First day of sunshine in about a week +Sprayed aerosols +Typical pattern

I do so hate to write posts twice. I know that what I am experiencing could be some kind of technical malfunction but it is nevertheless very strange, particularly since it has happened at least twice. I am in the middle of writing when I press a function key, like backspace, and the entire post disappears. Coincidence, I guess, but it certainly does seem like cyber sabotage. Anyhoo, let me try to restate what I wrote yesterday.


First full day of sunshine in about a week. There was a break yesterday, but a thunderstorm last night.Must be monsoon season, we’ve had so much rain.  Not strong storms, just almost constant rain. After long lasting cloud cover weather systems pass I like to take note of how long it takes for visible chemtrails to appear. Mind you, they have probably continued hidden by the clouds during this  period of  overcast. All I saw at first were decomposing cumulus clouds. The decomposition is due to interaction with sprayed aerosols, but I had seen no chemtrails. So I assumed that the ambient aerosols were left by spraying that had taken place unseen while this area was blanketed by natural cloud cover and rain. Undoubtedly. Yet I did see a chemtrail in the afternoon. Chemtrails had likely resumed immediately, albeit stealthily. In all likelihood they have been going on all along, hidden by the clouds.


Back to the usual pattern. Chemtrails in the morning, yesterday and today. We’re supposed to believe these clouds are not what they look like. Sprayed aerosols. 10:00 AM.


Typical of that pattern, extensive chemtrailing has ceased by midday. The sky is clear at 5:00 PM. Actually, it’s covered by a thin even film that makes the sky pale blue. An occasional high flyer with a short (short lasting) trail can be seen. It is as if morning is the time to pump up the volume of aerosols in the atmosphere with numerous chemtrails. Once a certain degree of saturation is achieved, around midday, the chemtrailing stops except for short bursts to help maintain the aerosol plasma. Touching up or topping off. Replenishing.


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