight–he’s keeps showing what a liar he is.

        The only comments I recall making about Ukraine on his blog before 2016 were about WWII and Scythians.

        So if he he actually had me on record contradicting something I said about Ukraine in 2016, then he would have quoted and linked to it, you know provide some actual evidence, instead of just teasing about it (by lying).

        But what else can you expect from a propagandist.

      3. thanks. that indeed sank his boat for me. i was on the fence before. suspecting he was deliberately lying. now im sure its deliberate.

      4. Yep, after i proved what I was stating was factual and not “conspiracy theories” with this comment: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/nmaahc/#comment-33610

        …you see the conversation shift from NMAAHC to my gender, then race, then about guessing what other commenters look like.

        And what surprise the same derailers, michaeljonbarker to accuse me of being a white man, and mirkwood and Solitaire who had nothing to say about NMAAHC but just chimed in to guess what other commenters look like.

        If anyone else did what they did abagond would have been quick to label that discussion as “off topic”. Instead, abagond only chimed in to call me a troll. Nothing about NMAAHC.

  22. sharinalr
    “@Mary Burrell
    I agree. Before abagond banned them I was going to ask “What is the end game?” because at some point there has to be one.
    If Resw goal was to expose abagond of his lies, then by his own posts he did just that.”

    his acolytes pondered and pawed the air
    in search of a motive that wasn’t there

    The answer is simple, sisters. You’ve been lied too.

    1. @”If Resw goal was to expose abagond of his lies, then by his own posts he did just that.”

      This comment was funny because it shows Sharina actually admitting that abagond lies.

      So her pretending there is some imagined “end game” is just her way of trying to stay on abagond’s good side, i.e., trying to have it both ways.

  23. They say everything can be replaced
    They say every distance is not near
    So I remember every face
    Of every man who put me here

    Yonder stands Abagond in this lonely crowd
    Man who swears he’s not to blame
    All day long I hear him hollering so loud
    Just crying out that he’s not to blame

  24. Abagond is not going to tolerate anymore dissent on his blog.

    Many of the traits he attributes to “contrarian trolls” describe him.

    Insults: Constant insults, subtle and not so subtle. They are trying to get you angry on purpose – in an otherwise civil, if heated, debate. The insults are directed at those who disagree with them. They might not be insulting at all when they first arrive, but get worse as time goes on, especially if they are ignored.
    Me v Everyone: They say that everyone is against them, sniff, saying things like “You guys are all just …” and “You all just want to ridicule anyone who disagrees with you.”
    Intellectual dishonesty – to a high degree. They lie about things they themselves have said! They quote things out of context, changing their meaning. They tend to avoid points for which they have no ready answer.
    Accusing the accuser: If you point out their trolling, they will say you are the troll!
    Condescension: They often single out their most outspoken accuser and say that he or she is beneath their notice – and yet they keep talking to them!
    Derailment: Threads become a debate about who is trolling whom, a debate which they troll! See above for how they might do that.”

    He even derails his own threads with his troll accusations. But now he is getting closer to his desire. No diversity of opinion. “we all must believe the same thing”.

    1. +1000. He does all of these routinely and if he doesn’t, he allows Afrofem, lord of mirkwood, Solitaire and michaeljonbarker to do it–and defends them whenever they’re called out for doing it.

      That’s because none of them ever disagrees with him or refutes all the illogical and false statements he makes.

      Michaeljonbarker has expressed opposing views in the past, e.g., that Clinton was just as bad as Trump, but he was sure to validate abagond’s hypocritical argument anyway:

      “Abagond’s argument, that the lesser of two evils, Hillary, is the logical vote I think is pragmatically necessary.”

      1. yep. incidentally, i dont know why your comments dont go thru automatically. everybody else’s does after the initial approval. so if theres a delay in posting its because i am away.

      2. And I don’t think lord of mirkwood is going anywhere, btw.

        Today abagond was just acknowledging mirkwood’s “trollish” behavior but defending him nonetheless:

        “He seems too sincere to be an outright troll”

        Because you know, abagond is psychic and can read people’s intentions over the internet (and that goes to show that abagond’s labeling of a troll has nothing to do with behavior, it’s about whether someone “seems sincere” or not).

        Mirkwood is too useful to abagond because mirkwood has driven off one of the biggest threats to abagond’s propaganda: Fan…

        And mirkwood really drove us out too (with abagond’s force), because abagond says his “last straw” was on a thread where lord of mirkwood started personally attacking me because I pointed out misrepresentations abagond on the Egypt in 1275 BC thread. But his immediate reaction was not to take action against mirkwood but to take action against me.

        The only reason there’s an “is scribh a troll” thread is because his favorite regular commenter, Solitaire, requested it: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/is-resw-a-troll/#comment-374271

        (note: I pointed out the double standard upthread but abagond ignored it as usual: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/is-resw-a-troll/#comment-374174)

      3. resw.
        I’m reading the hillary clinton for president thread. from what i could gather, from comments on posts beginning jan2016, everything was pretty much cool between commenters and abagond up to this point. it was in this post that, contrary to the majority, you, I, Origin and Fan said some things that were not utterly condemning of Trump which abagond apparently took as support for Trump. Hence we became the Trump Non Fan Club. He was probably particularly irked when Origin changed his mind about Hillary being the lesser evil and came over to our side. Is this it? Is this the post where all of the trouble began? It is for me. After he disparaged me as a Trump Non Fan, for me it was, as they say, “on”.

      4. @”Is this it? Is this the post where all of the trouble began?”

        Yes, IMO. Abagond was not expecting us to obliterate his hypocritical “lesser of two evils” argument. I suggested that on the “is resw a troll” post.

        Abagond’s later pinned the blame on me (even though he was the first to call me troll and us members of the “Trump Non-Fan” club as you pointed out):


      5. Yeah, that’s funny. I was browsing the blog trying to recall when I actually entered the picture. I know I had dropped in from time to time before last year, but I don’t really recall discussing my police harassment incident there, as Solitaire claims. I was actually commenting at wearerespectablenegroes at the time that that happened and don’t remember visiting abagond at all. In 2014 I was just nomading around to different places, if I went anywhere at all. In 2014 I mostly kept to myself. I think Solitaire is mistaken or else lying. Of course I remember mentioning the incident at abagond’s last year. In any case I have no idea what she was so upset with me about.

        I know I was commenting there fairly regularly beginning in January. And by the time of the post on Hillary I had been commenting long enough for abagond to know I was a serious commenter and not a troll. I had made no personal attacks against him and of course I admired his work at the time. But he then started disparaging me, along with you, Fan and Origin, as Trump Non Fans. And saw nothing wrong with that slanderous distortion. I was quite offended by that. That is why my attitude towards him changed. And since he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong and is apparently incapable of doing anything wrong, my attitude towards him is explainable only by the notion that I am a troll. He smeared me as a Trump supporter and now he is smearing me as a troll. And a Russian troll at that. What an asshole.

      6. And speaking of dishonest blog administrators, Abagond was a paragon of integrity compared to Chauncey Devega. He lied more blatantly than Abagond. But they both had the same MO. They feel they have a right to say disparaging things about their commenters but are outraged when the commenter responds in kind. To the point of banning them. It took them both about the same amount of time to ban me for my insubordination.

        (I’ve also been banned from a white blog for responding in kind to the administrator’s ad hominem attacks. But, as far as I know, he wasn’t dishonest, like these two guys.)

      7. Yeah, I can’t believe he can’t admit he’s done nothing wrong. Despite his faults, I still thought he had a heart and soul. I’m beginning to doubt that now.

        As to Solitaire, I wouldn’t put it past her to lie. She’s certainly lied in discussions I’ve had with her, and I still haven’t forgiven her for calling me a “Nazi apologist” because she couldn’t win an argument on the “Hitler was democratically elected too” thread or harassing me numerous times about my race/gender.

        She’s just as disgusting as abagond. They’re made for each other.

      8. I’m not familiar with Chauncey Devega but will check out his blog at some point. I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s acceptable to attack someone without getting something in return.

      9. Chauncey’s pretty well published. Alternet. Even Salon, I think. Daily Kos and even Black Agenda Reports, if you can believe that.

