Planes leaving no trails

Again, proof that the trail-leaving aircraft are spraying. The sky today  is overall covered by a hazy film, the residue of earlier sprayings floating aloft. The chemtrails in recent weeks have not been particularly prevalent but I did notice that a familiar pattern  had begun to emerge; moderate spraying in the early morning  congealing into “chem-clouds” or “cirrious clouds” in the afternoon, with spraying ceased except for what I call touch up trails. Like this afternoon’s. Though I hadn’t noticed any significant amount of chemtrails this particular morning, there are some cirrious clouds in the sky, i.e. spreading chemtrails.   That means obviously that they have been spraying, which brings me to the proof I referred to.

I was outside about 4:00 PM, not looking for chemtrails, but one caught my eye, the only active one in a mostly clear sky. It caught my eye because it was a skip trail. The plane would leave a trail for  a while then not, and then resume, leaving a series of white dashes behind. It was so high up I had trouble following it in the intervals between ejections. It was about 40,000 feet, a tiny glimmer in the sun. But as I was straining my eyes to follow this plane, now no longer leaving any trail, I saw another  plane flying immediately ahead of it at exactly the same altitude and speed. Yet that plane, on the same path as this one, had left no trail at all. At this heightened sensitivity my eyes were now in, I saw at least one more plane at that altitude, going an entirely different direction in another part of the sky, also leaving no trail.

(Unspoken axiom: If this trail was a condensation trail, it should have been continuous and either all planes at that altitude  should have been leaving trails or none of them should. Therefore the skip trail plane was spraying.)

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