Sun trails +lull +trails

Been some rain and some chemtrails this week. Cooler weather. This morning there are several trails, the primary one(s)being a broad streak across the face of the sun.


Hard to capture. But this placement occurs too often to be coincidental. The geoengineers want these trails to cross the path of the rising sun. Perhaps they use the heat of the sun as some kind of catalyst. And since the trails cross the rising sun from the vantage point of my location that means that they are  to some extent targeting this area, presumably because it is a metropolitan area.


Chemtrails against a pale sky yesterday evening. Long ones, including at least one with a bowed trajectory, which is unusual. No sun trails this morning. 10:30 AM.


Guess I should report that I have seen no chemtrails lately. And yet the cumulus clouds have been fuzzy. That is a sign of ambient aerosols, if not sprayed here, drifting in from surrounding  sprayed areas.

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