No sign of chemtrails +ditto +thin translucent cloud cover +Something in the air?


Clear pale skies. I spotted one fractional trail.


A mixed bag yesterday. A little rain, a little clearing. No chemtrails sighted. Today skies clear, pale, no chemtrails. Not even a fractional one. That, of course, doesn’t mean there weren’t any. The sky was perfectly clear, as far as I could tell. Not even were there the morning trails that have become so ubiquitous. Unusual it is indeed for there to be a clear day where no sign of chemtrails appear other than a pale sky. For those who believe that the trails left by planes are mere water condensation, the rareness of clear skies devoid of trails contradicts them. It should be just the opposite. The appearance of condensation trails should be the uncommon occurrence because the atmospheric conditions required for the  formation of contrails are rare.


Today was just like yesterday. Pale skies and no sign of chemtrails.


I was about to joke that the chemtrailers were on holiday, taking time out to spend with their loved ones and family members.  I had seen no sign of chemtrails for three days. Today I expected to have no possibility of observing chemtrails because the sky is almost completely overcast this morning. Nevertheless, stepping outside, the cloud cover proved thin enough that I could see a definite chemtrail coursing through them high in the eastern sky. It makes me suspect that this morning’s thin translucent cloud cover may have been artificially created by many such chemtrails overnight or in the early morning. 8:30 AM.


WIN_20151220_11_51_39_Pro (2)

More trails stitching the translucent cloud cover. You can barely see them, but you can see them. 12:00 PM.


The cloud cover, which was streaky yesterday, has become somewhat denser. I definitely would not be able to  see chemtrails through this stuff, should they happen to be present. Light rain this morning. And really, I have an agitated feeling in my sinuses, as if I were breathing in some type of irritant. And I have been sneezing the past couple of days. Something in the air? 10:00 AM.

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