Spiritual Benefits of Marijuana

by Soren Dreier

It still seems like a very bumpy ride for weed, Marijuana, pot, to be recognized as one of this planet’s most medicinal plants and to be acknowledged as such. I guess we have to thank the U.S. propaganda machine for that. This is an excellent background piece: “How Did Marijuana Become Illegal in the First Place?


We need to recognize that every plant on this planet has its own intelligence. Some plants share frequencies with us and heal us. Some don’t and can kill us. I have a very strong belief that for every condition, for every ailment, there is a corresponding frequency in the Kingdom of Plants, that being for the meekest straw of grass to the giant trees of the Amazon or Kentucky for that matter: What we need is out there and I have a lot of respect for the passionate pioneers who have devoted their lives to researching these manifestations of pure healing potentiality. Often they are murdered – but that is another story.


Some say that the Cannabis plant has more than 400 active ingredients. I have through the years collected many articles on Cannabis and Cancer, latest: Cannabis for Kids. I am sad to say that the attitude towards this plant still is penetrated by fear of it being up there with Narcotics in the collective consciousness. The mainstream perception of it, which I touched on before, has an agenda: To keep you away from it out of fear that you will end up as a Meth Head or back alley junkie. You wont! That is the fear hype. The real reason is what Marijuana does to your perception – it expands it.

Public opinion still clings to the: Marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs. That is a lie! And even science acknowledges this. Marijuana is not a gateway drug.

So maybe settle that question once and for all. It would probably be similar ridicule to label Ayahuasca as a gateway drug to anything, other than DMT 5D Perception.

Then there is the question of dependency.

You will not get addicted to the use of Marijuana if you choose to use or are using it.


Am I advocating the use of weed? In some way: Yes.
I am trying to make some sense of it as a tool in spiritual self-development where it is hugely overlooked due to the fears of it that I started out with.


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