Mostly +None of that today +lull +continues +the paleness of the sky


Haven’t been out much the past couple of days. I remember seeing a chemtrail stretching out from a dark mass of cirrus clouds at dawn on 10/9, just before the sky became completely overcast with a layer of softer clouds. Other than that, I had seen no chemtrails. This morning however there are –were– quite a few, now mostly dissolved into this:

WIN_20151011_12_33_39_ProMostly. 12:30 PMWIN_20151011_12_34_49_Pro


Chemtrailing continued throughout the day, light but steadily. None of that today though, as far as I can tell; just the ubiquitous pale sky and decomposing cumulus clouds indicating lingering ambient aerosols, either from yesterday or drifting in from other areas.


A remarkable circumstance under which we live. With spraying so ubiquitous, the days where there is no apparent spraying are the ones that are unusual. An apparent lull in spraying continues. 1:00 PM.


The curious respite in direct chemtrailing continues. Just like yesterday the sky is clear. Well, except for that familiar thin hazy film that makes the sky look pale.


I was just about to write that the chemtrail interlude was continuing for an amazing fourth day, when I looked out my window and saw a long one on the distant northern horizon. It was difficult to see because the background sky is so pale. Impossible to capture on my laptop camera. It indicates to me that, though I have not seen any chemtrails in three days, there have likely been some that went unnoticed. They are difficult to see against the pale background, and of course the stealth chemtrails disappear within minutes, so even if they have been present they are easy to miss. And the paleness of the sky (ambient particulate matter) itself suggests that spraying is going on somewhere, if not in this area, then nearby.

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