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I wrote this 3 days ago. (12/2/15).

How long has it been? November 27 the skies turned cloudy. It’s been overcast ever since. Five days of continuous cloud cover. Intervals of rain. Today the clouds broke. Or the previous night. The morning was clear. Soft edged cumulus clouds, mostly small, throughout the rest of the day. Pastel blue skies. No chemtrails sighted.

I have seen no chemtrails since. A few cumulus clouds but skies have been pale. Much like they are this morning. This morning. I stepped outside briefly about 15 minutes ago (9:00 AM). I saw an enigmatic distant white dash in the sky. From this distance it was impossible to tell what it was. It was moving very slowly. At times like this I wish I had binoculars because I couldn’t tell if I was looking at a cylindrical object drifting towards me, a blimp perhaps, or a very slow moving plane leaving a short trail. It was moving so slowly, relative to other trail leaving planes at that altitude (30-40,000 feet), it was hard to tell if it was moving. I had to go inside to get some warmer clothes. It was cold and I had not expected to be outside for long. By the time I got back outside, about ten minutes later, I could see what was presumably the dash I had seen in the distance in the east almost directly overhead. It was indeed a slow moving plane leaving a short non-lingering trail. Nearby was yet another plane leaving a short trail at about the same altitude going in the same general direction. I do not doubt that these planes were spraying. Just at a much reduced rate of emission than classic long lingering chemtrails. This is the means by which the sky is kept pale. Many such planes leaving short trails and largely unnoticed. Chemtrailing by stealth.


I have seen no chemtrails. But you don’t get skies like this without them.


Quite dramatic. Obviously I missed an extensive early morning/overnight chemtrail bombardment. 8:50 AM. This is the first unequivocal sign of chemtrails I have seen in over a week. Of course some of those days were completely overcast with no possibility of observing trails. Still, going that long without sighting a chemtrail (except for the fractional trails I saw yesterday) is rare.

Oh, yeah! There’s a fresh one. 10:10 AM.

WIN_20151206_09_08_38_Pro (2)

Interesting to note. I have often said that morning chemtrails tend to follow the sun. With the change in season the sun is rising considerably to the south of where it does in the warm season. I just noticed that generally the chemtrails move with it. The concentration of trails is considerably to the south of what they were in the summer. They have shifted along with the path of the sun.

And by 11:30 the sky is clear except for  a streak here and there, mainly on the horizons. How quickly things can change. Looking at the sky now I would never imagine that it had been full of chemtrails and cirrious clouds a couple of hours ago. The sky is pale of course. It makes me wonder, in light of how quickly chemtrails can dissolve, how many similar chemtrail bombardments have I missed in my routine observations.


The sky remained clear the rest of the day. I’m not sure when the chemtrailing began today. I didn’t get out this morning. This afternoon however there are quite a few chemtrails, mostly in the eastern hemisphere. 1:30 PM.



I spent most of the day indoors.  So my opportunity to observe was limited. But during my half hour commutes I saw a long chemtrail that didn’t linger and a couple of fractional trails. I also saw a tanker with its distinctive wide body and horizontal stabilizer mounted on top of the tail. It could have been a C 17, except from this distance it seemed to have only two engines. And it didn’t have the flared wingtips. It was at about 20,000 feet and was not leaving a trail. It was obviously well below the altitude where contrails form. 2:00 PM.


I have been seeing chemtrail residue most of the day. The only actual trails I have seen today have been fractional and broken. Still, you don’t get skies like this without a significant amount of chemtrailing.



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