Chemtrails? Maybe. Made by aircraft? Definitely.


9:00 AM. Look at it. If this actually is stuff sprayed from planes, shouldn’t this alarm you?


Creeping up on us like a veil of death.


I was out and about yesterday. Didn’t notice any chemtrails. Of course they undoubtedly do spray while I’m not looking. That is how they keep the sky pale and hence saturated with aerosols. I’ve described the process of stealth chemtrailing elsewhere. At any rate, there was no noticeable chemtrail activity yesterday. This morning there was a massive trail outside my window around 7:00 or 8:00 AM. I thought that the day would be a repeat of day before yesterday, heavy chemtrailing, but by the time I got outside (10:00) the sky was devoid of trails. The sky, however, was very pale, indicating the presence of floating particulates.

Since the purpose of this running chronicle is to notice patterns of chemtrail activity, the heavy spraying on Friday followed by two days of little spraying suggests that the routine is to follow a large dousing with a couple of days of touch up trails to keep a certain level of particulates circulating in the air. Replenishing the aerosol plasma.

10:45. I saw linear streaks when I went back outside.

WIN_20160207_10_44_25_Pro (2)

And the method by which the streaks were created. I saw a plane flying east on this northern horizon overlapping the streaks already there. It was leaving a long thin trail. A pinstripe trail. This is stealth chemtrailing where several thin quick dissolving trails are layed sequentially in the same general area. Oh great! I see outside my window that these streaks have merged to become a cloud. 11:00 AM.

WIN_20160207_10_57_18_Pro (2)     WIN_20160207_11_04_01_Pro

Cool! I have just watched dem stealthy chemtrailers create a cloud using pinstripe trails sequentially. What’s more, this cloud is growing denser, as if the particulates are effervescing. The second photo is 11:05.

Poof! A cloud made up entirely of aircraft generated vapors. In 20 minutes. Chemtrails? Maybe. Made by aircraft? Definitely.

11:20 AM. I see a very distinct trail outside my window. No need to photograph much. You know the drill. Looks like this is going to be an active chemtrail day after all.





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