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Barack Obama’s official biography in the original Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book

http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.com/2012/08/barack-obamas-official-biography-in.html Picture: Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book. Barack Obama’s original entry. The central image above is said to be a photocopy of US President Barack Obama’s official entry in the Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book. The full text reads as follows: “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was […]

Team Obama Sets a Record for Failing on 77 Percent of Freedom of Information Act Requests

By Tim Graham The Obama administration – which pledged to be the “most transparent in history” – has turned the Freedom of Information Act into the Freedom to Get Nothing Act. The Associated Press reported on its own investigation of 100 government agencies in 2015: The Obama administration set a record for the number of […]

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos (CVPR 2016 Oral)

Why I’m Ready for President Obama to Leave the White House

Why I’m Ready for President Obama to Leave the White House by LAWRENCE WARE Barack Obama must be the most disrespected president in American history. First there were the questions about his birth certificate.Birthers, unaware that Hawaii joined the union in 1959, were in the streets asking to see the certificate like a disgruntled man […]