  25. Part of the problem was this one way relationship he expected of his commenters. He could disparage them, as he did me, but was offended if they disparaged him in return, which I thought was only fair game. For example, he accused me of plagiarism over an innocent mistake (that wasn’t even my fault but a glitch in comment posting function) so I accused him of plagiarism when he made a similarly unclearly referenced quote.

    He expected people to be tactful in their criticism of him, as I normally would be, but not after the disrespect he showed me. If you want respect you have to give it. So I really didn’t care if my criticisms offended him or not. He surrendered his right to that courtesy when he disparaged me. And of course resw didn’t care if he was offended by his/her criticisms either. I now have a clearer understanding why. And that was why he banned us. He couldn’t stand the starkness of our criticism. He wanted us to soften the blows when pointing out his lies. Instead of saying he was lying we should have used some ameliorating language such as ‘that does not quite align with what I have observed’. As I say, he surrendered his right to that kind of ameliorating tone when he attacked me.

    1. Right, abagond and his minions’ talking point on the “is resw a troll” thread was that I used to be better, and I kept pointing him back to the fact that I never “disrespected” abagond before he started disrespecting me (note I had been commenting since 2012 and I never once felt disrespected by abagond, nor did abagond once label me as a troll before September 2016).

      He was the first one to call me names, not for criticising him, but for taking a position with which he disagreed (on the NMAAHC thread, my position was that the museum had too much non-African American influence and I was boycotting it). I was called every name in the book from “xenophobe” by others to “troll” by abagond, and that’s when I knew HE had changed.

      And what a coincidence it just so happened a few weeks after I refuted abagond’s hypocritical Clinton “lesser of two evils” argument.

      1. interesting. just reviewed that thread. the beginning of the campaign against you and the other trump non fan club members.

      2. Yep, after i proved what I was stating was not factual and not “conspiracy theories” with this comment: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/nmaahc/#comment-33610

        …You see the shift from the subject of the thread to my gender, then race, then about guessing what people look like….it was no longer about NMAAHC.

        And what surprise the same derailers, gro jo to play games and accuse me of being a woman, michaeljonbarker to accuse me of being a white man, lordmirkwood and Solitaire who had nothing to say about NMAAHC but just chimed in to guess how other commenters look.

        Where was abagond to label that discussion as “off topic”? No, abagond only chimed in to call me a troll.

      3. Yep, after i proved what I was stating was factual and not “conspiracy theories” with this comment: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/nmaahc/#comment-33610

        …you see the conversation shift from NMAAHC to my gender, then race, then about guessing what other commenters look like.

        And what surprise the same derailers, michaeljonbarker to accuse me of being a white man, and mirkwood and Solitaire who had nothing to say about NMAAHC but just chimed in to guess what other commenters look like.

        If anyone else did what they did abagond would have been quick to label that discussion as “off topic”. Instead, abagond only chimed in to call me a troll. Nothing about NMAAHC.

      4. Yep, after this comment proving what I said was factual and not “conspiracy theories” : https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/nmaahc/#comment-33610

        …you see the same ones michaeljonbarker, mirkwood and Solitaire derailing from NMAAHC to guessing about my gender, then race, then what people look like….

        If we did what they were doing, abagond would be quick to label that discussion as “off topic”? Instead, abagond only chimed in to call me a troll…and said nothing about the subject of his own post

      5. its good to know where this begins. BTW, I don’t want to misquote you in the post I’m writing, but did you say you thought abagond was being paid by the dnc or should i just claim that as my own suspicion? if yours do you happen to know where i can quote it?

      6. LOL. I’m not sure where it started, I think on the Programming note #30 thread where I implied abagond might be paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/programming-note-30/#comment-359247

        But that was only in response to being labeled a “Trump non-fan club” member and “troll” FIRST:

        I do have my suspicions he was paid by HRC campaign/DNC, but those are just suspicions. Hillary’s SuperPac did indeed pay a lot of bloggers to make the silly arguments abagond made in support of her. Given abagond’s blog is highly ranked, it’s not far-fetched. It would indeed explain abagond’s hostility towards us for telling the truth about Hillary.

      7. “But that was only in response to being labeled a “Trump non-fan club” member and “troll” FIRST:”

        gotcha. he was willing to claim we were paid trolls on flimsier evidence.
        he imagined us having been given a signal by the kremlin to start talking about ukraine and attacking clinton. i used to think he was calling us russian trolls for effect. now i think he may have been serious.

        many times people accuse others of doing something they themselves have a propensity for. they believe that if they are capable of a particular kind of deception, those they contend with are capable of that same kind of deception and therefore do not hesitate to accuse them of something they themselves would do. projection. its what such people do in lieu of self criticism.

      8. Resw said,

        “…you see the conversation shift from NMAAHC to my gender, then race, then about guessing what other commenters look like.

        And what surprise the same derailers, michaeljonbarker to accuse me of being a white man, and mirkwood and Solitaire who had nothing to say about NMAAHC but just chimed in to guess what other commenters look like.”

        You mistake my humor as accusatory when it was meant in jest. Everybody else got that but you.

        I shared little opion because it isn’t appropriate for WP to tell Blacks how to set up a museum dedicated to their cultural achievements.

        Villagewriter criticisms of your opion was valid. He calling out your xenophobia because you didnt like that the architect was a “foreigner” made sense too me.

      9. I don’t care whether or not you now say you were joking. The point was you and your crew derailed the thread and abagond never called you out on it, as usual. It is one of many demonstrations of your crew’s frequent derailments and abagond’s bias.

        And there’s nothing xenophobic about wanting an African American to design a museum about African Americans, just like the Holocaust Museum down the street had a Holocaust survivor design it.

    2. Yep, after i proved what I was stating was factual and not “conspiracy theories” with this comment: https://abagond.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/nmaahc/#comment-33610

      …you see the conversation shift from NMAAHC to my gender, then race, then about guessing what other commenters look like.

      And what surprise the same derailers, michaeljonbarker to accuse me of being a white man, and mirkwood and Solitaire who had nothing to say about NMAAHC but just chimed in to guess what other commenters look like.

      If anyone else did what they did abagond would have been quick to label that discussion as “off topic”. Instead, abagond only chimed in to call me a troll. Nothing about NMAAHC.

  26. Although I already mentioned upthread that abagond blamed me for his own enforcement of his own comment policy. I noticed another dishonest statement he made:

    resw said

    “@”satanforce”…also left because of abagond’s shenanigans:” [satanforce returned today]

    abagond responded:

    “As to satanforce, that was my mistake for letting you shame me into an overly strict and idiotic application of the comment policy, which is meant to guard against trolls, not become an auto-immune disease driving off genuine commenters.”

    Since when did satanforce become a “genuine commenter”? Nearly all his comments are sarcasm, and abagond knows it. But he’s supposed to be the “genuine” one and I’m not.

    You just have to laugh at abagond’s blatant deception.

    1. So wait a minute….. You are constantly using me as an example of someone who couldn’t take the foolishness on Abagond’s blog and comment section. Yet here you are now saying that I don’t matter because I’m not “genuine” and you are? OKayPlaya.

      1. sorry for delay in posting. was in my spam box.

      2. No one said you didn’t matter. I merely pointed out the absurdity of abagond suggesting you were more “genuine” than I.

  27. The level of pettiness exhibited on that blog is staggering.

    More about that later: including the ‘Christian’ talk. (Which had its own post). As if there is anything Christian about publicly humiliating people via a method not dissimilar to that of Reverend Jim Jones & The People’s Temple Agricultural Project. I’m referring to posts read round the world requesting people weigh in and engage in an orchestrated attack on one chosen person at a time… serially. Why not just reenact the Shirley Jackson story: The Lottery? What is the difference?

    And it was appalling watching WHO is willing to take part. This is precisely how atrocities are committed by people’s neighbours during wartime. I will try to post something about this later to do w/ a book I read on sociopathic behaviour & those who assist it whilst not necessarily being sociopaths themselves.

    1. i was surprised. i didnt follow that discussion but i certainly noticed the animosity towards you.

  28. It was sad to see people sort of resisting & then falling in w/ the others. You will know who your friends are by seeing who comes over here to ask after you. As two people have done.

    That blog is — in effect — the Stanley
    Milgram test.

    I would never have gone on there if I knew this was happening.

    1. “I would never have gone on there if I knew this was happening.”

      yeah. it seemed very unfair to me.

