Chemtrails resume +Tankers

Chemtrails resume. Well, they probably never stopped. They’ve probably just been using the stealth approach. Lightly spraying while we weren’t looking. Because, I gotta tell you, though I haven’t seen any chemtrails lately, the sky has been awful pale. Paleness, of course, by my metrics, is primary evidence of aerosol spray, however it might have been delivered. Hey! Skeptics! How can you tell the controllers have been spraying? You don’t need to see chemtrails. That’s primary evidence. Even better evidence is to see the aerosol itself. That ubiquitous wispy film that veils the sky. Today, however, we have the return of classic form chemtrails, that let us know in no uncertain terms that we are being sprayed. It’s undeniable. Now, aren’t you just a little bit concerned?

They have returned to the typical protocol of morning trails that follow the path of the rising sun; as I have noted many times. (8:00 AM).

7:00 PM. Now here’s something. On my drive home some ten miles east of the municipal airport, I saw a low flying C-17 tanker approach, as if it had just taken off from that airport. I thought that was odd. I didn’t know military planes used that airport. The doubt was removed as I drove further, coming along side the airport and saw another C-17 taking off. Fairly close. And then, after dropping off a passenger near the airport, I saw yet another C-17 taking off. It flew in a long  circular path, south, then west, then north. And it did not climb very far before I lost sight of it. Couldn’t have been more than 5000 feet. I was surprised that it flew so low for so long. Now I have seen C-17s in the area before but never this many at the same time, nor have I seen them at the municipal airport before. I wonder what is going on. There is a weather system approaching, one that brought snow to Reno. It was probably a result of engineering. Perhaps these planes are prepping to operate upon this approaching front.



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