What’s the meaning of this?

WEIRD: Cuba President Castro Just Dangled President Obama’s Arm – FNN

I’ve looked at it again and again. Unless this is some kind of inside joke between the two of them, which it well could be, it is a gesture of fecklessness. He did not want to be seen in a celebratory pose with Castro. So when Castro grasps his left arm to lift it, he simply let it go limp. Perhaps not realizing what an awkward gesture would result. Perhaps he was trying to resist the image of anything resembling a raised fist and overreacted, resulting in the opposite of a raised fist. Or perhaps it is a deliberate gesture meant to convey halfhearted endorsement.

And did I hear audience members groan at the sight? Weird. Never has a description been so apt.

But wow yeah. That was some strange seemingly bullying body language from Castro as well. He firmly grasped Obama’s right elbow with his left hand and physically turned him towards the audience, like a ventriloquist’s dummy, before raising Obama’s left  arm in the air. Then he overrode Obama’s offer to exit the stage, underscoring the notion that Castro was indeed the person in charge. So, yes, it does suggest puppetry in the way Obama was man handled. Castro does indeed dangle Obama’s arm.


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