Foretrailing +Update

I’m back. I guess I really am a nomad. I’ve been commenting at  other blogs lately, mainly sharing videos from YouTube. I haven’t done a chemwatch lately, mainly because there has been so little of it this summer. Of course I have not been observing consistently. And, as I have noted before, a lot can happen while you’re not looking. You could have a literal chemtrail bombardment and then two hours later the sky might be completely clear. You would never know, if you were not outside during that period, that there had been chemtrails. I suspect, though, that for the past several months the chemtrailers have concentrated their efforts on other surrounding areas. There has been epic flooding in not too distant Louisiana during this time. No doubt geoengineering had some hand in that.

I’ve seen occasional chemtrails this summer but I had not seen  full spectrum crisscrossing of the sky until one day  last week. And amid the streaks I saw something strange. It could have been some kind of optical illusion. It would have to have been. There is no other plausible explanation. Yet I saw it. Stared back at it several times to make sure that I saw what I saw. A plane was high up, 40 -50,000 feet, leaving a long thin trail. Nothing unusual about that. It was flying through a haze of already dispersed chemtrails, mind you, but it seemed to be projecting a negative trail hundreds of feet ahead of it, as if it were projecting its course or being guided by this dark line that preceded it. As I say, the only plausible explanation is optical illusion. Nevertheless, this is what I saw.

There were a moderate amount of chemtrails the following day, and some since but not as heavy.


Hey! Somebody caught the foretrail phenomenon on video!

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