Clear skies…kinda +The chemtrailing increased +light rain +An aerosol film


The sky was clear yesterday, but pale. And you know what that means. Aerosol particulates hovering in the upper atmosphere, like an immense floating veil. Either they were sprayed stealthily while I wasn’t looking or drifted in from sprayings in other areas. I did see a single plane leaving a short trail. I have determined that such short nonlingering trails are also aerosol spray, just at a much reduced volume. This is the likely means by which the sky is kept pale: many similar quick vanishing trails applied over a period of time throughout the day. It is what I call stealth chemtrailing.

The sky was clear but pale again at dawn. I noticed some linear streaks out my bedroom window around 9:00 AM. I think the boys have been active in that span. The skies were streaked with nebulous translucent clouds and there seemed to be a fresh chemtrail in the sky at every point of observation at approximately 15 minute intervals.


The chemtrailing increased and was moderately heavy throughout the day yesterday. This morning started out clear but became cloudy by 9:00. It happened in waves. First a band of striated cirrus clouds spread from the south. Then a huge bank of agitated looking grey cumulus clouds slid in underneath from the west. I saw a couple of chemtrails just before this bank of clouds overtook them. There are some breaks in the cloud cover now where remnants of chemtrails can be seen. 9:00 AM.

Light rain midday. As the clouds broke up again in the evening I saw several chemtrails coursing through. 5:47 PM.


The sky was clear today, but very pale.


I don’t quite know what to call this. It’s not really a clear sky. It’s a very thin cloud  covering the entire visible area or, more likely, a very expansive cloud or haze whose particulates are very distant from each other. Neither cloudy nor clear. Let’s just call it a film. An aerosol film. 5:00 PM.


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