I saw planes create these clouds +


No noticeable chemtrail activity lately. In fact, I was just noting yesterday how clear the sky was. A little pale but no clouds and no chemtrails. The chemtrailers, I thought, were on hiatus. Of course, I have not been observing consistently this week. Well this morning they’re back with a vengeance. Heavy chemtrailing outside my north window. 7:00 AM.

4:30 PM. You know the drill. No need to photograph it much. The pattern is pretty much the same. They lay down a network of chemtrails throughout the morning and midday. These trails linger, spread and merge to become fibrous translucent clouds. Like these.


“Cirrious” clouds. Trust me. This hazy film started out as a lattice work trails. Lingering contrails, if you like. Still, these “contrails” did not disappear. Perhaps one could question whether these clouds contain chemical elements, but one cannot deny that these clouds were produced by the planes. This I saw with my own eyes. It’s called direct observation and it is the most basic and reliable  method of gaining knowledge. I saw planes create these clouds.


9:00 AM. Look at it. If this actually is stuff sprayed from planes, shouldn’t this alarm you?


Creeping up on us like a veil of death.




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