Banshee clouds +Springlike

Isn’t it strange how cumulus clouds have changed over the years? Remember when they used to have rounded contours? Well, generally speaking -more often than not, they don’t anymore.


Now this is an interesting aside. I have not been posting lately partially because my media library had been hacked and a lot of unwanted images had been posted, one of which was a picture of me that I had posted previously and deleted. That indicated to me that someone, some entity, is cataloging the things I post surreptitiously.  They either wanted me to know this or… no it was not a mistake. They wanted me to know this, probably hoping it would result in self censorship. To a certain extent it worked. In any case the unwanted material, I see just now, has been removed from my media library. Apparently my complaints to WordPress earlier this month got through. And so far the typing glitch that was so annoying seems to be fixed. (The typing glitch turned out to be a technical problem involving accidental activation of the mouse pad.)

But anyway. Look at that cumulus cloud. Does anybody remember -are you even old enough to remember-  when cumulus clouds had rounded contours? I don’t know why but I want to call these agitated cumulus clouds “banshee” clouds. Maybe because they’re ghostly. And agitated. Like a shriek. Whatever. “Banshee” clouds it is. And why do we now have agitated cumulus clouds? They are being dissolved by the ambient aerosols perpetually in the air. 1:00 PM.


Unseasonably warm today. Seems like I was writing this around the same time last month. Springlike Christmas. Today the temp reached 70 degrees.. Cloudy and windy. A fast moving weather system. Some signs of chemtrails -a spreading trail this evening, some cirrious clouds- among the clouds.


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