    2. Zoe, if you haven’t gone to this thread, check it out. This is where they tried to do something similar to me. This is where I shifted from nomad to nomad 2 point 0. Just before I left they were about to meet nomad 3 point 0. That would have been catastrophic. *I* don’t even want to meet nomad 3 point 0.

      abagond said

      “It is not as if I have been doing posts on her [hillary].”
      Of course you have. On her the election an the debates. But beyond that.
      You’re not going to pronounce me delusional irrational and unhinged and expect me not to respond.


      1. Hahahahaha. If you morph into Nomad 3 point 0 *I* the Angry Arab will help you to strategically direct your anger so it does not become “catastrophic”.

        I know exactly what you mean though. Solitaire in her militant librarian mode was speaking about me afterward saying in this patronising way that perhaps they were too hard on me (in *educating* me because of course a snow white girl like her is going to put my not being allowed to swim in public pools as a young child in the early 60s & frisked in shops/accused of stealing as a child & called “Biafran” & never introduced to white boyfriend’s parents etc. into perspective for me!). She was saying that perhaps they should have held my hand & coddled me. And she took my referencing the Angry Arab trope as something I did NOT want to be. And all I could think was that she was so lucky that she was not in front of me. I am never a violent person — but my linguistic abilities & shredding logic go into nuclear mode when people make me really angry over issues of injustice.

        Hahahahaha. She has a Patricia Hearst thing going on. I think she thinks she is ‘down with the revolutionaries man’ by being Afrofem’s echo. Because she kept trying to educate me on becoming a ‘white person who understands brown people’. (Those are not quotes from her words — they are my scare quotes for that concept). Meanwhile I actually am a brown person who experiences racism almost constantly: micro & macro. It’s the height of arrogance exhibited by these people. I even got the ‘Don’t run’ talk from my mother as a child — after a 14 yr old was shot in the back in NYC running from police: yet Solitaire/Patty felt the need to educate me. As did Afrofem. (Who Resw rightly wonders is even Black… as she is probably Solitaire’s sister or cousin…).

        It took multiple back & forth posts on the open thread to answer Solitaire’s questioning of me about ‘Persians’. She kept grilling me about the “link” between Arabs & Persians. I kept telling her there is NONE. Different language/culture/customs/history etc. I told her that SHE as an American is the one insisting there is a “link” due to the American (Aramco oil industry) invented term “Middle East”: which we NEVER use for ourselves. (Except for those Arab Americans who drink/drank the sleeping potion and/or have a restaurant which they are afraid to advertise as serving ARAB FOOD). But this kind of exhausting behaviour from them was somehow meant to wound me — rather than irritate me & make me angry. So funny.

        Sorry to keep digressing into my own interaction w/ them. I can’t make heads or tales of the Ukraine/Russia/HRC/Trump battles w/ Abagond that you went through. So I am simply commenting on the weird arrogance exhibited by Abagond’s helpers… & how angering they are whilst apparently possessing almost ZERO ability to self-reflect.

      2. i hear you.

      3. Thanks. I hear you also. I’m still reading the 11.16 thread. (600+ comments!). I see how Sharina & her fellow minor demons were really rude to you there.

        I wondered why some of her posts seem really well written & some are badly written re. thought clarity/grammar/punctuation/typos etc. Then in this thread you linked to she wrote about how she likes to drink whilst posting on this blog (several posts referenced this). I suspected that. I don’t mind however people write but the difference from post to post was so evident. Makes sense! It might explain the viciousness toward undeserving posters also but there has to already be an underglaze of evil: IN VINO VERITAS.

        Please go to Electronic Intifada & see the recent article re. Malware sent by Israelis to BDS supporters & human rights advocates phones & even Facebook. (When a link sent is clicked/tapped). There is also advice on how to protect yourself from that.

      4. “Please go to Electronic Intifada & see the recent article re. Malware sent by Israelis to BDS supporters & human rights advocates phones & even Facebook. (When a link sent is clicked/tapped). There is also advice on how to protect yourself from that.”

        i believe it. i was hacked just last month, plus strange disconnections on my phone, once while talking about phone surveillance with a friend.

      5. I had a strange experience after ringing some Palestinian human rights & mainstream Arab American Orgs & a well known NYC based Muslim Arab ecumenical scholar in early 1992 from my land phone in Brooklyn.

        I got a call saying they were AT&T & asking if I “liked (my) phone service”. Because I’d had AT&T for years & they’d never done that before I rang them & asked about this weird call & they said they *never* do that.

        Then I also had some strange sounds on the phoneline. As they began straight away after I made the above calls to the rights orgs & the Muslim gentleman I figured there was a link.

        My mother was the only person who believed me. She survived the Nazis in Berlin (during which time her aunt was murdered by the state for having a disability) & then after the horrific Allied bombing she & my grandparents were in the occupied Russian Zone. My grandfather was taken off the streets then in his mid 50s for slave labour in Russia. Eventually they all made it to my grandfather’s hometown of Frankfurt am Main. (The large city in Hesse). So she believed me!

        It happened when I was on the phone w/ her daily & I used to laugh & say to her that if they are listening they will only hear me having these very biologically graphic daughter/mother conversations w/ her.

        Forward to the present: I was on a Lebanese blog & the post & thread were about Lebanon banning the Wonder Woman film because the Israeli lead actress who served in the IDF had expressed support for the bombing of Gaza & made very disparaging remarks about Gazans. Some people wanted to see the film but I & some others reminded them of the importance of adhering to BDS especially given her statements.

        An Israeli man & I got into a brief side thread about Aramaic (indigenous language of my Aramaen family). He asked if he could email me to show me something about where & who is speaking it now — as if he knew something more than me. I was curious so I allowed the blogger (a physician by trade) to give this Israeli my email.

        When he emailed me there wasn’t a first & last name like one usually sees (or co.) — only initials given twice. So that made me even more cautious. Then instead of telling me anything that I didn’t already know about Aramaic — he sent me a LOT of links. In several emails there were several links. Of course I didn’t click on any of them as I am cautious about spyware (inc. those pretending to be Facebook etc. that go to the ‘spam’ folder).

        Since I was in the thread answering another very combative Israeli there by telling her that I even have Jewish friends that are pro BDS & anti IDF: perhaps he started talking to me there & asked for my email for that reason. Perhaps he wanted to know if any of those people I know are in Israel (they’re not). They have thousands of Israelis monitoring people online.

      6. wow. thats scary.

      7. Re. “scary”

        Do you mean (?):

        •the incident in Brooklyn w/ ersatz *AT&T*
        •the Nazi state murder of my grandmother’s sister (& possibly her Jewish brother in law — but I didn’t have time & space for that whole heartbreaking Saga here)
        •the Allied bombings of Berlin
        •the Russian occupation of Berlin
        • my grandfather taken to Russia for slave labour
        •that the star of Wonder Woman was applauding the bombing of Gaza & saying disparaging things about children being bombed & killed (& served in the IDF — which is mandatory but she is very pro IDF… unlike others who were forced to serve…)
        •that very few people care about that because they only care about the film
        •that an Israeli man emailed me w/ only initials on his email account & thought I would open the links
        •that Israel has thousands of people monitoring the internet inc. blogging
        •that the US govt probably heard me talking to my mom about having my period on one too many days
        •all of the above

        The thing about Israelis mobilising to add their views to blog threads is not at all a secret — as they say so themselves. (They see it as modern social marketing). The malware in links is something the NYT & Electronic Intifada just wrote about. And EI linked to the Times article. (Although I doubt The Times is your very favourite… ?).

      8. •all of the above

      9. PS

        There is something poetic & beautiful about your phone going out in that *very* moment…

        It’s like they are dancing w/ us now… wherever we go… whatever we do… like *Ginger & Astaire*

    3. just received phone message from computer security service. red flag that my security has been breached. got to deal with this shit again.

      1. I know zero about computer security (& am typing this & every other comment on my ancient iPhone) but I hope this gets sorted for you Nomad. Although we are all under surveillance now anyway… so: ‘sorted’ as much as possible in this dystopic futuristic sci-fi crime novel scenario we bizarrely find ourselves living in.

