They are clearly not heading to an airport

Well, this is not unusual. Or is it. In traffic driving north, the airport is a few miles southeast of my position. I saw a rather low flying plane. Four engine, wide body, rear stabilizers mounted atop the tail. I can’t be certain, I was driving in hectic traffic, but it could have been a C-17. It was in the distance a mile or two ahead flying rather low, maybe 5000 feet, going north, as was I.  Then it banked right and began to travel east but it seemed to be descending at a rather rapid rate, as if it were landing. It actually went below the distant tree line. It was of course several miles in the distance ahead of me. And since there is no airport in that area (the municipal airport is several miles to the south of me) this plane would have to have been flying very low over the distant area in which  I last saw it. As I say, I was in traffic and was unable to observe any further.

But as I can attest, C-17s can occasionally fly very low over suburban areas. One rumbled…two  actually…over my house a couple of years ago. I can’t find that entry in this journal at the moment, but the first was so loud I thought it was a low flying helicopter buzzing the neighborhood. When the second roar approached, I went outside to see what it was. It was what I was later able to identify as a C-17 flying no more than a couple of thousand feet above the roof tops.  These C-17s as well were headed to no airport. They were actually headed in the opposite direction of the municipal airport.

I think these C-17s are involved in the chemtrail spray program. I have no idea what causes them to fly so low. They are clearly not heading to an airport.

That was around noon. Later in the afternoon there was a significant amount of chemtrail activity,  Is the low flying a part of the staging for a chemtrail session?

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