Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

Listen to this compelling interview from insider, the late AC Griffith, as he discusses the military use of the covert aerosol program we know as chemtrails. I have also added stunning new video and still captures of the most recent activity here in the Dallas area. It is time to stop being in denial about this massive program. Be fearless and spread the word or we all will all suffer the consequences of non-action.

Unfortunately this all about the paycheck. Pilots know what is up, US Lawmakers are told to shut up or they will be blackmailed (family and their pets killed). The Corporations – Government – Scientists – Universities – all at the taxpayer funded PIG trough – AND taxpayers have NO SAY!!! The propaganda machine is in full swing. This is normal, contrails – yeah right!!

From YouTuber kenjams 6 minute video MUST WATCH


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