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Sauron Rules in Washington — PaulCraigRoberts.org

Sauron Rules in Washington Paul Craig Roberts “The problem is that the world has listened to Americans for far too bloody long.” — Dr. Julian Osborne, from the 2000 film version of Nevil Shute’s 1957 book, On the Beach A reader asked why neoconservatives push toward nuclear war when there can be no winners. If… via […]

Washington’s Blind Ambition: the monster in the mirror

Washington’s Blind Ambition: the monster in the mirror by Jason Hirthler U.S. foreign policy is the Ogre, a narcissistic psychopath for whom the mainstream media (MSM) is the mirror it glances in every morning to confirm its noble visage. Normally, the image reflected back to the onlooker confirms its identity: a judicious paternal chaperon of […]

Why Obama’s Big Cash-In Matters

  By Paul Street   Barack Obama at the University of Chicago during an April 24 conversation on civic engagement and community organizing, his first major public appearance since leaving the White House. (Charles Rex Arbogast / AP) One of my little online entertainments this year has been to ask my social media network a […]