A moderate amount of chemtrails +less noticeable +Difficult to see

October already. A new month, a new week. We were under cloud cover for most of last week. It’s possible that there was spraying above the clouds, but it’s been a week since I’ve seen a chemtrail.  I have, however, seen a milky film wafting in here and there, suggesting  butspraying in nearby areas. Today, however, there is no question. There was a moderate amount of chemtrails at midday.


Saw no chemtrails today but admittedly I did not get out much. There were numerous cumulus clouds in the afternoon. They had the ubiquitous decomposing edges. A sign of ambient aerosols.


Mostly cloudy yesterday. An isolated trail could be seen here or there. There has not been a crisscross lattice work of trails in quite a while, come to think of it. There were a few days this summer when there was some crisscrossing but nothing like the skies I used to see when chemtrails first attracted my attention in 2007. And the trails don’t linger for hours like the classic chemtrails did. Some have a linear duration of only about ten minutes after which they become nebulous clouds. These I call stealth chemtrails. This more subdued approach appears to have been adopted because of the attention the geoengineering project was attracting. It’s an effort to make chemtrailing less noticeable.

There have been numerous nebulous clouds throughout the day today, the kind of clouds left behind by chemtrails. I was, however, not able to spot any chemtrails among these clouds this morning. I knew there had to have been chemtrails because these were cirrious clouds. Chemtrail derived clouds.  I had not seen the actual chemtrails because the stealth approach is being used, light trails that do not long retain their linearity. This afternoon I was finally able to catch some trails in the making. 4:00 PM.


Difficult to see on an already saturated backdrop.

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