Red plane +”injection” trail

The sky has been mostly clear the past several days, except for the hazy film that inundates the sky. The film can get pretty thick, as it did a couple of days ago. I was watching a plane leaving a short trail traveling west at about  40 or 50,000 feet. The sky was very pale, the aerosol plasma already very thick. It was leaving a quick vanishing trail, and I thought I caught a glint of red  in the rays of the setting sun. And then, because I was following the path of this plane, I caught sight of another plane flying nearby, exactly parallel but going in the opposite direction. It was leaving no trail at all and for a moment it too gleamed in the sun. I could clearly see a tiny wing and fuselage configuration. The entire belly of the plane and wings appeared to be bright red. It makes me wonder if this color represents a designated purpose.

Ann Fillmore  (previous post) says that the short trails that I have remarked upon are  possibly lithium spray.

short, fast dispersing, non persistent trails

Lithium spraying planes often leave what are called short, fast dispersing, non persistent trails. They resemble the old, now non-existent ‘con’ trails. These short trails spread widely into a murky haze that fills the entire sky.

They are definitely different in volume of emission. There have been a number of such trails lately. One to three in the sky at any given time. The truth is that any of these planes has the capability of dispersing biological components, with short trails as well as massive ones. The red planes may represent just such an operation. Such a bright distinctive paint scheme. I wonder where they keep them.


Probably not. I saw a similar sight today. A plane leaving a short “injection” trail (looks like a needle injecting the sky). The bottom of this plane glinted silver. I was thinking that these were merely low emission chemtrails for solar radiation management, but now, in light of Fillmore, I’m beginning to wonder if these short trails don’t represent bio-engineering formulations. Something even more sinister than trying to control the weather. Aimed at engineering people. I see these short pin worm trails often, like the one pictured above. Scattered random seeming dashes.


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