Daily Archives: August 31, 2016

The Obama Legacy Part VIII: The War Summation

  by Danny Haiphong   For eight years, President Obama has set the world ablaze under a regime of endless warfare. Part six and seven of this series explored Obama’s investment in war on the African continent and on the undocumented population that resides in the US. However, these two areas cannot possibly cover Obama’s […]

The Obama Legacy Part VII: The Deporter in Chief

Danny Haiphong Donald Trumps racist rants against immigrants have overshadowed the fact that “more undocumented immigrants have been deported under Obama’s rule than any other in history” — and that Hillary Clinton “has championed militarization and the deportation of Central American children alongside Obama.” The Obama administration laid the groundwork for Donald Trump’s immigrant-mania “by escalating […]

Are You a Mind-Controlled CIA Stooge?

Paul Craig Roberts Do you smirk when you hear someone question the official stories of Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris or Nice? Do you feel superior to 2,500 architects and engineers, to firefighters, commercial and military pilots, physicists and chemists, and former high government officials who have raised doubts about 9/11? If so, you reflect the […]

The Obama Legacy Part IX: The Highest Expression of Counter Insurgency

by Danny Haiphong “Obama has been unquestionably the most effective Commander in Chief that imperialism has ever selected.” Black August is coming to a close, but the struggle that gave it birth lives on. It lives on through the lives of political prisoners such as Mumia-Abu Jamal and Assata Shakur currently serving life in prison or exile for […]