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The Betrayal of the Black Elite

Cornel West & Chris Hedges: How the Black Elite Betrayed the Civil Rights Tradition (VIDEO) Dr. West argues that the black prophetic tradition has been replaced by capitalism and individualism. By Adam Johnson / AlterNet In the first episode of Chris Hedges’s new teleSUR show Days of Revolt, the Pulitzer-Prize winner sat down with long-time […]

While I wasn’t looking +Clear but pale +

Quite an active day yesterday, eh? Chemtrails all day long. It is undoubtedly the one I have most systematically documented. I doubt if I will take the time to take an elaborate sequence of photos in the future. The previous post will stand as a model example of a complete day of chemtrail activity. Today […]

A Day’s Chemtrail Sequence

No trails at 6:00 AM. Plenty trails at 7:30. The spraying has just begun. And the trails have spread out and thinned at 10:00 AM. We can see that the trails are about to melt into the sky haze. So I can say that these particular chemtrails lingered in their linear form (before turning into […]

Illinois Town Covered in Mysterious Sticky Residue Falling From Sky

IL – Goo Falling From the Sky Vic Bishop, Staff Writer August 12, 2015 Waking Times For the last few weeks in the small, friendly town of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a bizarre sticky substance has been falling from the sky leaving a nasty, persistent coating on everything on the ground below including cars, window […]

An alternating pattern +anomalous flying object +new musing11/23

No sign of direct chemtrailing this morning. Sky clear but pale. 8:00 AM. And fifteen minutes after writing that, chemtrails. In the north on the left. Across the sun on the right. An alternating pattern. That appears to be what is happening today. Several trails, a break of an hour or two, then several more. […]

Starting….now! +alternating pattern +morning trails

Today seems to have been a chemtrail free day. It’s certainly possible, but hardly. I know how quickly the sky can transform. I was unable to go or even look outside for nearly six hours today. And though I saw no chemtrails on my morning commute to my destination, anything could have happened in that […]

Spreading chemtrails +shearing into ribbons +Starting….now! +alternating pattern

8/10/15 Although at first chemtrails were hard to discern yesterday morning, aerosol spray was apparent throughout the rest of the day. Similarly today. Spreading chemtrails and phony cirrus clouds this morning. 12:00 PM. Check it out. Remember those streaming linear clouds that I couldn’t quite figure out day before yesterday? They didn’t really look like […]

The Video the Pentagon Does Not Want You to SEE! This is literally the video the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see. After watching this vide you won’t look at the war propaganda pushed by the government the same way ever again. The invasion of Iraq was illegal, and immoral. The first step in fixing the mistakes that were made is admitting that mistakes […]

The plasma in which we steep +musical staff +shipping the film +a-spraying they have been

8/8/15 7:30 AM. I could not tell. Because the sky is pale. I saw some vague linear streaks in the thin hazy cloud film that envelopes the sky. These streaks in the film could be spreading chemtrails. When the atmosphere is already saturated with particulates -when the sky is pale- chemtrails are absorbed more quickly. […]

Cooking up a storm? +translucent clouds

8/6/15 Who knows? The chemical chefs could have cooked up a storm. I don’t know how likely that is. The geoengineers have likely got bigger fish to fry than starting thunderstorms in the mid-south. I am just taking note of when chemtrailing starts and stops. We had not been having much chemtrailing in recent weeks. […]