        Maybe Abagond himself is some kind of *plant* put online like a sticky trap to collect Black Americans & sympathisers & record them freely venting… (I am joking… but anything is possible…)…

        My mother had two best girlfriends she left behind in Berlin. One of them got *stuck* in the Russian Zone which became East Berlin which was part of Communist East Germany. (I’m sure you know that last bit — but in case anyone else reads this comment who doesn’t… the young ones for whom the 20th c. seems like the neolithic…).

        She used to send us beautiful wooden nutcrackers etc. The Stasi opened/read some or all of the correspondence/packages that went back & forth between them. Anyway my mum’s friend would write about how their children wanted to study & be one thing yet were forced to be another & how evil that was.

        Hahaha… you cannot successfully tell a Berliner what to do. There is going to be seepage & spillage round the edges. Like New Yorkers — they don’t put up w/ a lot… even at gunpoint.

        My grandmother refused to obey the Nazi order to stop shopping at Jewish shops in Berlin. When I asked my mum about it she said it was because she was very “loyal” to her friends & she “didn’t like to be told what to do”. It was a punishable offence. And as my grandfather’s communist friend was sent to the camps & released w/ a thousand yard stare & refusing to talk to anyone & as her sister was murdered by the state whilst in a Sanitorium — we have an even clearer picture of just how much “she did not like to be told what to do”.

        I fear only God… & being forced to live w/ and/or wear really bad design… & food additives… & the fact that ice cream never freezes anymore…

      2. checked it out. false alarm apparently. a fake call. do they call that phishing?

      3. Yes absolutely! If you mean those texts to your phone and/or emails where they tell you a or b or c has gone pear shaped & horribly wrong & if you will just click on the link they will rescue you from future trauma?

        Don’t answer those. If you click on they can put malware in your phone or computer. Check the sender (email address or if text then phone number). If it’s not legit it will not match. (REALLY not match). Always check the sender first. And if in doubt separately contact whoever they say they are & ask if they contacted you. With emails the bottom of the page looks weird. (Where the identifying info is meant to be).

        I just got such a funny one! (Yesterday or day before). I have to tell you what it said. (Sadly I don’t know how to paste it here). I took a screenshot of it it’s so ridiculous! I’m going to go get a cup of coffee etc. & I’ll send it in a few moments.

        Btw Happy Fourth of July my nomadic cousin! (See what I did there? Arabs > Bedouin > Nomad). I would say ‘Fourth of You-lie’ vs. ‘July’ only your blog is being monitored…

      4. Here is the fake email supposedly from Facebook which I received on 1 July at 4.56am. Unfortunately I took a screenshot & deleted the original — otherwise I would give you the completely incongruous email address as well. Those are always good for a laugh! They come from various countries — which I’m sure you surmised (even if you don’t get them yourself). I get shovelfulls because my ancient iPhone 4 (not a typo) has virtually no protection.

        Here it is — it’s so precious I’m going to blow it up on lux paper & have it framed:

        In subject heading:


  29. Nomad , B. R. Here , and do I have some insights to tell you. But first , I want to say a big fuck you to sam and the other stupid fuck finnish pôster, who stupidly tried to fuck with me , Bulanik bitch absolutly one of the slimyist diseases ive seen on the internet , fat mouth Ebonymonroe , Kiwi what an ass hole I had pegged long ago , vanishing point who is a nervous novice to race issues and tried to fuck with me with her naive stupid ass hole , Dick head thad how is your Pt now mother fucker.

    Respects to linda who we went toe to toe on issues and said on the board, she didnt think I was a racist..

    To the people who got in a little kick at me on the thread Ebonymonroe , sam and Kiwi tried to gang tackle me with some of the most shallow putrid disgusting ad homenem attacks on my family and my relationship with the. the wonderful dancers I have worked with , you fucked up , but I dont hate you , just dont say shit, and you know who you are.

    Those other dirty mother fuckers ,up there I mentioned I hate them , they are my enemy, and every anti interracial union mother fucker that commented over there. Every being in my body is devoted to fighting antiinterracial union bs agendas now, and defending afro diasporic culture being thrown under the bus , especialy the Brazilian passistas . All the fucking disgusting psycho sex myth babble, euro religous uptight about black women dancing , parleyed into the militant usualy red thread black agendas that scrutinise interracial unions and decide which black culture to throw under the bus Im fighting them of all races ethnicities and abrahkmbric religions
    They already got tap…no one ever apologised for that…

    I know Abagond is checking this out, I cant even say fuck you , but I can say what the fuck , mother fucker?

    When Ebonymonroe made some if the most sorry ass lame stupid comments about my defending of booty dancing, you just come in with your tired ass ” yup” …its like that mother fucker?that is how you feel about me and my relationsips with my family and the high leval art of the passista dancers I work with ?

    Fuck that, I went and re doubled triple fold to hire passistas in shows , and you tube videos , joined an escola de samba bateria to be next bare but passistas , and to the people who said oh yeah just keep it in Brazil , fuck that , I brought it to Miami also …just fucking stop me, you fuck with me like that and I will take my shit hard , and do shit, not sit around Dick heading on the internet chat roomsI even deactivated my facebook seeing how phony it was…and I have gone deeper into playing ketu candomble rhythms as ever in my life, and perform it all over including Salvador Bahia , and my son is leading me deep into it , fullfilling his afro bahian roots, opisite of what the Dick heads say happens in interracial unions.

    I cant advise you but, you ought to do one of your anti interracial union posts if you want to get people charging back , this recent one on the slave trade slant sucks badly, and for god damn sake , if you do another fucking post on 1949 , go listen to some god damn be bop and try and fucking apreciete this is the high bar of black American music expresion, into post modal bop..hip hop has a white drum programmers and muscle shoals backed Aretha , Miles with Tony ron , Herbie, wayne , or philly Joe , trane paul Chambers , at least you know you are main lining black culture. Your white music thread is your biggest thread , what vomit lurch that is..

    There were a couple of other creeps who took pot shots , I cant remember them but m fuck them too..

    Rews , I remember you , you were no troll..

    Nômad , if this gets up cool , if not what ever , this is probably a one time post, Im sure we would disagree on lots but , if it gets up , thanks for the space

    1. yeah. thats kinda what nomad 3 point 0 would sound like.

    2. Thanks B.R., I remember you from a few years back too.

      I never really knew why you were banned, but I now know abagond doesn’t need a valid reason.

    3. B.R.

      I had “I hate mixed girls with black fathers.” (may be a paraphrase/near exact quote) thrown at me from someone named Sharina who I had never exchanged any dialogue with/or argued with/or had any contact with before. It was just apropos of nothing directed at me.

      In your future battles w/ people who are anti-mixing (a nonsensical concept anyway since the whole of humanity/planet is mixed) please use the following. (I’m arming you):

      “I don’t have prejudice against meself. My father was a white and my mother was black. Them call me half-caste or whatever. Me don’t dip on nobody’s side. Me don’t dip on the black man’s side nor the white man’s side. Me dip on God’s side, the One who create me and cause me to come from black and white.” — Bob Marley

  30. Since Mary Burrell has been reading this and is pretending she’s innocent, I want to remind her she’s not.

    For example, on the thread, “the dictionary was written by white people” we both disagreed with Allen Shaw, but notice the difference between how she spoke to Allen Shaw compared to me:

    Mary Burrell: “You are just a tone deaf bafoon[sic] talking out the side of your neck.”


    resw: “Get your facts straight. Each one of those labels was invented or coined by whites. Blacks were called “negros” by whites since Gomes Eanes de Zurara called them negros in the late 1400s…….”


    Allen Shaw didn’t attack me or Mary Burrell. That’s why I didn’t attack him. For some reason instead of refuting Allen Shaw with facts like I did, Mary Burrell chose to call him names.

  31. abagond said this

    “As noted above, Resw and Nomad are discussing the banning on Nomad’s blog:>


    He excerpted quotes from me and resw and summarized it thusly.

    “In short, disagreement led to name calling, and then it was fighting fire with fire from then on.”

    It just happened organically and he had no part in precipitating it.

    A typically glib summary, to which the bobble heads said ‘amen’. Not quite accurate. I didn’t call him names exactly. Not jerk or creep or asshole. I applied descriptors of behavior he exhibited. Lying, though I never called him a liar. I said he was Russophobic and NeoMcCartheyist. Both accurate descriptions.

    resw, i see what you mean about mary burrell. she is lying about what happened as well.

