Oh what a toxic web we weave +cloudy + pale sky +chemtrails +I have not seen

Yesterday continued a relative lull in chemtrail activity. I saw a couple but nothing extensive. Today is a different story. I saw no chemtrails greasing the path of the rising sun today. That is the time you usually see them. But at noon there are quite a few visible. Nothing stealthy about today’s chemtrailing. I had thought there was because I had seen only small trails and cirrious clouds. That is largely because my point of vantage faces north. I was surprised to see this monster in the south when I went outside.


The corner of the monster with a couple of truncated trails at the bottom of this picture.



They are weaving these trails across each other like a loom. Oh what a toxic web we weave.

6:00 PM. Cloudy. You can see some chemtrails above the clouds through breaks in the cloud cover.



Yesterday I noticed no chemtrails but there were some suspicious looking cirrious clouds in the sky.

WIN_20150831_10_01_29_Pro (2)

The sky this morning. 10:AM. This is what a chemtrail looks like against a very pale sky. You can barely see it in the center there. And of course a pale sky means the atmosphere is already saturated with sprayed aerosols.

The pale dome gave way to a bluer sky filled with ersatz cirrus clouds. One of them, honestly looked as if a bunch of aerosols had simply been dumped all at once. It was a circular mass of translucent clouds, denser in the center than at the edges. Now the sky is inundated with massive cumulus clouds, some with ragged edges. But, in spite of the cirrious clouds earlier, I have seen no chemtrails since this morning..


Morning trails. 10:00 AM.



Cloudy, pale skies, a little rain, but chemtrails I have not seen the past few days.

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