Grey trail +thinner

This is ominous. I have never seen this before. Traversing an overarching sheet of mottled clouds, possibly cirrus, possibly chemtrail residue, a long wide dark trail stretched from the western horizon overhead heading northeast. It basically bisected the sky. It was a unique observation. At first I thought it was a negative trail, caused as the plane plowed through this thin sheet of clouds. I notice that after it exited the cloud bank it seems to have begun to leave a trail. Then I looked more closely. This was not a negative trail. This was a dark chemtrail.

Not a black trail. I have seen them once or twice, though only in the distance. Never this close. So this may be what black trails appear like when they are directly overhead. And then too the blackness may have been greyed by the cloud it was traversing. Nevertheless, when it exited the cloud (last photo) its trail lightened and it seems to have continued a while outside the cloudbank leaving a white trail. 2:00 PM.

At 3:00 PM that cloud is gone. That’s pretty good seeing as how it covered almost a third of the sky. It has vanished except for a small tuft. Hmmm… Perhaps that was the purpose of that black diagonal. Obviously it was a different formula than the typical chemtrail. Maybe it acted as a catalyst that caused the cloud to disperse. Or rather spread out in an even film, because that is what occupies the space now. So the cloud is not actually “gone”. Just spread thinner.

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