Chemtrail spray patterns +more proof of spraying +cirrious clouds


Back to that old familiar pattern. Extensive chemtrailing this morning. Ceasing by noon, except for what I call touch up trails. The sky is amazingly clear, after this morning’s bombardment. Some light clouds on the horizons, but of course the sky is pale. Apparently the morning trails serve to  lay a film of particulates over the area.


For a couple of days this week, chemtrailing was fairly heavy. For the past several days it has been light. Very few chemtrails, but what I did see were shorter trails. I notice that today’s trails are all of similar lengths, I estimate about 1000 feet. Shorter than the trails I saw yesterday, also of similar lengths, which I estimate at about 5000 feet long. Leads me to the conjecture that the protocol seems to be a few days of heavy chemtrailing in the target area to build up a certain the aerosol level to a particular saturation. Afterwards periodic touch up trails are laid to replenish the plasma. Apparently this touch up process tapers off as the particular spraying operation winds down. This is an area where one of the HAARP type of array is located, so I imagine that aerosol plasma is designed to facilitate the functions of this array. The sun also plays a role in the calculations of the chemtrailers because I have often observed that chemtrails tend to follow the path of the sun through the sky.

Clouds move so fast. I tried to capture this cloud while it was more sprawling and wispier than it is here.


But by the time I retrieved my camera, the cloud had shrunk. Before, it had more closely resembled sprayed aerosols


Some chemtrails yesterday. This morning, more extensive covering. Among the morass of chemtrails and cirrious clouds, I saw this: a plane leaving a short trail followed by a plane leaving a long one. Both planes were at the same altitude, about 50,000 feet, flying east across the face of the morning sun, following the same path. The first plane was leaving a trail of about 1000 feet or so that didn’t linger. The second, following a few thousand feet  behind it at the same altitude and speed, left a lingering trail that stretched for miles. Obviously, if both were naturally forming contrails, they should have both been the same length. If one lingered the other should have lingered also. They are flying in the same atmospheric conditions. 9:00 AM.

2:00 PM. See that cloud in the center? Diaphanous? Translucent?


That’s the kind of cloud I tried to capture three days ago, before it shrunk and condensed. It was filmy and diaphanous like this cloud, only there were no chemtrails around to account for its origins. Here we can clearly see that this cloud is the result of spreading chemtrails. Notice how the trails here are laid across wind so that the air current strips off particles of the stream, spreading them laterally for broader dispersion. These aerosols will whirl around in the upper atmosphere and accumulate in various places, floating aloft for hours or days so that sometimes we have clouds that look like this, diaphanous and filmy, without any visible chemtrails in the sky. As it was three days ago. These clouds that look like sprayed aerosols, with or without the presence of chemtrails, I call cirrious clouds, because of the resemblance to cirrus clouds. They look like cirrus clouds, but they’re not. They are man made. Or as I like to call them, cirrious clouds. Because the ecological disaster they represent is serious indeed.




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