A typical morning chemtrail array +chemtrail residue +cloudy +clearing

There has been a lot of cloud cover the past couple of weeks. Or at least the two weeks prior to this one. Not much opportunity to observe chemtrails. However, because I didn’t see them doesn’t mean there wasn’t any. It is likely that they spray above the cloud cover. Be that as it may, I saw no chemtrails in the breaks in the clouds that I was able to observe. On the other hand, I have not spent much time outside lately.This week the sky has been relatively clear, again, with no noticeable chemtrails; until yesterday. There was a fairly  typical morning chemtrail array yesterday that spread into wispy clouds and vanished by noon. This pattern is, as I say, a familiar one. Perhaps the same protocol will be followed today, though the spraying this morning seems to be heavier than yesterday’s.10:00 AM.


On the right is the sky at 2:30 PM. These are not natural clouds. This is chemtrail residue. Unlike this time yesterday, occasional chemtrails continue to thread the translucent mass. Note the fresh trail top center of this photograph.


Trails continued  periodically throughout the day.


Partly cloudy yesterday. Some chemtrails could be seen streaming among and above the clouds most of the day. This morning, sky is overcast. Rain expected. More of the same forecast for the next couple of days.


Clearing today. I thought I saw a chemtrail among the clouds. Maybe not. 4:00 PM.


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