CHEMWATCH HIGHLIGHTS 4: Cloud production sequence

Morning trails. Just looking out my north facing bedroom window this morning I never would have suspected there were chemtrails present. The sky looks perfectly clear, though pale. I had to go outside to see this in the southern hemisphere.


As I have often observed, the morning chemtrails invariably follow the path of the rising sun, interjecting themselves between the sun and the city. This is the view facing east. Notice how the chemtrails are all on the south side of the picture and how it is impossible to photograph them without including the sun. Note too how the trails stop when they leave the vicinity of the sun, the spray either stopped when exiting or started when entering this area. Evidence of spray being turned on and off and targeting a particular vector of the sky. 9:30 AM.

11:30 AM. Shooting the sun.


Both pictures were taken at the same time. When you aim the camera at the sun the photo goes dark. The picture on the right, with the sun just out of sight at the top, is closer to the actual color of the sky.

1:30 PM. The same process as yesterday and the day before. A translucent milky film is created by a chemtrail webbing in the morning which somehow is replaced by fluffier natural looking clouds, either cirrus or cumulus shortly thereafter. Around noon time, it seems. Or just after. It was about a half hour ago that I took a break from what I was doing to go outside. I saw several chemtrails and remarked to myself how these, while not particularly heavy, lingered longer than the ones from yesterday. I actually debated the idea of taking pictures but decided that nothing had really changed since this morning’s photos. Pale skies with several chemtrails at any one point of observation. But in less than an hour, probably closer to a half hour or even less, that situation changed dramatically. I think that these particular chemtrails that I have observed the past three days or so are a formula specifically designed to generate “natural” clouds. Natural looking clouds anyway. And man, they can do it quick.


And these clouds are stationary too. The air is stationary. There is no wind that would have blown them suddenly into this area, which means they were formed in situ. They simply formed from the meteorological dynamics of the airspace they occupy, whether these dynamics are natural or not. Judging by the preceding chemtrail activity I suspect they were artificially produced. And you know what? In the time it took to write this, no more than a half an hour, those clouds are gone! Dissolved apparently. Again, I am amazed how quickly things can change.



To summarize, regarding Sunday’s amazing observation. The sky went from thisWIN_20150412_113358to thisWIN_20150412_134803 to thisWIN_20150412_140112 in an hour or less.


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