Chemtrails +No chemtrails + chemlull +an aerosol cloud +

Chemtrails grease the path of the rising sun. 6:45 AM. It’s a scene that happens too often to be accidental


And then, at  nine or so, those nascent clouds have disappeared but the sky is pale. Obviously those chemtrails have dissolved and melted into this overarching film. They are not spraying now. And had I gotten up an hour later I would never know that chemtrails had been sprayed just east of here. I wonder why they didn’t continue, as per the typical protocol. The weather engineers  do seem to want to douse this area with ‘chemicals’ at sunrise, but the spraying usually doesn’t stop until around noon.  As I said, the focus of the direct spraying must be elsewhere.


Nothing further vis-a-vis chemtrails. A hazy sky yesterday and this morning. No clouds but it’s hard for me to call this “clear”.

Some cirrious clouds but no chemtrails sighted.


Hazy sky. No chemtrails.


Yet another day with no apparent chemtrailing. Sky is pale though, which means there is particulate matter floating in the atmosphere, likely from aerosols sprayed elsewhere drifting into this area. Or perhaps from stealth chemtrailing. At any rate it has been a week since I have observed any direct chemtrailing. That is a lull.

6:00 PM. I have seen no chemtrails today, but you don’t get clouds like these without chemtrails.


Look at those fibrous tendrils. Evidently they’ve been spraying while I wasn’t looking. This is an aerosol cloud.

Okay. Thirty minutes later I finally caught sight of a plane leaving a trail.


Heading east, barely visible in the center of this picture. Earlier it had been leaving a more substantial though broken trail.


The chemtrail dash over the roof line here is a lingering remnant of  the earlier portion of that same trail in the west.(West is down and east is up in this picture.) As I say, if you don’t catch these short lasting trails within ten minutes they will deform into a wispy cloud and you would not know that a chemtrail was ever laid, except for that telltale translucent haze;  the tendrils highlighted in the earlier picture  above.

This is the likely process by which these translucent clouds were produced. Short lived trails melting into a haze. These fibrous tendrils became thicker and more pronounced as the evening wore on.

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