    Anyhoo. Welcome, Abagond! Glad you dropped by.

    He also said this

    “Something I have seen with this banning that I have not seen in the past are emails from lurkers in favour of the banned.”



  32. Dear sweet Nomad — I was actually referring (w/ Jim Jones People’s Temple & Stanley Milgram test & the lottery) to what happened to you & resw & others who I noticed got their very own post for the sole intent of everyone attacking them at once: not myself.

    I never read the rest of that thread on which I was attacked. I stopped reading after my last post… I was laughing at the last comments!

    I only read some comments about me later on the post about why some people hate that blog. And I also read the post about resw & then resw & you.

    Thanks for your saying it was “unfair” though. Basically nobody read the original post of mine — which was answering Afrofem after she asked me to describe how my father felt about being Arab American & taken for “Black”/”a Black man” by white racists c.1950 in the Midwest when he tried to marry my blonde Red Cross DP German refugee mother. And also then the issue for Arab Americans of being “White” on paper even when taken for “Black” and/or “Brown” in daily life & how that came about via the 1920s exclusion law & court case which followed & the new proposed MENA (vs. “White”) box on the census.

    Afrofem got angry about me saying everyone was racist against Arabs inc. on this blog in Trump thread & took bits of my earlier answers to her out of context misquoting me & reframing them & then proceeded to attack me w/ Sharina & Solitaire for things that were not even true. It was bizarre. I was laughing!

    They were fixated on what my dad looked like w/ Afrofem saying he was “tan” but otherwise white looking because he had a job that was greater than that of a “janitor”. Meanwhile she has not a clue what he or I look like. (I was of course described as “White” by her. I’m not. I am technically half white though & consider myself German also… but that is for another day…).

    I’d written Afrofem that though my father’s birth certificate from the late 20s said “Syrian” — some of the other papers of my grandparents said “White” so the papers were all over the map then re. “White” or not. I wrote that in the only postage stamp size photo I have of my grandfather (who I never met) he looks like he may have “slightly more European features” than my dad. The words “European features” were quoted by Afrofem & read by Sharina as being about my father & used as supposed proof that I was lying about him.

    As was the fact that he worked in radio. With Afrofem having obviously ZERO knowledge that radio was a haven for POC. It was where actors & POC could get work in the entertainment industry because they remained unseen by the general public. He began as an actor & could only get roles as a villain & gangster so became a DJ. He then went on to being a program director who works w/ playlists & hiring & monitoring DJs. He was briefly a VP of a NBC radio nationally before going freelance as a radio consultant. The VP job made Afrofem say I was lying: due to the fact that otherwise — if he looked black — he would have only been able to be a “janitor” in a radio station in “the 40s”. I was laughing! I pointed out that my dad was in high school in “the 40s”. He had that job of VP very briefly in the mid 60s. He was not VP of the ENTIRE network only the radio portion. They monitored music playlists & DJs NOT the whole station. It’s so ridiculous. She knows ZERO about radio then obviously — so chooses to call me a liar about my father’s experiences w/ racism marrying my mother. With Sharina piling on & misquoting me even more (I noticed in other threads).

    Beside radio having actually been a haven for POC: he was in NYC. I’m sure w/ his last name being the name of a biblical saint he was just taken to be a semite — as there were a lot of Jewish men in radio — regardless of his colour & being called “Black” when he tried to marry my mother in steel country America. NYC is not the Midwest. Also a radio station is basically a live recording studio. My dad was VP there at the height of the 60s girl group & soul movement. I wrote back on that thread that nobody was going to be shocked watching my dad walk down the hallway in that time period.

    Sharina kept quoting that I wrote my dad had “European features”. I NEVER said that. (See above for how I said my grandfather MAY have had SLIGHTLY MORE European features than my dad). That makes ZERO sense. If that were true WHY would crazy headed White people in the Midwest have called him “a Black man”. WHY would he have experienced red lining when he tried to move from New Rochelle NY to an hour outside of NYC in CT c.1959/60 & kept from buying a home in most towns. Why would I have been not allowed to swim in pools as a very young child there in the early 60s. When according to Afrofem — during her laughable online attack — I am “White”. Why would I have grown up there being called “Biafran” (look it up people — there was a war so it was in the news on White people’s radar then — it’s in Africa) & a “Spic” (& a “greasy Arab” too! but that is for another day).

    The funniest part (w/ “European features” misquote/lie & “he was tan” but White lie) is that in REALITY (a place that does not concern Afrofem & Sharina & Solitaire) even if my dad were SNOW WHITE he would not look “European” (AKA “White”) as he actually has ZERO “European features”. Round face (really round)/wide nose which is rounded w/ no sharp angles or high bridge/very full bow shaped lips/big smile & teeth/very thick hair/5’11” but w/ tiny fine wrist bones etc. like we have. (I forget what this is called but it’s an Arab & African thing. Thin wrists & ankles etc.).

    The truth is I was laughing because I realised what a non-serious place that is. Where they attacked me simply because of their own very poor reading skills! Saying my grandfather may have had slightly more European features is not the SAME as saying my dad had them. Or reading that because I wrote some (& not all) of their paperwork said “White” that THEREFORE they are white. When the whole POINT of that conversation was ABOUT the serious issue of ALL Arab Americans being forced to legally be listed as “White” & how that came about via the ‘Exclusion Act’ & the following court case & wether the new MENA proposal is a solution — for Arab Americans some of whom are indistinguishable from Black Africans yet are forced to be “White” on paper… regardless of the racism they experience.

    Yet Sharina thinks she & Afrofem are brilliant sleuths & caught me in a lie! Because of their own lack of knowledge about the history & complexity of that “White” on paper only serious civil rights issue & how it impacts us in everything from elections to social services to healthcare to being victims of racist attacks (lethal & nonlethal).

    Afrofem also thought she would shame me by telling me about the Arab Slave Trade — even after I’d mentioned it first myself earlier in the same thread. Or w/ a photo of a cartoon that some crazy person did of Condoleeza Rice which was published in an Arabic something (newspaper?). And dragging out the word Abed — which some Arabs use to describe Black people. I’d written of that also but in order to frame me in a racist light Afrofem was hard at work bringing these things up in that thread as if I myself had never heard of them or even written of them myself. And for the record: I am in my mid 50s & have never once heard the word Abed (slave) used to refer to anyone. As for the cartoon: Surprise! The word “Arab” now stands for anyone & EVERYONE who speaks Arabic or historically spoke Arabic & even those who NEVER spoke Arabic — such as my family who are actually not Arabs but rather Aramaeans. Indigenous Christians from the mountains of Lebanon who preceded the Arabs. We spoke Aramaic as Jesus did. And btw we were not involved in seafaring & the slave trade. So if some lunatic draws an offensive cartoon it is not an indication of every so called ‘Arab’ on the planet. And I believe that cartoon was a response to Condoleeza Rice’s decimating position during & after the 2006 bombing of Lebanon at which time she stated that it was “the birth pangs of a democracy”. I’m not sure how the State of Israel warning people to leave their homes before they’re bombed only to then bomb those leaving on the roads they are leaving on (Search: Marwahin massacre photos) is a nation that wants to thank you for this “democracy” you are *bringing* — but by all means continue w/ your lies. So apparently someone made a cartoon in anger.

    This is Afrofem’s apparent method. Reframing things completely out of context. What kind of person ASKS someone to describe their father’s experiences & then reframes them — cutting & pasting them until unrecognisable — only in order to fulfill their own agenda. (That being Arabs are racist & “adversaries”). I don’t have time for this dross. I actually have serious human rights work to do. And as I explained on that thread I have a neuromuscular disability — hence it takes me ages to type hence I cannot be bothered w/ those shallow people.

    And the Orientalism was coming at me from every direction in that thread from those three. They were trapezing between tone policing me (Afrofem saying I was having a “meltdown” which she said she “expected”… yet another bit of racism from her… like her “janitor” comment) & infantalising me (Solitaire DEMANDING that I “answer” Afrofem’s “concerns”). I am not at the office of the French or English Colonial governor girls. On trial! Or Ottoman or Israeli… or US Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (AKA torture center) where I am REQUIRED to answer crazy people’s out of context erroneous crazy-making questions… !!!!!!!!

