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Death Of 2-Party System, Hillary Paying Trolls, Legalization Of Stealing By Homeless & more

Who Is the More Vicious Liar: Trump, or Obama? — Washington’s Blog

Eric Zuesse There was a drastic refocus by U.S. President Barack Obama away from being anti-jihadist and toward being anti-Russian, after his first Presidential term ended and as soon as his second Presidential term began; but the signs that Obama presented during his re-election campaign in 2012 were in exactly the opposite direction — that… via […]

Facebook, CIA, Hillary: off the books and into the Oval — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Facebook, CIA, Hillary: off the books and into the Oval by Jon Rappoport May 12, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.) Facebook is censoring pro-Trump posts. Facebook, since its inception, has had CIA money-connections. Once before, the CIA illegally supported a Clinton for President. Bill Clinton, in 1992. He was […] […]

QOTD: The US government’s secret agendas

Paul Craig Roberts [F]or the US government to maintain the people’s trust, which democracy requires, the government’s policies must be affirmations of our principles and be openly communicated to the people. Hidden agendas, such as those of the Dulles brothers and the Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes, must rely on secrecy and manipulation and, thereby, […]

When They Killed JFK They Killed America

Paul Craig Roberts In the JFK administration I was a White House Fellow. In those days it was a much larger program than the small insider program it later became. President Kennedy’s intention was to involve many young Americans in government in order to keep idealism alive as… via When They Killed JFK They Killed America […]

Cloud Manufactured in Caribbean Covering Atlantic and Europe

FacebookTwitterGoogle+EmailPrintShare Published Jan 25, 2016 by Terry Lawton and YouTuber   Arecibo Observatory: Watching for Asteroids, Waiting for E.T. – See more at:

Larry Wilmore’s “my n*gga” comment to Obama was straight coonery

President Obama: The Race for the Imperial Legacy

by James Petras, via 99GetSmart Introduction President Obama is racing forward to establish his imperial legacy throughout Russia, Asia and Latin America. In the last two years he has accelerated the buildup of his military nuclear arsenal on the frontiers of Russia. The Pentagon has designed a high tech anti-missile system to undermine Russian defenses. In Latin America, […]