Today I saw two curious sights +extensive chemtrailing +trails of different color +that old familiar pattern


So, there has been moderate to heavy chemtrail spray the past couple of weeks. The classic crisscross pattern reappeared, after what seems like months of sporadic light spraying. Granted, I have not been paying close attention, but I had seen very little chemtrailing until recent weeks. Moderately heavy chemtrail days were alternated with overcast days followed by rain.

Today I saw two curious sights. A wide swath of nebulous, fibrous clouds extended from the vicinity of the sun, across the face of it at the midday apex, high in the sky, diminishing in curved funnel shape as it extended northeastward. This was a slow  moving, almost stationary swath of wispy clouds, layers of wispy clouds when you looked closely, that, frankly, looked like sprayed aerosols (though I have seen no actual chemtrails, which means they were sprayed elsewhere and flowed into this area). On the south edge of this stationary nebulous cloud,  there was a large band of fast moving cumulus clouds. I cannot help but think that this stationary artificial cloud was placed there, engineered to establish a boundary for the migrating cumulus clouds, steering them in the desired direction.

The other thing I saw while I was sky gazing was an airliner flying at perhaps the low end of the spectrum in which chemtrailers normally fly. Between 60 and 40,000 feet. Honestly, it did not seem much lower than 40,000 feet. I would say it was at least 30. What was unusual was not the fact that it was leaving no trail at all, perhaps flying just under the altitude where contrails normally form. No. The odd thing was that I could hear this plane clearly. Odd that a 10,000 feet or so difference could make that much difference in the sound. Chemtrail planes, those flying at 40, 50 and 60,000 feet, I don’t hear at all. I could still hear the engines of this plane even after it was too far away to be seen. Odd.


So, now that I think of it and compare my sightings from the past couple of days,  this plane was at a significantly lower altitude than chemtrail planes. The planes I saw yesterday and today were virtual dots in the sky. The plane I saw before I could clearly make out tail and wings. At least five times the size, in appearance, of the higher flying planes.

There was extensive chemtrailing yesterday. Somewhat less the day before.


Today, yet another unexpected proof that what’s trailing behind these high flying planes are not contrails. Chemtrails have not been as prevalent the past couple of days as they were earlier in the week. I’ve seen a few, during this mostly cloudy period. Just now, 4:30 PM, I watched a plane, about 50,000 feet, flying east, leaving  an intermittent trail as it traversed a nebulous translucent cloud in the southern sky. One or two earlier, now spreading,  trails also extend, easterly, from this  hazy mass. This suggests that a succession of chemtrails are being laid to extend and augment this nascent  cloud formation. Building a man made cloud by increments. At the time of this observation, this was the only active trail in the sky, except for another plane flying in the same area at approximately the same altitude, going south. The unexpected proof I mentioned  lies in the fact that the trails left by these planes were not the same color.. The plane that emerged from the hazy cloud left a trail that had a slightly pinkish tint, only noticeable because the other plane had a trail that was bright white by contrast. If these were normal contrails, both planes, flying in the same area of the sky at the same altitude, in the same atmospheric conditions, should be leaving the same color trail. One or both of these trails has something, some chemical, some element, in it other than water vapor.


Back to that old familiar pattern. Extensive chemtrailing this morning. Ceasing by noon, except for what I call touch up trails. The sky is amazingly clear, after this morning’s bombardment. Some light clouds on the horizons, but of course the sky is pale. Apparently the morning trails serve to  lay a film of particulates over the area.










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