Chemtrails are back +A wave of chemtrails +


Clouds are back this morning. I see a single chemtrail rippling through. 8:00 AM.

Chemtrails are back. 1:00 PM



Of course they never really went away. Even though I wasn’t seeing any chemtrails, I saw secondary indications that spraying was taking place, namely, pale skies. The particulate matter that causes pale skies was coming from somewhere, if not from stealth chemtrailing in this area then from spraying in nearby areas. There has only been one occasion in my roughly seven years of watching chemtrails when there has been no sign of chemtrails at all, not even secondary evidence.

A most unusual day. I saw no signs of chemtrails. Just fleets of huge cumulus clouds across a healthily blue sky. And I was outside most of the day. And these clouds did not have the decomposing frayed edges that has become typical, nor were they floating on a sea of gossamer mists. What gives? May 10, 2012


Not much to report for the weekend. Did not get out much. Saw nothing out my window but hazy skies. This morning was much the same. But now, around 2:00 PM., this is what I saw.


Funny thing about the trails. They all seem to be at about the same degree of dispersal, which means they were all laid at approximately the same time. A wave of chemtrails. In addition, I saw two planes at about 50,000 feet, leaving very short trails that did not linger. Again this points to the fact that the lingering trails are aerosol spray, because unless the atmospheric conditions have changed drastically within the last hour, if these former were contrails, these planes should have left lingering trails also. And that is not to say that these latter planes were not also spraying. I have seen planes at this altitude leave no trail at all. It is likely that these planes were spraying but at a much lower rate of emission. That is the way stealth chemtrailers operate. And that is the means by which the skies are kept pale without calling attention to the source of the haze. An hour later, most of that wave of chemtrails has  melted into the haze, adding to the paleness of the sky.


There were chemtrails this morning. Unfortunately I was not able to get out to see how extensive they were. Just the one or two I saw or a whole sky full. The sky is clear now. But pale. 3:00 PM.

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