This stuff must billow + Tracking the sun +Weaving a cloud +rain


Haven’t seen chemtrail activity the past couple of days. Mostly I have seen short trails. Not much, eh? But when I see the width of the trails in relation to the size of the planes (tiny from this distance but these are huge airliners) I realize that this stuff must be flowing out of  these planes in huge billows. I wonder if the passengers on these planes notice. If they do I certainly have never heard them. Maybe there are no passengers. Maybe they are military. Huge multiple engine military planes. Like the kind that rumbled low over my house a few months ago.

Wow! As I was sitting here watching this I heard the increasingly loud sound of an air vehicle. It got so loud and lasted so long I thought it might be a low flying helicopter. Though I live not far from the municipal airport, no plane has ever flown so low in the twenty years I have lived here. I wanted to go out and take a look at what this was but by the time I decided to do this the sound had  begun to wane. So I decided  not to. Then, about two  or three minutes later the sound approached again. I got outside just in time to see a massive four engine military tanker flying low overhead. It was headed east, the general direction of the municipal airport but it was turning towards the south, which would take it away from the airport. Its destination was clearly somewhere else. I did not know if this was the same plane I had heard a few minutes earlier circling back or if this was a companion tanker following the path of the first plane. No, the plane was not spraying. But it is probably one of the planes. Cargo plane? Possibly. The closest thing I can find on the web that resembles what I saw is the C 17:

Four engine. Wide body. Flared wingtips, very distinctive. Flying low enough to see it clearly. Cargo? No doubt it would be easy to convert such a plane into an aerosol tanker.

Nothing much happening, but there were some morning trails. Gone now, but similar to this:

This is the view out my window and this, around eightish, was the second time in three days that I saw the classic X pattern. It is unusual to see when there are so few other chemtrails in the sky. They seem to be streaming trails along this particular path regularly. This is the window at which I work and occasionally when I look up  I see a chemtrail in this area. If I happen to step outside to look at the rest of the sky, I generally don’t see others. I guess it could be a traffic route. For chemtrail planes.

Had to go out to the store around 11:00. Saw that there were tracks of trails  in the southern sky as well. My view of the southern horizon is largely blocked from my normal vantage point. So I no doubt miss a lot of what is going on in the southern sky. Perhaps it too is a lot like what I see out of my north facing window. The trails continue to stream through the aforementioned corridor. 3:00 PM.


Meanwhile in the southern sky, the chemtrails appear to be tracking the path of the sun.


The sun is directly behind the roof top satellite dish. The chemtrails are laid directly in its projected path. Also, these clouds had a synthetic iridescence that does not show up in this photograph.


The rest of the evening the trails overhead became more expansive. Quite a few chemtrail planes seemed to be working together to weave an enormous translucent cloud overhead. Quite clearly I could see them (40-50 thousand feet) selectively turn aerosol spray on as they entered the nascent cloud bank, evidently trying to increase its volume.

The sky appears to have been clear last night. This morning we have been overtaken by waves of cirrus clouds from the east. The sky is almost completely overcast now. 7:30 AM.


The cloud cover has been continuous the past several days with frequent light rain.

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