    Then there were comments in follow up threads about how perhaps people could have “held (my) hand” & talked me through (the latter may be a direct quote). As said by Solitaire. Nobody was in tears after that comic experience! I was laughing at them. Plus when I mentioned Afrofem bringing in the Angry Arab trope via the words “meltdown”/”expected” & Solitaire answered later that I hadn’t known that was also used against Black AAs: I had known that. They kept treating me like I am not American & a POC. Which is particularly weird when chastised by whiter than whiter Solitaire. She reminds me of Patty Hearst! However I am not the one tone policing ANYONE. Hence my being tone policed for having an “expected” “meltdown” was the relevant point. Not the fact that in OTHER circumstances & by OTHER people who are NOT me Black AA people are viewed as angry. What the phosphorescently whiter than white Solitaire does NOT get — is that when I said there that I was the Angry Arab I was saying it w/ PRIDE. We have taken back that phrase. It’s ours now. There is even a blog w/ this title. (It is brilliant please have a look).

    Solitaire & Afrofem w/ their endless demands to answer their completely lacking in knowledge of Arabs/Arab Americans questions — have not a clue how SICK & TIRED Arab Americans are of answering non-Arabs streams of endless questions EVERYDAY. People still think all Arabs are Muslim. All Arabs are White. Allah is a separate Muslim god (as if we indigenous Christians use a Germanic word for God). All Arabs wear the veil. No Arabs have done anything in the Arts & Sciences for ages. Etc. All the stupid LIES. We are TIRED of people like Afrofem & Solitaire & Sharina. I wasn’t put on this earth to do people’s learning about other people for them. Stop asking me inane questions & DEMANDING I answer them. They need to do their own work.

    Sharina then later said (in other threads I read about the failing blog) that she would like me as an “ally” if I could change my views on “equality”. I’m not sure what the second part was about but I am SURE that it refers to another completely twisted around & reframed thing. As I said no black Arab is thoughtless enough to equate their experience w/ Black AA experience of 400+ yrs slavery & subsequent civil rights battles & difficulties. This was after Afrofem asked me to describe my & my father’s quote/unquote “Blackness”. And I answered we only say Lebanese etc. And Arab American or brown or black Arab. And that none of us are attempting to usurp 400+ years of Black AA history. But then this is a damned if you do/don’t scenario. Because then people as unfriendly & illwilled as Afrofem & Sharina would probably think/say ‘Why don’t they want to be just ‘Black’ if they look ‘Black’? Sharina is so self-absorbed that it would never occur to her that her personality is SO ABRASIVE it is very difficult to imagine any sane person willingly wanting to be her “ally”… Or even sharing a meal w/ her… or the same air… Before ever saying a word to me her first words directed at me were to call me “ignorant” & “deceptive”: when in truth she was completely wrong as she had no knowledge of what I had originally said nor knowledge of the complexities or intricacies of the original subject impacting those Arab Americans who do not look “White”/European & the Exclusion Act & subsequent court ruling & impending MENA designation etc.

    This was not an intelligent nuanced debate. I am a human rights advocate — beginning in my teens w/ Native members of AIM. I realised (laughing!) that I had made a stupid mistake & not understood what the commenters on that blog were about. Abagond was polite to me (as far as I know… I never read the rest of that Malik Anbar thread). Perhaps he was embarrassed… of those comments. Like Sharina’s comment apropos of NOTHING which went something (or exactly?) like this: “I hate mixed girls and their black fathers”. Hahahahahahaha. I don’t operate on this base level. I was invited to speak at the Omani Consulate in NYC about being ‘Arab American’. I have been involved in trying to bring human rights oriented films about Palestinians etc. to a wider audience. I have the personal phone numbers of human rights filmmakers. I belong to the earliest Church begun by St.James the Brother of God. We believe in becoming holy (theosis) through daily prayer & banishing all pride (the father of all sins) & hatred from our consciousness. This is btw the same belief as that of Haile Selassie. We believe that division is caused by the devil. I am not going to waste my time w/ shallow petty obviously sociopathic people who know ZERO about me or my family or who I am (indigenous Aramaen — not even technically an ‘Arab’). I am simply going to shake the dust off my feet as Christ advised.

    I’ll write you later. I have an interesting NYC UFO story. xxx three kisses

  33. Resw

    Thanks for defending me on subsequent threads after my Lord of the Flies experience. (See my last post I left here on that. I don’t agree w/ your assessment on Sharina being fair).

    That was a brilliant takedown by you — calling Afrofem sexist for her saying you were “needling” & “nagging” & that is proof of your chromosomes. She did this w/ her “janitor” comment: accidentally reveals her sexism and racism.

    This obsession of hers w/ which boxes you fill out is so funny! I don’t care if you are an intersex person & Nomad is a sexless interstellar traveller from another planet. (Like we all know David Bowie really was…).

    She put boatloads of effort into trying to *prove* that my dad was “White” & I am “White” (see my previous post here for background) but then when trying to force you to reveal your colour/ethnicity/gender she said that other posters who are “White (etc.) … Arab …” gave personal narratives. She put “White” & “Arab” as separate in her string of identifiers — despite earlier insisting on calling me “White” (without ever having seen me).

    This is a confused person. That is WHY you were freaking her out by not answering her the way she wanted. She did the same thing to me. The way Arabs understand ourselves did not fit in w/ her Black/White USA/American perception. And I explained our perspective but it was not enough. So when it didn’t sync w/ her narrow perspective she got angry & tried to prove I was a liar & my father & I were physically paler: only so it would fit in w/ the narrative she has grown up in & understands. She was incapable of percieving how we Arabs see ourselves. I kept saying that for black Arabs it is simply an adjective describing colour before the noun describing language. That is all. But rather than learn about another culture’s perspective she had to try to prove I was a liar & that my father was paler & more European looking.

    Exactly one day after Afrofem & her minor demons tried to take me down someone w/ the screen name Rabab (the name for our beautiful string instrument!) who said they are from Egypt & w/ a “black” Arab father — posted there on the open thread. From her/his brief conversation there w/ Afrofem it seems that she/he had posted some time ago & not been there in awhile. She/he wrote that she/he was studying in Bulgaria where she/he belonged to a “black” organisation in the school. Afrofem began to grille her as she did me about what it meant to have a black father & how do Egyptians feel about black people there & racism etc. Rabab answered that Egyptians are not conscious of race. (In one sentence & without elaborating). Yet that was not enough for Afrofem. She kept questioning her along the same lines & Rabab never answered. (Not only the questions but there was no other post from her/him). It seems like Rabab may have read & observed Afrofem’s treatment & questioning & attack against me & written in the next day to tell Afrofem that we do not have the same concept of ‘race’ & to be a black Arab is just a descriptive (used very seldomly btw). But Afrofem cannot get her head round that. When I tried to explain it or when this Egyptian w/ the “black” father tried to explain it.

    This is an example of a closed mind. It’s best to just have as little contact w/ narrow minded people as possible. I only feel bad that Abagond attempts to publicly humiliate people — such as yourself & Nomad (& apparently several other people). I hope you can just laugh at this as I have w/ my experience there!

    Btw several nights ago I dreamt that you were Native — hence the name Res (= reservation) + w. Mystery solved! You could still be Black w/ that though… & intersex (neither male nor female)…

    1. @Zoe

      “Thanks for defending me on subsequent threads after my Lord of the Flies experience.”

      You’re welcome! I saw what they were doing to you because they ROUTINELY do it to others: imagining something you said (which you didn’t) and then arguing over what you did not say. And the arguing turned personal, like always with that lot.

      “This is an example of a closed mind. ”

      Precisely–they are some of the most closed-minded and intolerant people I’ve encountered, including abagond.

  34. PS everyone:

    I forgot to write: in the middle of Afrofem attacking me on that Malik Anbar thread she requested (in the thread — not via private email) that Abagond “delete” several of her comments & he obliged. Mine of course were left in. So both of them were in effect SCULPTING only HER side of the argument to show her in the best light. I’m not sure what she deleted but obviously whatever it was she must have thought it made her look bad or weakened her argument. Whilst I did not have that option. (Not that it would ever occur to me to ask that… mid-dialogue w/ someone).

