We’re not in Kansas anymore +a quite portentous fact +springlike Christmas +


There were chemtrails periodically throughout the morning and afternoon yesterday. The evening had an unusual reddish hue that made everything seem pink, as if one were looking through rose colored glasses. And indeed we are. The clouds, cumulus, were very soft edged and pink in the setting sun. The pinkness permeated everything. It was a little eerie and probably due to the ambient metallic particulates in the air. Earlier in the day there had been a faint “chembow” around the sun, a rainbow that forms around the sun due to the permeation of aerosols. I thought to myself as I looked at this rose tinted panorama: We’re not in Kansas anymore.

This morning  the sky is partly cloudy and pastel blue with two levels of soft edged clouds, the lower wave of clouds is very soft and smokey in texture and is moving briskly northward underneath the higher relatively stationary clouds. No chemtrails, though I suspect that that brisk moving smokey cloud layer is chemtrail residue. The higher clouds are probably cumulus clouds decomposing in the aerosol plasma in which they are suspended. 9:00 AM.

There was stormy weather in the vicinity all day. Here there was more threat of rain than there was rain. Enough to prevent my planned Christmas shopping, however. The weather is unseasonably warm, probably record breaking.


Why do I watch? For the little details that confirm the thesis: that they are spraying. It’s a fact and this is the record. Not just what I see, but what I observe. I saw chemtrails. They were numerous this morning. And they would slowly expand until they mingled and became wispy cloud formations. But aha! Among the planes leaving trails this morning, at about 30,000 feet and above, there was one at approximately that altitude leaving no trail at all. The observation? If it were the atmospheric conditions (rare by the way) causing  planes at this altitude to leave condensation trails, all planes at this altitude should leave trails. This plane was not, ergo these were not condensation trails which means that these planes were spraying. And if these planes are spraying then this is a quite portentous fact. It has ominous ripples of possible implications.

Those wispy clouds eventually melted in the late afternoon and now the sky is covered with a homogenized hazy film. 4:30 PM.


Continued very mild temperatures Christmas day. Thunderstorms that night. This morning I saw some signs of chemtrails in a cloudy sky. There remains a few small gaps in an otherwise overcast sky. 10:00 AM.


No chemtrails sighted on this partly cloudy day. I saw a couple of planes at chemtrail altitude (about 30 or 40,000 feet) leaving no trail.

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