Iridescent cloud +


There were quite a few chemtrails yesterday.


The laptop camera does have its limitations. Nevertheless, I use the above photo as a marker rather than an illustration of what was observed today at 1:30. Just to the right, out of frame, would be the sun. A small cloud near the sun, now dissolved into a haze, that  you  can see running diagonally, gleamed with mild iridescence just a moment ago. There was still a little iridescence in the the hazy residue that failed to show up in this picture. Though I could not capture the phenomenon, nevertheless I saw a translucent cloud that gave off iridescence in the glare of the sun. This is more proof that aerosols, substantially metallic,  permeate our atmosphere.


The sky at 4:00 PM. There has been a lot of chemtrail activity in the interval.


Quite a few chemtrails this morning. 10:00 AM.

And throughout the day. And at night. I saw chemtrails by the light of the full moon.


Soft fuzzy pink clouds at dawn. Quite pretty. At 7:00 AM those clouds have turned grey and the sky has become completely overcast. Rain is expected.


Cloudy, rainy the past couple of days. No opportunity to observe chemtrails.

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