    It was such a clear indication of favouritism. He also deleted his own comment telling her it was deleted! I’ve never heard of anyone operating a blog like this. It’s weird.

    So perhaps my previous comment about Abagond having been “polite” to me was in error. I’m not sure. As I touched on earlier in this thread there was/is a lot of anger against Arabs on that blog without a lot of understanding about WHO ‘Arabs’ are. To give an example Native Americans speak English but are not English. Indigenous Sami are Nordic but they are not the Nordic seafaring people (AKA: Vikings) that had slaves etc. So not all Arab people were involved in the Slave trade etc. Not all Arabs are Arabian etc. (As I said I am from an indigenous non-Arab minority).

    Afrofem (& her echo Solitaire) were confused about that. And Abagond may have sided w/ her against me (been angry at me for every sin Arabs have committed in history). I’m not sure — but he definitely favoured her in that interchange by helping sculpt her side of the argument by deleting whatever she wanted.

  35. I just want to clarify , I was banned once , and Abagond let me back on..

    I left , after ass hole pôsteres ( I have no pleasentries for people who slandered with such disgusting lies) , sam , Kiwi and Ebonymonroe , made some of the most disgusting putrid bold face lies about my bláck Brazilian wife and son of thirty years, my second marradge , my first being to a black American woman , and the sensual Brazilian passistas who i work with and hold in the highest esteem , trying to paint me as a racist rich white man exploiting meeting my poor wife and exploiting her and the black passista dancers I work with . .of course this comes with a history of nasty debate with these people and their friends

    Then , other posters started their dog pack pile on , and Abagond manipulated his stupid fucking comment policy, erasing my defences , after these lies were vomited out, not erasing these disgusting lies put on me.

    Beleive me , I could easily handle those three posters, but not with Abagond tying my hands behind my back . I was hating the stench in there anyway , and realised fuck arguing with uptight fucks calling me racist , and their hang ups with sensual afro diasporic dancers and anti interracial Union sentiments..and went on to book various jobs , youtubes , with sensual passistas, I would go pay to see their engagements to support them and joined a local escola de samba to be next to them…and released CDS about ketu rhytms with candomble and how it ties to jazz , that got some radio play and sold a few

    I know you three went through pretty much the exact thing but differant subjects…with the same disgusting feelings..

    The fuck of it all is , this was suposed to be our side, people seriously against white racism . much bigger than each of our personal stories, is the truth that the left and especialy far left , is canabalising itself…and demanding lock step adherance , or you are shat upon like a dog.

    And , the left is paying a serious price for their identity politics, and I consider myself left leaning , but ive come to hate the left as much as the right.after I left , it seemed the whole msm and democratic talking points started soundinglike some of the shit I saw on there , and it was ominous .

    If you are listening Abagond this is for you…I cant fucking come on your board with your manipulative comment policy and the fake rules of what people can say or not say while the climate has these slandering absolute lies..your atmosphere is not true, you see how Im fucking talking here now?that is how you talk to mother fuckers who try to slander you , your family and the people you work with…the street doesnt work like your blog rules, over here , you are not the all mighty modifier , language police and manipulater of the outcome. You are my equal .

    I wouldnt be making these comments except I see my fucking name bandied about , with misinformation , like one woman came in wondering if I was responsible for the bitch Bulanik leaving…she wasnt bad intentioned but that is exactly the bs that confuses my shit, I had nothing to do with that bitch being banned.you put my name in a post and two people were confused , granted you corrected them , but I just dont want my name bandied about exactly because people start thinking I fucked with Bulanik when that slime bag planted the dirtyist conniving seed of a lie about me , which she proceeded to weave a web of the most manipulated shit ive seen in cyber space…a d almost no mother fucker over there called her on that..

    Fuck plagerism , which she got banned for, the lying bitch, I dont give a fuck about that , it was the slimy dirty ass way she tried to turn people against me , because I would kick her and her fucking ass hole freind sam, around the room with regula arguments on the threads…like Hugo chaves and Venezuela , how the fuck about that, look at the shape Venezuela is in now thanks to the Chaves legacy, and told people back then how fucked up it really is, I live in South America .

    So fuck it , Abagond , Im just taking this oportunity to pay a few overdue fuck yous to the ass holes who were at your blog that are scum bags and play scumbag games…fuck , I didnt even say fuck you, I even gave you a good tip to bring in one of your anti interracial union threads to pick your blog up and that is advice you can bank on..see , Im not vindictive to you..I fucking left not being the last man standing argument , and harrassing the ass holes who fucked with me

    Here is another great tip I can give to really perk up your blog that I guarentee will bring in numbers..

    Unban that slimy bitch Bulanik , you just said you wish that bitch was back, even though she tried to slap a dildo on and fuck you , you like her. She mouths the perfect shit so many people love to hear…that is more important than charactor , because that bitch is a lying conniving scum bag.your commenters will love it.

    Thanks again for the space , Nomad . Its good to at leastput the truth on record, I hope to not post again, because I dont want to post much anymore , I want work with passistas…

    1. enlightening and understandable

  36. just reread that post. its atrocious in its lack of logic. i.e. one point building rationally upon the former. it is a bunch of tenuous and falsified suppositions strung together. an essentially substanceless composition full of fabrications and distortions. wtf?

    1. It’s never going to make sense to you — that’s good. Because you’re sensible. And honestly you’re smarter than those posters. And you have more empathy also. Including more emotional intelligence.

      Sociopathy looks & feels chaotic. When you come across mental chaos like that — that is irrational & just can’t be made sense of — you are encountering narcissism (in Orthodoxy called the greatest sin of ‘pride’ which leads to all others). And some narcissists are sociopaths.

      It’s a waste of time to even try. That’s why I stopped posting there. It’s just people acting out their private pathologies by any means w/ zero empathy or interest in understanding people. They bizarrely designed an entire new face for my father w/ people still talking about that in subsequent posts. They’re mental. The real world has to be fit into their inner reality & not the other way round. Logic goes out the window.

      1. I think you’re right. Bizarro blogland was my concluding description.

      2. I sent the last comment before reading yours. It takes me a really long time to type… that’s why…

        I’m glad you’re seeing their madness. I once asked my mum about trying to understand the Holocaust & she said it’s not something you want to be able to understand. And how one is a better person for not understanding that kind of evil.

        Treasure your own groundedness & be super proud of that! & how it put you in absolute CONTRAST to their madness! You don’t get them & that’s enough.

  37. […] nomad on Abagond: I am banning Resw and… […]

  38. I was just reading the post & thread linked by Resw a little while ago — about the African American Museum.

    Almost the whole thread is Villagewriter going back & forth w/ Resw about the Museum & AAs in film etc. Then Villagewriter says the first Black person they ever met was a female Anglican priest — so it can’t have been that long ago. Yet they position themselves as the expert on everything African & AA — arguing w/ every opinion Resw put forth.

    I had Villagewriter — who is white — answering me as if an expert on POC as well. When I brought up the American Arabs wanting our own ‘box’ issue — as not all Arab Americans are white — Village writer *explained* to me that this only happened due to Trump’s election. I wrote back that we’ve been fighting tooth & nail for that for over 30 years. It effects everything from awarding of public funds to infrastructure to healthcare to elections etc. And there is the issue of black Arabs who are crime victims of hate crimes being listed as “white” on paper. I explained that this issue began in the 1920s w/ the Exclusion Law… not recently.

    They also made a racist comment (also on Malik Anbar thread) that was one of those horrifying *accidental* comments white people make without realising it. (Like someone said to me: “But you’re pretty!” therefore in their mind can’t be POC). One of those.

    In the thread that Resw just linked to Villagewriter was an expert on everything Black AA — despite being white. Yet Afrofem & Sharina & Solitaire all seem to adore Villagewriter. So it is CLEAR it has ZERO to do w/ what a commenter ACTUALLY says. It is simply wether the elected court over there *likes* you. This seemed to me to be proof that one’s opinions or whatever one brings to the table there matters very little.

    Hence it is probably futile to look for a rhyme or reason for the two of you (& whoever else over the years) being banned from that blog… Think of the nonsensical paranoid queen from Alice in Wonderland… banning people…

    1. @Zoe

      “In the thread that Resw just linked to Villagewriter was an expert on everything Black AA — despite being white.”

