What does it mean? +Cirrious clouds +noxious concoction


Cloudy the past couple of days. No chemtrails sighted. Chemtrails today were numerous. Here is the western sky at 5:00 PM.


Strange things happen in the ether, with all of this spying and compromising of online privacy. The following appears to go a step further to outright invasion. While posting the above picture I noticed that the most recent image  in my media library was the following. I didn’t take the picture or copy the image or add it to my media library. And I am the only one who has physical access to my computer. I can only assume this was added remotely, by a hacker or some agency of our government/corporations. It’s labeled 36803-anthrax.jpg.



That is the first time I’ve written “2016”. Feels weird. More chemtrails this morning. I went out to take some pictures around 9:30.


The eastern sky on the left where you can see still linear form chemtrails. The south where you can see the  residue of earlier chemtrails already spread.

These are not natural clouds, I strongly suggest. From patterns I have observed over the years I assert that these are aerosol clouds left behind when chemtrails spread out and merge with adjacent trails. Interesting enough, as I was sitting down to write this, the local weather was on TV. They showed a live view of the sky at the precise time of the photos above. Guess which view of the sky they showed? The north hemisphere with several long chemtrails visible? Or the south where the trails have lost their linearity and merged into a soft translucent cloud? It almost looks natural. Cirrious clouds. This selectivity in the portion of the sky to display hints at the weatherman’s complicity in covering up this phenomenon/operation.

12:00 PM

Filtered sunlight. The first layer of clouds (seen in the above right photo) is being reinforced by a second wave of clouds.


This new wave of clouds may or may not be natural, or it could be the thickening from successive layers of sprayed aerosols or of aerosol generated clouds. Look at this noxious concoction streaming north.


This is the leading edge of the bank of “cirrus” clouds pictured above.





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