That cloud came out of a plane

Our natural skies:


I’m supposed to believe that this is a natural cloud above my house. There is little doubt where this linear cloud came from. It is a cloud created by airplanes. To underscore the point a plane flew a skip trail at about 50,000 feet  not far from the edge of this band and exactly parallel to it, as if the intent was to widen this band of clouds. This was about 8:00 AM. Surprisingly, whether further augmented or not, this band of clouds has  been swept far to the south (right on this image). Though it is still linear it is now wider in the center, closer resembling a natural cloud formation. It is a distant cloud at 8:30, oblong in shape. And it looks like a normal cirrus cloud. But I know. That cloud came out of a plane(s). It is what I call a cirrious cloud.


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