AKA chemtrail residue +bad air


Extensive chemtrailing today. Back to the summertime pattern it seems of spraying in the morning. I may be premature in saying this. One day does not constitute a pattern. Certainly there has not been much chemtrailing lately. Admittedly, I have not been paying close attention. But I do tend to notice when there are a significant number of trails in the sky. There hasn’t been much chemtrailing recently. In fact I was observing just a couple of days ago that there were decomposing cumulus clouds in the air, indicating the presence of sprayed aerosols, but no observable chemtrails. Today is a different story.


This morning, smoke textured “cirrious” clouds. AKA chemtrail residue. 7:00 AM.


6:30 AM. That was yesterday. I didn’t go out much  at all yesterday, so I don’t really know what the chemtrail situation might have been. On the few times I did go out I saw no chemtrails. I know the air quality was bad. Ozone alert according to the weatherman. I woke up with a sinus headache. And though there are no observable chemtrails the sky is pale and the air is dank. I can’t help but think that this bad air is related to what is being sprayed upon us.


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