Chemtrails – The Proof +UPDATE

This video proves that chemtrails are real and that they come out of airplanes. It also shows the difference between chemtrails and contrails (regular unharmful vapor trails). It shows how they are sprayed and provides facts as well as theories as to why they are being sprayed.

UPDATE: Some of the visual evidence in this video has proven to be erroneous. However  it is otherwise an informative video.. Especially the things AC Griffith had to say. That narrative needs to be wedded to more accurate images that don’t allow sophists to discredit the whole on the basis of this error. See discussion here:

The mechanism of spray delivery, for whatever reason, turns out to be false. I will leave it to those interested to ferret out the details. I haven’t delved too deeply into the issue because the shortcoming does not disprove the primary thesis: that planes are spraying the sky with aerosols. It would be good to know in specific detail how this is done. But not necessary. There are other  aspects of chemtrails that let us know that this is deliberate spraying.  For example, the US military has a history of doing this.

And, quite simply, the patterns of spray themselves. I have seen days where dozens, perhaps in excess of a hundred, trails have crisscrossed the sky. There is no way in the world that there is that much air traffic in this area, especially with trails branching out in all directions. If this were a high traffic flight path these planes would all be going in the same direction, basically east/west with few transverses. The fact that they crisscrossed in every direction indicates that this was not typical air traffic but an aerial operation. This is common sense. And it is where any exploration of chemtrails begins

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