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Talk Nation Radio: Jill Stein on Why You Should Help Make Her President of the United States — Washington’s Blog

  https://soundcloud.com/davidcnswanson/talk-nation-radio-jill-stein-on-why-you-should-help-make-her-president-of-the-united-states Jill Stein is Green Party candidate for U.S. President. Learn more at http://jill2016.com Total run time: 29:00 Host: David Swanson.Producer: David Swanson.Music by Duke Ellington. Download from LetsTryDemocracy or Archive. Pacifica stations can also download from Audioport. Syndicated by Pacifica Network. Please encourage your local radio stations to carry this program every week!… via […]

First of Its Kind Study Shows 55,400 People Hospitalized or Killed by US Cops in a Single Year — Counter Current News

If anyone needed a reminder that America has a police brutality problem, the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile provided it. Actual numbers on violent police encounters are difficult to come by, but this dearth of data is getting more attention. New research published in the British Medical Journal demonstrates the danger posed to… via […]

Slavery LEGALIZED In United States; Here’s How We’re Being Tricked Into Supporting It — Counter Current News

Though slavery was supposedly made illegal in 1865, it has continued in the form of a legal cluster-fuck. Because of a loophole in the 13th Amendment, slavery has been allowed to continue “as a punishment for crimes” and the prison industry has taken full advantage of this. Corporations have lobbied to change the definition of what… […]