      He says he’s a black African (but who knows), but that does NOT make him an expert on everything African American.

      ” It is simply wether the elected court over there *likes* you. ”


      1. It was lovely to open my email yesterday & see your replies Resw. Sorry that in my comment about the museum thread I spoke about you in the third person. I wasn’t sure if you were reading anymore when you hadn’t replied.

        Re. what you just wrote about Villagewriter being black African. One of that demonic triumvirate took a break from writing their magnum opus on *how to destroy people online in the guise of social justice work* to say that Villagewriter was “White”. (I forgot which thread it was on).

        Plus after that I was under the impression that Villagewriter was possibly a White African (of the Colonial sort) given their sense of SURETY of all things *Black* (inc. American) whilst missing the mark on same. For example NEVER having heard of the existence of black Arabs. (Every black African I have ever met knows and/or knows *of* black Arabs) & in the Museum thread arguing w/ you.

      2. @Zoe

        Thanks and no problem at all.

        “For example NEVER having heard of the existence of black Arabs. ”

        I was surprised about that too. But I was not surprised that Afrofem accused you of “misleading” by calling your dad a “black Arab” based on a physical description she dreamt up. Afrofem plays these games routinely but abagond never calls out this trollish behavior.

    2. Corrections:

      P 2: Should read “Then Villagewriter says the first Black AMERICAN person they ever met…”

      P 3: “It AFFECTS…” NOT “effects” (Beware of this common mistake lovely children…)

  39. PS

    Swallow anything first in case you start laughing:

    On that same AA Museum thread that Resw linked to a few hours ago people were describing what they think each other might look like & their various ages… & I swear I had not read it when I wrote about Solitaire earlier… Solitaire wrote that she pictured Afrofem to be young and wearing “bell bottoms” with a “flower” in her hair & “giving a power salute” in “the 60s/70s”.

    Hahaha… did I not write earlier that her behaviour reminds me of Patty Hearst/Tanya seeing in her friendship w/ Afrofem a friendship w/ “revolutionaries”.

  40. Resw & Nomad

    Happy 4th! Or as the ancient Northern Europeans called it: burning things at Midsummer/St.John’s Day/Johannistag — to celebrate the brightest longest day of the year… bonfires… strawmen… & long before that actual men…

  41. I will be posting random thoughts from now into the near future that may be as illuminating as those inexplicable lights that the early US astronauts observed.


    Why would Solitaire (a name which by the way sounds like that of a masked torturer) be THE person — in her view & that of her supporters — to decide that you are “White” by your views/writing.

    She is attempting to insult you? Meaning she has self-loathing? This syncs w/ the internal fragility of narcissists.

    1. That is the whole thrust of the blog, positing criteria for blackness. Abagond pretty much says so here.

      nomad [quoting another commenter]

      “Where you care is more likely where your true emotions are. And those will tell us who you really are!”

      abagond: “Excellent point”

      its not an excellent point. quite the opposite. it proposes thought criteria for blackness. a terrible idea. dont you say something on this blog about the diversity of black thought and that black americans are not ideologically monolithic? .i thought i read that here somewhere.

      I’m currently reviewing the commentary on some of Abagond’s posts since endorsing Clinton. It’s curious how he redefines terms according to his political views. He redefined racist as someone who supports Trump. Even a lot of black celebs were thus redefined as racist.
      He used the same tactic with RT, redefining propaganda in order to ‘prove’ that his accusation of RT propaganda was true.

      1. “That is the whole thrust of the blog…”

        I always thought the blog was simplistic.

        For example there was a post on calling women “exotic”. Neither Abagond nor ONE poster pointed out that because the word means foreign/strange/bizarre; when an American WOC is called that by fellow citizens — she is being told that she does not belong here in the States. As it is usually applied to women who are Asian/Eurasian/Latina/Arab etc. It is like being told you can never be accepted as a citizen. Even if your family has been here for hundreds of years. It’s extremely OTHERING! Yet people were just writing in boasting about how attractive they thought they were! (& the word does not mean ‘attractive’ or ‘beautiful’. It drives me mad that so many think it does!).

        I don’t hang around that long once I get a feel for the room & realise it’s a distorted funhouse — or worse a house of horrors!

        I just feel like I mistakenly went to a REALLY bad party or dinner or date etc. w/ this one. One of those times where you MUST talk to yourself as SOON as you’re alone & ask yourself: ‘WHAT was THAT ABOUT?!’

        Brotha Wolf has a great blog I think. But it’s virtually the same demonic abusive people in the threads.

        I hope you come out to play in your other comment threads soon. (I may leave Dali exhumation updates on your ‘About’ page later).

        I’m famished! Being morally superior makes me hungry…

      2. @nomad

        “its not an excellent point. quite the opposite. it proposes thought criteria for blackness. a terrible idea.”


        He only considers it an “excellent” point because it helped bolster his false accusations about Russian Trolls. Note how abagond responded to munubantu:

        “@munubantu “I’ve seen in this blog some commentators discuss at length, and sometimes even repeatedly, the bona fides of Putin or the Russian media, or similarly extravagant issues, and I would then ask myself if in this era of Trump and the rise of White Nationalism in America, they shouldn’t care more about the aggravation of bullying of Black children and teenagers in White schools, of harassment of Black citizens by the Police and other daily issues.
        Where you care is more likely where your true emotions are. And those will tell us who you really are!” Excellent point.”

        Abagond made sure to quote the one sentence about “Putin or the Russian media” and leave out the gist of munubantu’s argument, i.e., his insinuation that I’m white:

        “And such differences allow a perceptive observer to execute instinctively in his/her mind a kind of Turing test as soon as he/she is in front of a White person (commentator) pretending to be Black, for whatever purpose.”

        Why? Because Abagond already indicated he didn’t agree with michaeljonbarker’s racist reason for assuming I’m white:

        “I do not think it is because he or she is White, but because he or she is trying to hide his or her identity to such a degree that we do not even know his or her gender.”

        I like that he keeps revealing his double standards.

    2. continuing my review I found this from before abagond started calling me a troll. he must have taken me seriously. i obviously went on and contacted Russia and started working for the Kremlin, in his eyes

      nomad-“Insulting Obama. I wonder, how do you get into this troll business? I’d love to make money doing something I enjoy.”

      That comment must have inspired this confabulation

      “In 2014 when the Ukraine crisis was at its height Bulanik, Linda, Origin, v8driver, sami and others talked about it, but Nomad and Resw, like me, took little interest in it. Nothing strange in that. But in 2016 and 2017 suddenly they were interested in it, for no apparent reason, and had brand new, matching pro-Russian opinions about it too, opinions hitherto unknown”

      But surely he must have known this was sarcasm. Right?

      1. Re. “sarcasm”

        I didn’t feel there was a fertile field there for humour to flourish… to be understood…

        Although Brotha Wolf & The Hip Hop Records were very observant & clever & funny… & most of all sane. You & Resw should kidnap them & deprogram them.

    3. @Zoe

      “Why would Solitaire (a name which by the way sounds like that of a masked torturer) be THE person — in her view & that of her supporters — to decide that you are “White” by your views/writing”

      Michaeljonbarker did it even more than Solitaire. It’s absurd that both of them say they are white but are frequently telling us how non-whites are supposed to speak and behave (and what words are offensive to non-whites). Such as michaeljonbarker’s ignorant belief that you must derail a thread to tell irrelevant personal stories of how racism has affected you in order to be non-white.

      “She is attempting to insult you? ”

      I don’t think so. I think that I don’t fit their racist stereotype of a non-white person, so they just expect me to comment the same way they do.

  42. Why did all the avatars change to the ones that Abagond used? It’s retraumatising me. Hahaha. Especially since the avatar I got looks like something from Dante’s Ninth Circle.

  43. Hahaha. Maybe you were hacked.

  44. I also just received two confirmation emails. One for each brief comment I left… Even though I was already signed up for this thread.

    Please work your graphic arts magic on these avatars. Because I hate mine so much I won’t want to post here anymore. I don’t know how to upload my own…

    1. never thought of that. i’ll change them . if you want your own avatar go here. https://disqus.com/

      its pretty easy

  45. Perhaps that’s why the mean girls attempted to beat me up in the cyber version of the girls’ bathroom: that hideous hostile looking avatar given to me…

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