Anomalous object


I found out from my sister that the chemtrails had indeed been numerous yesterday morning. This morning, around the same time, eightish, there were only one or two. But the sky was quite picturesque. Pink fluffy clouds on a pastel blue sky, punctuated here and there with a white chemtrail dash. Now, 4:30 PM, There are a few white cumulus clouds in the sky, with the ubiquitous dissolving edges. I watched a plane at about 50,000 feet or so, heading northeast, leaving a short trail of about a thousand feet that did not linger. This was aerosol spray, at reduced emission levels. Typical stealth chemtrail procedure.

It is a funny thing what you can notice staring at the sky. As I was following this plane, it crossed the path of a tiny dot going in the opposite direction. I don’t know what altitude the dot was, but if it was a craft of similar size to the plane leaving the trail, it was much higher. And it seemed to be moving at a much slower speed, which I guess would be because it was much higher than the chemtrail plane. Of course it could also have been a smaller, slower moving object at a lower altitude, perhaps even a proverbial weather balloon. In either case it was leaving no trail. I followed this tiny white speck for as long as I could until it became a tiny pixel and disappeared into all of the other pixels that form the screen of my optical field. I don’t know what this was and I would not have noticed it at all had I not been following the path of that chemtrail plane. There is no telling how many similar anomalous objects traverse our skies unnoticed on a regular basis.

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